Matchbox Monday tackles 2023 batch C basics

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Batch C of the 2023 basic range provides us with 7 new additions to the collection.  I much prefer this monthly roll out, sprinkling models throughout the year, rather than the previous way of providing a batch and seeing the same for 2 months.  This gives us more variety quicker.  I hope this method sticks.  Wheel Collectors sent these over to me, and I apologize for the photo quality.  I am still messing about with things.  These look a little unusual to me.  I keep messing with my settings.  Eventually I will find a setting I like and stick with it.  

So, I guess I should start with a model that appears to have been quite the hit.  A brand new MB1366 '80 AMC Eagle.  It takes the MB11 slot in the 2023, and it debuts in a simple brown with wood panel side effect.  

This is a very nice casting.  I have to admit.  I was quite surprised when it was announced last July in Albuquerque, but it really generated a lot of buzz over the months following the news, and when it debuted, it seems this has really taken the collecting world by storm.  The Eagle debuted in August 1979 as a 1980 model, and it appears Matchbox have gone for the wagon variant (as opposed to sedan or coupe).  We don't have a lot of classic smaller wagons in the range, so this is a nice addition.  

I do like a wagon.  Anybody who follows me on Instagram will know that I tend to do a wagon picture each Wednesday.  I like my routines.  This will be joining the rotation very soon.  As to the model itself, the casting looks fantastic.  I love how they have cast the detailing around the windows very well.

At the front, they have come up with a triple look, with the interior forming the lights and grille, the base forming the bumper, and the body section the surrounding area.  

The rear is mainly formed from the body section, with nice detailing for the lights and licence plate area.  Again, bumpers are coming from the base section.  

I love the roof ridges.  This is a stellar debut for this casting, and the brown with woodgrain sides is a perfect choice for a debut.  And I love that the made sure to incorporate the 4WD aspect into the woodgrain tampo too.  It was an important part of this model, when it debuted.  So it was nice they made sure to include it.  

I admit, when it was announced, I was not one who was really on the bandwagon at the time. But now I have it, I have boarded the wagon late.  I love it!  I am already looking forward to seeing many more of the coming years.  The base shot for a new casting of course.  

And, well, I know my photography is not the best here, but I did find a shade to the woodgraining.  I think you can see it here.  This is definitely one of the stars of the batch.  An easy 10 out of 10 for me.  

We are going to see quite a few of these over the course of the year, in both basic range form and in Moving Parts.  To celebrate the 70th Anniversary, a number of vehicles are being painted in platinum, with black, white and orange accents.  As such, each of these is coming in a "special edition" package with a sort of platinum top to it.  They are not rare editions.  They are standard runs, and will be found in multiple batches (in the basic range).  It is just a little something extra for those who like to collect packages.  

Of which, I am not one.  The package is toast.  This is the MB1291 '66 Dodge Charger, taking the MB12 slot for 2023 in the 70th Anniversary look.  I am loving these anniversary models, and I do believe at the end of the year, there is going to be a good chance to come up with a great group shot of them all.

I am also loving that all of these 70th Anniversary models are seeing 3 passes through the tampo machine.  In this case, the Dodge is seeing both sides detailed, and the rear is also printed up.  This is an awesome model.  

This is only the second time we have seen this.  It debuted as MB51 in 2022, and this orange look was great for shade enthusiasts. All 3 of us!  

And we are straight into the other one.  The MB821 Ford Taurus Interceptor, taking the MB23 slot for 2023, is also coming in the same 70th Anniversary scheme.  

Which means this is getting the same colour treatment as the Dodge, with a very cool Police themed look to the side.  

And, as I mentioned, this is also receiving a rear tampo print. It is not very often we have seen the Taurus getting the rear detailed.  There was only one before, when it was given an undercover look with front and rear details and no side print.  I think these are great, so both the Dodge and Taurus are getting a 10 from me.

This means we are now up to 3 of the 70th Anniversary specials so far as the year progresses.  The MB1295 '22 Ford F-150 Lightning joins them for a quick photo.  I am definitely looking forward to completing the set.  

Now we move on to one of the 2 Matchbox originals that are included in the batch.  The MB1290 Push 'n Puller.  It takes the MB53 slot for the 2023 year.  This is its second outing.  

This year, it is in blue, with a light blue, brown and white design.  This one is not quite symmetrical.  

Because if you were to check the other side, the star in the middle is on the left.  On the other side, it was on the right.  So we do have a sort of front and rear this time out.  The packaging shows the star towards the left, so I guess that is the front?  

And this is another model that does sport a shade.  The blue paint is showing quite the shade between lighter and darker between production runs.  Definitely another for us shade nutters.  

The debut last year was the exact same tampo on both sides.  So you honestly did not know which was the front or rear.  Whichever way around you showed the red MB47, it showed the exact same look.  I liked that.  I know it is silly, but with that start not being in the same spot on both sides this time, I don't like it as much.  So I am giving this an 8 out of 10.  I still like the casting.  It is a cute little thing.  But I would have liked that start to be in the same spot regardless of which side you showed.  

And I am straight into another originals design.  The MB1250 Chow Mobile II takes the MB58 slot for 2023, and comes in a lovely green design.  

I like the side design on it as well.  I do enjoy a BBQ. This is making me hungry.  I am guessing the "Uncle Abe" is Abe Lugo of Mattel, who is in charge of the Matchbox brand.  They often use their own names in the designs.

The other side is the "open" side.  This features all the food highlighted, and a menu on the side.  The specials today are not easy to read.  I got as far as the first one.  BBQ Ribs.  I'm sold!  Give me a minute, I am just ordering a takeaway here.  The hunger got to me.  

And now it is being joined by last year's MB35 advertising Bison Burgers.  Oh, I need to order more food.  

Desserts!  I have to have desserts!  That is coming from the 2021 MB24 debut.  I do like food themed models.  What?  Me?  A piggy? I am not.... Wait, yes, I am!  I like food.  And so far, all of these 3 Chow Mobiles have given me food choices I will definitely enjoy.  But what I do enjoy most, is that this one is in green.  I like the green model more.  I did think the white was perhaps a little too plain looking on these.  

Yes, we had 3 originals in the batch.  The third one is up next. The MB1233 MBX Fire Dasher.  It takes the MB60 slot for 2023, and comes in a lovely licenced yellow look.

This is another in a long-running San Luis Obispo theme.  Sammy Fox, who is a part of the fire team there, is a bit of a Matchbox fan himself, has loads of models, and is always happy to facilitate another model in their look.  This may be a generic casting, but the way they have highlighted all the parts really makes this stand out.

The alternate side features different instruments, and again, this is all very well detailed.  A home run for me.  I do enjoy recurring themes and real licences.  This features both.  You can't go wrong with that.  

And again, I am going nuts with shades.  I am noticing the yellow is making a few variations.  

I am very happy seeing a San Luis Obispo model again.  I think this looks very good next to the 2020 MB22 issue of the MB817 Ford F-550 Super Duty.

Wow!  With this, I am now on the final model in the batch.  The MB1300 Porsche 918 Spyder.  It takes the MB77 slot in the series, and also comes in yellow.  

Which means, yes, lighter and darker shades.  Out of the 7 in the batch, I have found a shade of some sort to 4 of them.  More than 50%. Again, something I personally love. I know I am a minority on that.  Many roll their eyes again at the thought of shades.  But this is something I personally enjoy.  

For many, the highlight of the batch was the new AMC Eagle.  Yes, I am now definitely in the "pro" corner for including it, but this is a Porsche!  So, by default, for me, this is the highlight of the batch.  And this is so much cooler than the 2022 debut look.  I love this yellow one, and it really highlights that rear tampo printing well.  Something the dark grey didn't show off as well.  

And with front/rear printing, there was simply no way this was going to not be perfect.  11 out of 10.  No, I am not biased.  I don't know where you are getting that idea from.  

So with 2 yellows to go along with the 2 greys, I am building up a nice selection of these very fast.  Hopefully I can continue this trend with future releases too.  Ha ha!  

Overall, I have been pretty impressed by this batch.  There are some great additions.  

Sure, it did come with 3 Matchbox Originals in the mix.  Considering how few we get overall, this batch has skewed rather unfairly in their direction.  But all 3 are nice.  The Chow Mobile makes my hungry, and the Fire Dasher is a great recurring theme.  Somebody move one of the stars on the Push 'n Puller, and I would be happy with that as well.

As I said, I love a recurring theme.  Sure, this is only going to be a 1-year recurring theme, but we are getting a lot of them.  I am going to get them all (if I can).

And then what are likely the highlights.  For most, the AMC, for me the Porsche!  I love the direction that Matchbox is in.  Each year, they do seem to be getting better and better.  The choices are getting wider and more dramatic.  I look forward to batch D.  

Goodbye batch C.  It was nice knowing you.  Be prepared, the next 2 weeks, I will be heading back into 2022 again.  I had 2 lots of items still to run through, but both were late in getting to me.  I have both now, so I am going to showcase them in my next 2 reports. And then it is all 2023 for a while.   I hope you enjoyed this week's report.  Until next time, have a safe and happy week.

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  • jay8393

    David, did you just gloss over the fact that the green Chow Mobile is MB58 with a big “ABE” on the tampo design? Hahaha!

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