Matchbox Monday rigs up a space vehicle

It is time for me to go through another set of items that were sent over to me from Wheel Collectors. Thanks guys.  Working Rigs are not generally sold in the UK, so we will not see these where I am.  So, now I am starting to get them, it is nice to have a source in the USA that can ship them over.  

As with a lot of Matchbox products, Working Rigs tend to get shipped in assortments of 8.  However, only 3 of the models were new in the assortment, as in new for 2023.  The number 3 of 16 RW051 Garbage King XL in green/white was originally a part of batch A, but they re-inserted more in this batch as well.  

This means that it had been produced recently, so I pulled out the one I had a half year agao to compare.  

R32 to S07 batch dates. Technically, that's 27 weeks.  But, I had a good look, and these seemed to be a perfect match for each other. So, unless you missed it first time around, this one is not the most desirable of additions.  Plus, with 4 models in this set, with this being rolled over from a previous batch, and batch B only having 3 new additions, that means that 3 of 4 batches into the year, we will be hitting 10 releases out of a scheduled 16.  Something tells me that we might not be getting all 16 releases in 2023.  

But next up is something fun for this year.  The RW003 Pierce Quantum Aerial Ladder Truck in a 70th Anniversary scheme.  It takes the number 10 slot in the series of 16.  

I am thoroughly enjoying all the 70th Anniversary items. Next week, prepare for another big 70th Anniversary rundown.  This is the sole 70th Anniversary look for Working Rigs.  Matchbox have ensured that most specific ranges get at least a single issue.  The only exceptions are Hitch & Haul (for some reason) and the Target red stuff, because you know, they are red. 

The Pierce gets the front end tampo detailed, and the sides receive the standard 70th Anniversary stuff applied over the platinum model.  The rotating, extendable ladder is in orange, which fits in perfectly.  

I honestly think this 70th Anniversary theme is amazing.  The platinum models, and the simple black, white and orange striping and 70th Anniversary logo just fit the theme perfectly.  This is definitely my favourite look for this casting so far.  Mind you….

I only have one of the others.  This was the 2020 number 5 issue.  Which was actually a repeat of a 2015 promotional issue for the model.  There are 4 other releases, 3 of them coming in 2009 alone.  When the series was launched, they did not have a lot of castings to begin with, so we saw many models used twice during the year.  But this saw a third!  The first batch saw a yellow Bernalillo County model, the second a red San Diego issue, and the final batch of the year had a white New Orleans release.  Then in 2012, it was used in a Mission Force Fire Crew set in yellow, with an original design on the side.  I did have that one, as I got the Mission Force sets at the time, but decided to give away the model.  I regret that decision now.  

Sadly, both of the other 2 models in the batch are carry forwards.  First up is the RW052 Western Star 49X Dump Truck, which was launched in the 2022 series in the number 1 slot.  For 2023 it continues unchanged in the number 12 slot.

Of course, I don't mind this sort of thing.  Before Mattel took over, models would run unchanged for years at a time.  I think the record was an 11-year run of a single model in one look.  And that was 11 continual years of production.  For this, it is not 2 continual years.  A batch lasts for 3 months, so this got one run of 3 months, and now it gets a second run of 3 months.  That is 6 months of production.  It is not exactly too much.  Granted, we like to see new stuff, but carry forwards are the way to go.  That is how they are able to keep so much product going.  

Now, you may have noticed that I have opened this up.  Yes, I was having fun and playing with the model.  If you are like me, and love hunting down variations, then you may be interested in this.

Or you may not be.  It is a lighter shade of red than the one that was issued in 2022.  Personal preference, I would say.  I like it, I am keeping it.  

Which brings me to the final model.  Yes, this is quite a short blog this week.  I am still busy playing catch up, so had little time to do a lot.  Next week will be a longer read.  Again, number 15 of 16 is a carry forward.  Again, from the 2022 series.  But this time, also from the 2011 series.  The RW024 GMC T8500 Airport Service Truck.  

Which is a little sad.  Last year I went through the model, and having not had the 2011 original, I was more than happy.  Of course, this is being released and added to my collection.  

Because, apart from the fact there is a lot of fun to be had with this model, I can see a few small differences between this one and last year's offering. 

This time, the green cab is a little darker than it was in 2022.  Instant addition for me.  

But I can also see that the printing on the side of the rear section is a different green hue.  So why was I a bit sad about this one?  As I had mentioned, when it returned last year, the model was a carry forward of a 2011 issue.  The thing is, it launched in 2011, and received 2 outings that year, and then nothing until being revived last year.  My argument is, why bring back the same one twice?  The other 2011 release was in white with a Samson Cuisine side design on it.  Why didn't they bring that one back this year? It was a really nice look, and was a Matchbox original design, so there would be no licencing issues with bringing it back.  I just feel that in this case, it was a bit of a wasted opportunity. 

Talking of which, whatever happened with this, I do not know.  It was going to be a promotional issue before the model arrives in a simpler tampo print in the basic range later this year.  Production was underway when the original plan was changed.  They simply made the models available to dealers and a few other avenues (like Amazon).  Wheel Collectors received a shipment of these, and they went fast.  This has proved extremely popular.

Wow!  There are a lot of layers to this package.  Give me a minute to destroy it all.  

Like they do with the Mattel Creations items, this has a scene attached to the inside of the package.  

With the Dragon held in by a lot of plastic.  Boy, is this thing well wrapped. 

Inside the large plastic bubble is a smaller plastic bubble!  Jeez!  I will get there.  I am not giving up this far in….

Ta-dah!  The MB1301 SpaceX Dragon.  Yes, this model is a miniature sized model.  Originally planned to launch (pun intended) in the 2022 basic range, it did get a bit of a delay.  But we finally got there.  

I have to say, this is a solid, and heavy model.  It comes in multiple parts, that are solidly held together.  

It comes with a lot of detailing around it.  There is a basic range release coming later this year, although that one will be less detailed.  This is the premium release.  

I guess this is sort of logical on one sense.  Matchbox make a lot of Tesla models, and SpaceX is owned by Elon Musk as well.  However, I wonder why they chose to make on in miniature size.  When they do have the Skybusters range.  

It was dated S09, so they made these at the end of February.  What happened after that is a little unclear, as they just made them available in limited numbers for dealers to sell.  I am sure there must have been something more in mind initially. 

As this is a new casting, I do a base shot.  Yes, not much to that.  Just the details.  Well, this is an unusual vehicle.  

But they do have a number of space themed models over the years.  Space Shuttle anyone?

Or how about a Rocket Transporter?  This is the fairly recent 2020 Convoy pulled by the LoneStar Semi Cab.  

The rocket is a completely different scale to this model.

But the Dragon does balance on the rear deck of the transporter quite well.  Idea for a future Convoy?  Who knows. Ha ha!

But this is it for me this week.  As I said, a shorter report.  Next week will be a little longer, as I have a larger group of vehicles to roll through.  

I guess having 3 repeats out of 5 models does shorten this up somewhat.  

So until next week, I hope people have a safe and happy week.  

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