Matchbox Monday now finishes the 2023 basic range with the first batch of 2024

I'm finally into the new year properly.  Or am I?  Last week, I showcased the first Hitch & Haul batch of 2024, but this was after having a load of fun with some playsets.  This week, I go through Batch A of 2024, but there is the last 2023 basic range model to show off as well.  This is a fairly decent batch, with 7 models officially arriving in the batch.  However, this is not all, as we got the last 2023, plus another on top.  So, without further ad0, let's get on with it.

As always, I find it easy to work in number order for these.  So, the first one this time is the MB1286 Tesla Model X.  It takes the Mb18 slot in the range and comes in metallic dark red.

As many know, Tesla only really does 5 colours.  In the early days, when the original Model S was launched, they had a lot more variety, but soon after, they streamlined things to just 5 to make things easier.  Berlin's factory has started to make 2 slight alternatives for the European market, but for the majority, they will just get the basic 5.  And Matchbox have been doing a decent job in replicating these 5 in miniature.  This is the 4th outing for this casting, and now sports the 4th of the 5 colours.  Ultra Red.  

As we have seen in previous examples, the model simply adds front and rear detailing, as well as a light smoke window piece, and a rather plain looking wheel hub.  Why am I pointing out the wheel hub?  I will get to that. I honestly don't think there is anything more they could do to make this any better.  Sure, I do wonder why we have to have basically every single Tesla on sale in the Matchbox range, when they could have a little more variety in the range.  But, they do.  I am not here to argue the point about having them all.  For what has been released, I cannot fault it.  This is a 10 out of 10 from me.  

Me being me, and with thanks to Wheel Collectors for sending me the later run from batch B, I do notice a nice shade between production runs.  I have 2 of them now.  Yes, these are both Model X models.  

Because the MB1280 Model Y, another model that debuted in 2022, sported the exact same look for the debut.  That was also an MB18 release.  Coincidence?  Sure!  It would have been.  But, remember me pointing out dull wheel hubs?  Look how shiny the Model Y's wheels are.  Yes, they got chromed.  This is, in fact, something you might notice between the Model X & Model Y.  

As I always do, I will do a quick recap with what has come to date.  The Model X debuted in 2022, but was given a dual first outing.  A blue MB53 and white MB59.  Notice how both have dull grey wheel hubs.

With 2023 giving us the grey release as MB90, we are now up to 4 of the 5 official Tesla colour options.

Only black to go.  Notice that 2 of these have dull grey wheels and the other 2 have no wheel hub printing at all.  Plain black.  

The Model Y has currently seen the red, the grey and the white.  No black to date, and also waiting on a blue one.  I expect to see both coming soon.  But, the Model Y has either chrome or gunmetal grey wheel hubs.  So Model X = dull wheel hubs, Model Y = brighter wheel hubs.  Will this continue?  Only time will tell.  

The Mb1288 '36 Ford Coupe is next up.  This takes the MB62 slot in the range, as we fly through numbers.  It also comes in a dull green look.  

I believe this was known back in the day as Gray Vineyard Green, and was a 1936 colour option on Fords. Yes, the team do their homework.  I think this looks terrific.  I do have a soft spot for a green car.  I don't know why.  Again, this model is sporting a simple detail, but as is the case with this one, we only get it on the front.  

Admittedly, there is not a lot more that can be added.  The rear lights are small.  Perhaps the side vents?  The door handle?  It is quite a simple look in real life, and I don't think they really need detailing up.  We get chrome bumpers here, and the interior is black this time, which forms the runners on the side. I think this looks really nice.  I am prepared to give this a 10.  I do wonder about more tampo, but upon reflection, I don't see where it can be utilized to good effect.  So, front end only, it is.  

Again, this model was originally a 2022 debut.  It first appeared in black as MB48.

Before going red as MB19 in 2023.

This model is the third look, each sporting the exact same tampo treatment.  The exact same wheels as well.  I think they have pretty much nailed the look on this casting, so why change it up?

Ooh! Porsche time. I'm happy. And thankfully, the MB947 Porsche 911GT3 sports a new look this time out. I was a little unhappy with the 2023 issue being a clone of the 2021 Best of Germany. Selling as MB73 this year, the model comes in a cream look.

Again, you can't go wrong with the simple front and rear tampo printing, which has adorned all regular issues of the casting since the modification. However, after seeing some of the earlier MB729 releases, I do wonder if there is a chance we could get a release with the side stripe on it again. I miss those.  

But, I can't complain about this one.  This is a real look in cream.  And from what I have seen, these creamy ones don't tend to get a side stripe.  I see some come with chrome wheels or black wheels, and I like the black wheel chosen here.  So, for me, this is a perfect 10.  I would like to see a new look with a side stripe before they retire the casting.  Just for something a little different, but it is not an absolute must.  I am so happy that this model has endured.  It has been with us for a while now.  

And this new one is sporting a nice little shade.  I cannot complain about a shade.  So, as I have mentioned it, I think I need a dive back.  This is going to be a big one.  

So, if I am starting at the beginning, do I start with a couple of prototypes?  Oh, wait, it appears I did.  I managed to acquire a black and an army matte green prepro of this.  

This model then debuted in the 2007 range.  Yes, 17 years ago.  It was sold as MB7, and came in either red or white, depending on the batch it was in.  I placed the new cream next to the white, so you can see the difference.  We also saw a yellow First Editions look for the model, as it was in the 10-pack at the end of the year.  What a debut!

For 2008, it moved to the MB17 slot in dark green, and also saw its first 5-pack appearance, in the VIP5 pack.  This was a grey look.  

It was also added to the 2008 Superfast series in blue.  Most came with a special wheel that was exclusive to the Superfast series, but the last run switched to standard double 10-spokes.  

2009 saw the first of the side stripes.  I love the side stripe releases.  This black with orange stripes and wheels was the MB20 release.  We also saw a darker grey (than 2008) in the Modern Rides 5-pack.

2010 was a bit of a quieter year.  MB14 was the only issue, but this blue (with white side stripes/wheels) was good for a shade or 2.

2011 saw Matchbox make a slight tweak to the final look of models, and this green MB12 was a prime example of that.  It was a part of the change of direction that was brought about by the bean counters, although as we know, sales started dipping again, and things did course correct later in the decade. But, me being me, I still went nuts for shades.  

There was also a very rare internal Mattel promotion made for Bob Eckert, the CEO of Mattel at the time.  This silver model had unique tampo designs on it, as well as his face on the roof.  

2012 saw a final outing for the side stripe on the model as this MB85 in blue saw it.  The wheels usually matched, as earlier side stripe models sported that trend, but there was a small issue with the orange hot foil print.  They discovered a batch arrived that didn't want to stick to the wheel.  So, to avoid delaying production, this model (and a few others using the same orange hot foil) simply switched to chrome so as not to disrupt the production levels.  

2013 saw a slightly expanded side design on the MB8.  This was also expanded on the 60th Anniversary special silver model.  

2014 was the car's 8th year in the basic range.  In Mattel years, 8 of them in a row is a very strong run.  It was MB1 and came in orange.  Light, dark, somewhere in between?  Yes, shades again.

After that, the casting was given a breather.  It returned in 2017 in the Best of series, which was the premium range at the time. This copper looking model was the last of the original MB729 casting, as the model was adjusted to MB947, which incorporated the change to the rear spoiler from a separate piece into a part of the body.  

The updated casting did not arrive until 2020, when the model was thrown in a batch of 9-packs. At that time, each batch released saw the same mode as the exclusive in both sets, but in a different colour.  This was either blue or purple, depending on which set you picked up.  Some people do find the change of MAN number confusing.  They actually announced the change after the 2014 basic range issue.  However, because the 2017 was a premium, they decided to keep the old casting.  Because of this, they made a blip with the base, and it was not updated.  When they did release the updated casting, they still show the original MAN number on it.  That continues to this day.  

It was then added to the 2021 Best of Germany series in red.  

In 2022, we saw this lovely Super Chase added to the basic range.  This black model was not an easy one to find.  

Finally, in 2023, we saw this awesome lime green appear in the Walmart (if you live in the USA) Porsche series.  We also saw another basic in red, which if you read up on recently in my blog report of only a few batches ago, appears to be identical to the 2021 Best of Germany.  There was just a small shade to it.  

Sure, 17 years in, there are not many colours left to go with.  But, I would like to suggest a bright yellow.  The 2007 First Editions was a yellow, but this was a dark mustard yellow.  We still need a bright yellow release.  Before it gets retired.  I think it may fade soon because....

We are getting new 911s!  Yes!  Happiness levels increase further!  This is the first of 2 brand new 911 castings that are debuting in the 2024 basic range.  It is the MB1422 Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible, and debuts in the MB79 slot in red.

Oh my!  This is the only new casting in the batch.  But, something tells me that this could be one of my favourite new castings of the entire year.  Yes, I am biased.  If anybody saw my Top 10 listings on Lamley at the end of December, they might have seen I pulled Porsches out, simply so that I could dedicate a whole Top 10 list to them, and allow some of the other castings a chance to shine.  At this rate, this could end up being a yearly occurrence.  I mean, 1 batch in, and I already have 2 Porsche contenders for my end of year list.  I am so happy to see that they have added a new Cabriolet casting to the range.  The current 992-generation is given the chance to showcase in the Matchbox basic range.  I did love the last Cabrio, but it was the 996-generation, and they skipped the entire 991-generation.  The 911GT3 is part of the 996-generation as well.

As I would expect from the Matchbox team, they have done a phenomenal job with this casting.  They have made the shape just about spot on.  It does bulge up at the rear like that.  It curves around at the front and rear, just like the real one.  Yes, they have nailed it.

I love the attention to detail in the tampo printing.  Look how well the tampo printing has detailed the rear slats.  The middle part of the slats is the third brake light.  Nailed!  I am over the moon that they are able to again wrap lights around the sides better.  We had a stage a few years back where they were stopping the little wrap around.  Yes, this is awesome!

The interior section in black matches well with the red exterior.  In Porsche speak, this is Guard's Red.  As a rule, a black interior is normal for Guard's Red (although you could mix it up).  Golden wheels are not the norm, but I love them.  I think they suit the model well.  So, big plus there.  

So, as is the norm, I am scoring this.  10 out of 10 for inclusion.  10 out of 10 for the casting.  10 out of 10 for the design.  Hands up, anyone who thought that wasn't coming? This is just about perfect.  I am very much looking forward to seeing many, MANY future issues.  If it is anything like the old Cabrio, that ran from 1999, a quarter of a century later, is still popping up. So, let's see this continue into the 2050s.  

The obligatory base shot for the new casting.  I did notice that they have not put a year on the model.  This means that it has the exact identical name as the old Cabrio.  Before I move on to the next model, I am going to do a little comparing.  

First off, the MB1330 '20 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.  This debuted in Moving Parts in 2022, and also started off in red.  

When that model appeared, it was my model of the year.  An easy win!  However, I am a little sad to see that the scale for these 2 castings is so far out.  That one was built quite noticeably smaller than the new one. Everything about it was incredible. Everything about the new one is also incredible.  But, these are 2 variants of the exact same car.  We have seen Matchbox make a few castings with variants of a model and use one to keep the scale the same with the other.  The new Jeep Gladiators, Ford Broncos, Jeep Wrangler JLs. The list goes on.  We get one casting, and then an alternate variant of the same car appears, but when placed side by side, they work so well as they are built to the same scale.  These don't.  Which is really sad to see.  Especially as it is on my favourite car.  I am quite gutted about it.  Putting both side by side ruins the look.  Yes, I am weird like that.  You get the Carrera 4S on its own, and it is perfect.  You get the Cabrio on its own.  Again, perfection.  You put the 2 together and everything goes wrong.  Are they incompatible?  Obviously not.  After all, these models are often built to a size, rather than a scale, and a Mini could sit next to a Range Rover, and both be almost the same size.  In reality, they are not.  But, the one thing I did like was that if they took 2 of the same car, they would keep proportions very similar.  So at least they look good next to each other.  I am not retroactively going to score either of these down now from initial 10 out of 10 assessments.  but, I do wish they had kept their proportions aligned with each other.  

However, what of the old MB423.  The exact same named Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet.  That one saw 2 solid red looks in its early years.  The 2000 MB36 German exclusive and 2002 Auto Carrier Launcher set had red issues.  The 2000 also saw a later Easter Egg issue in 2001 with a flower wheel in place of the standard 5-spokes.  As we know, this has been rolling along for 25 years.  It has had an amazing life.  Well....

It turns out, using this later 2007 10-pack exclusive in a dark metallic red as a guide, that they have used the proportions of this casting as a template for the new one.  So wait, does this mean that the Moving Parts issue is too small?  What if I pull out the Turbos, and the 911GT3,and the... Oh, you know what.  I could be here all day. I am now feeling that the Moving Parts issue is the outlier.

Look at that.  They even got the rake of the window better.  That was the only thing that I used to feel was a little off with the old Cabrio.  I am still keeping this as a perfect 10, and unless they come up with some hideous designs, I can see many more 10s in the pipeline for this one.

The MB1168 '18 Dodge Charger has had a very strong run in the basic range.  This is year 6.  It takes the Mb81 slot in the range, and comes in a lovely white design.  

Dodge called this Knuckle White. I am saying "called", as Stellantis announced that the Charger would stop production in 2023.  So, there are only leftover stock to be sold off before a new 8th generation is launched in 2024.  I wonder if Matchbox will be making that one in the future?  Could this be a final basic range release for this car?  If it is, I think it went out in style.  Although, I would still like to see a few future issues, in perhaps 5-packs or 9-packs.  Just because the real one stops, Matchbox don't have to just drop it entirely.  We will see as things progress.  But, for this one, I am loving the simple white look.

With simple front and rear detailing, which is exactly what we have seen in all releases to date, I cannot give this anything else but a 10.  I think it is a lovely look.  The black wheels really stand out as well.  Great touch!  

Plus, I got a shade!  Yes, I do enjoy whites, as sometimes they do come out more creamy than other times.  The creamier one came in the batch B assortment that Wheel Collectors sent me.

I think this definitely deserves another dive back.  It might be the last time, if we don't get any more basic range releases. As we know, this debuted in the 2019 range as MB2 in metallic green.

2020 saw it move to the MB15 slot in a metallic blue look.

And 2021 gave us this MB55 in solid grey.  

2022 was a fun year.  Apart from the MB52 in purple (another I took delight in finding shades for), it also saw the first time it was used outside the basic range.

As Walmart stores in the USA sold a Dodge set that year.  The first batch gave us an exclusive metallic red, and the second batch a carry forward for the 2020 blue, but in a slightly lighter shade, with a brighter tampo print.

2023 gave us a black MB13 issue, and again a Walmart series, this time the Muscle one, gave us a carry forward of the debut in green.  Again, that was a little brighter than it was back in 2019.  

If you were to ignore the carry forwards, this means the model has had 7 different looks over these 6 years.  All but one of them were in the basic range.  It has had a good run.  How long that will continue is something we will have to find out.  I fear it may not be much longer.  I await the new 2024 (although more likely 2025 model year) Charger launch.

This looks classy to me.  I love the shade of blue to this MB1354 '70 Ford Ranchero.  It is in the MB83 slot for the 2024 range.  

Yes, this one is really appealing to me.  I have to admit, when the casting launched in 2023, I liked it, but was not wowed by it.  This is a much nicer outing, and this one is wowing me.  It comes with a lovely chrome base that forms the front grill.  We are seeing all the detailing to the sides added.  I do love stripes, and a simple pin stripe counts.  

And we are also seeing a lovely rear end detail. Yes, this one is a great look.  Coupled with a simple black interior and clear windows, along with the classic wheels, I can see no reason not to give this a perfect 10 as well.  This batch is proving to be pretty incredible in general.  Not just because of 2 Porsches, and 1 being a new casting.  I have not scored anything less than 10.  The team is just nailing the new stuff.  

And I got a shade again.  Not significantly darker, like with the Charger, but the hue is different between the 2 batches. I can see it.  I am keeping it.  

I remember when this debuted in the 2023 range, it got people talking.  Look, a shade!  Brighter or duller green on the MB17 debut.  Oh, wait, that wasn't what they were talking about.  Just me!

No, what got people talking was that this was one of the rare releases that saw a wheel variation during production.  Honestly, I have no idea why they don't do things like this more often. Throw in a wheel variation, and people go nuts buying it twice.  Or, in other terms, increased sales.  More money.  

We never saw a wheel variation this time.  The model is already out of production.  They last for 2 months, and that is it.  Unless, we might see it thrown in a random 9-pack as an extra later in the year. These do happen.  Never say never, as they say.  I do prefer the 2024 issue over the 2023 one.  They took the debut, and they made it better.  

This is the last of the models in batch A.  Officially.  The MB956 Lamborghini LM002. Hello old friend.  It has been a while since we saw you in the basic range.  2016, to be exact.  8 years between basic range outings.  Does that mean the next one is coming in 2032?  I hope not.  This takes the MB96 slot in the range, and comes in a dark grey look.  

It has this satin feel to it. It is not a gloss paint, and it is not matte either.  I had a little look.  I don't think it is an official LM002 look.  I may be wrong.  Please correct me, if I am.  However, what I think Matchbox have done is to sort of give this a look as if it says it is a very metal-like look. Almost as if it were bare metal.  To be honest, I think they should have actually done that.  I think this would have actually been better off being a zamac look.  When was the last time that Matchbox released a zamac finish in the basic range?  I think it would have looked even better.  This is really nice. Don't get me wrong, they have done a great job with it.  I just feel they wasted their time painting it up.  They should have left it bare, added the front and rear tampos, and popped it out like that.

That was literally all it needed.  Now that they have done this, I wouldn't want a zamac look to this one.  But, I do think they have a few other castings that could see a zamac outing. So, to score this, I am going to be just a tiny bit cruel.  9.5.  It's great. But, I could see a way that it could have been improved.  Just a little bit. But, it was enough for me to say I couldn't give it full marks.  So close.  In fact, out of the entire batch of 7 models that were officially a part of batch A, I ended up with a score of 69.5 across them all.  That is an incredibly high score. This tiny mark down is pretty insignificant.  As I said, I think it looks great.  I am so happy to see it, and also see the casting return to the basic range.  I think another dive back is in order.

2015, MB82.  That is how we saw this model debut.  A simple yellow look on a model that was launched at the tail end of the small sideways track that Matchbox had drifted on to before course correcting.  

After that, we had what was the last basic range outing before this one in 2016.  The red MB101 was not the only release, as a new Best of series was launching and the Lambo was given a white release in that range.  But then, mothballs....

A random outing in 2019.  It was in the Autobahn Express 5-pack, and came in black with smoke windows.  Although, if you looked carefully, some of those windows were almost clear.  

And 2021 saw 2 outings before another few years of solitude awaited.  The Target Retro series saw a new blue issue.  But, we also saw a Best of Italy release, as they did a 1-off batch of 6 carry forwards for the Italian market.  They brought back the 2015 debut look for another run, although it was quite a bit lighter in shade. It was almost a lemon yellow compared to the original.

But what this means is that in its 10th year of action, we are now up to only 6 unique looks.  5 in core ranges, all with matching tampo printing, along with 1 premium release. That is not a lot.  That equates to barely above 1 for every 2 years. Which is a shame.  I thought this was a fine casting, and am surprised it gets very little love.  So, with the official releases in the batch over with, I am not done yet.  

This is because batch A is a Super Chase batch.  Obviously, this is an official release, but is a chase vehicle randomly added to cases, and is not a standard issue. Sadly, Wheel Collectors didn't get any in the assortment they received.  But, thankfully, my friend Luke McKenna in Australia, found 2 in power grab boxes.  One was for himself, and the other was shipped halfway around the world to me in the UK. It is not often I get the fun with opening power grab boxes.  

As is the case nowadays, models are wrapped in tissue paper before being inserted into these cases.  They used to be put in plastic bags, but this is a more environmentally friendly way of doing it.

And thanks to Luke, I now have the first 2024 super chase.  The MB671 Ford GT.  It looks amazing in black with stripes.  I am a sucker for stripes.  It has rubber wheels, and I am noticing a small amount of overspray on that rear wheel.  That is not something I am going to mark it down for.  It's enhanced here because the picture has zoomed in.  

Being a super chase means that this model has full tampo detailing, so as well as the stripey top and sides, we also get the simple front and rear tampos.

This is the casting's 20th year of action.  This is another durable model that just keeps on going.  I have to admit, in all of those 20 years, this is definitely up there with the best look it has ever seen.  I am very impressed with it.  A perfect 10 again. You know what?  Screw it, I am doing a full dive back.  This could take a while.  

Year 1, 2005.  Matchbox had just rebranded itself after the embarrassment of Hero City.  In particular, the Ultra Heroes subsection that completely bottle-necked the range.  One of the first things we saw was some extremely cool cars being added back in, and with it a return to the realism that we had until the turn of the century.  The Ford GT launched as MB49 in the basic range, with an initial production run in China before they moved it to Thailand.  After that, every single release has been Thailand made.  It was also added to the Superfast series. The USA saw 15,000 black ones, and all other markets saw 7,500 grey ones.  In general, the US/ROW split is a little broad.  Canada gets long card, Australia gets both, etc.  It is a generalized term.  But, when they launched Superfast in 2004, it was in the USA only.  And when they expanded for 2005, all other non-USA markets received a selection of the smaller batch. Even Canada, Australia, etc.  People often forget that.

2006 saw a really cool Gulf-inspired MB9.  It wasn't a Gulf model, as they didn't have a licence for that.  But, it was very close.  We also saw another Superfast issue in green, although it was back to being in the USA only.  A Showroom Cars 5-pack had a yellow one included, and we also had a white model as a Stars of Cars release in Germany.  All of them were stripey.  

2007 was a little thinner on the ground, as it was only included in the basic range.  However, MB13 did start off in gold, then later turned orange for a version 2.  

In 2008, the model was only a part of the Modern Rides 5-pack in green.  

2009 was a little busier.  Back in the basic range again, we saw a lovely zamac model.  Something I think the LM002 should have been.  We also saw another Modern Rides 5-pack.  This time, the model was in cream, and some models were found without the red side stripes.  They still had front and rear detailing, but the stripe was gone.  At first, it was thought to be an error, but a few dozen were noted as being found. It probably was an error in a way, but at what point do you say an error becomes a variation?  More than 1?  More than a dozen?  A whole production run?  To many, with a few dozen known to be found, this was enough to classify it as a variation.  

There was 1 more 2009 release. It was in the Real 10-pack, and this was the closest look to the new one we have seen.  Although that was a matte black, not a gloss black.

In 2010, I did find an error. It was sold as MB13 in the basic range.  It came in purple.  I found a random example with large front wheels.  As is the case for this model, most releases have a larger rear wheel than on the front.  There were no other releases that year.

2012 saw this model get the side design look that was filtering in the range, as the MB44 in tan saw a Desert Games Team Captain side design.  However, as they were trying their best to do, they still kept up with some realistic looks, and in 2013 released a green model in the Exotic Rides 5-pack with a cool side design.  After that, the model did take a few years off.

It returned in the Exotic 5-pack in 2016, and I did notice that the shade of blue varied quite a bit during production.  

The model took a good few years off after that.  Nothing between 2017 and 2020, but in 2021 we had 2 in 5-packs.  The MBX Exotic 5-pack was a carry forward pack of various models, and the 2009 zamac was brought back.  However, the blue stripes were now navy blue, and not a medium blue of the original. Plus, the casting had been tinkered with, just to freshen up some of the tired edges that it had started to receive.  We also saw a new look in the Autobahn Express 5-pack in red.

We didn't see any outings in 2022, but for 2023, the model was a part of the Walmart series of 70th Anniversary specials. We also had the 2021 5-pack red carried forward into the 2023 Advent Calendar.  Although it was a little lighter in shade to the 2021 run, it is a shame that they didn't really dive back and redo the debut red issue.  I know the calendar was all about red, white and green models.  There were a few very good candidates, so it was a little sad to see the previous outing simply put back in.  But, I still got a shade, so am I really that fussed?  

It has had a stellar life.  It has touched up on just about every colour going.  Sure, you could try for a pink, maybe cyan or mint.  Try a metallic orange, or solid purple.  Metallic green has not been done here.  There are still options.  I think it can still continue.  So, that brings me to the end of what is a part of 2024 batch A.  But wait, there is still one more model.  

For anyone who likes to keep models listed by year, they might have noticed that when I ran through batch M of the 2023 basic range, it brought us up to 99 models out of the 100.  There was a small gap.  MB74. Well, it was running a little late, as is the case with all things, occasionally a model might need to drop out and be replaced with something else.  A model that was planned got dropped, so they had to rush through getting a replacement in.  Unfortunately, as the model was already being planned for a late in the year release, when they have an issue and have to drop it, trying to switch another in quickly might be noticed.  You have to drop a model in batch A, you have 11 months to get a replacement slotted in.  Nobody would even notice.  You have to drop something from one of the final batches, and any replacement is going to struggle to be ready in time.  So, when it pops up in the following year, we notice.  Of course, this has been an ongoing issue for many years.  It is quite rare to see them finish a model year when they intend to.  Things get delayed, pushed, dropped all the time.  We don't see all the ins and outs that go on behind the scenes.  We only see the end result.  I am fine with it.  These things happen.  There's not a lot that they can do about it, except release the final model(s) a little late. The fact that they got 99 out of 100 models in 2023 out in time is great work.  We had the 1 straggler.  The MB1362 Koenigsegg Gemera.  This is the model's second outing in the 2023 range, and for this release, it comes in yellow.

I think the model looks fantastic in yellow. As we saw with the debut, the model sees a simple front end tampo hit.

And additional detailing around the rear window and down the back.  It makes for a very striking look, and I have to say, I much prefer this to the debut release.  Again, we appear to have a second outing for a model being an improvement on the debut. I am giving this a 10 out of 10.  I am very happy with this one, and it was definitely worth the wait for 1 more batch to get it.  

It debuted early in the year in grey.  I did find a mild shade variation myself, but I saw pictures of people who found some seriously dark ones.  I'm not jealous.  

But with this one wrapping up 2023, I am now done with this batch.  

A batch of 7 models, plus a chase, plus a late addition from 2023.  Out of the 9, we only saw 1 brand-new casting, and on the other end of the scale, 2 from the 2000s.  

We also saw 2 more from the 2010s.

And 4 more that have only been around for a few years.  This was a very good batch.  All licensed.  No non-licensed vehicles at all.  Something that is not often noticed.

That is it from me for this week.  I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.  Next week I will be looking at the first side line of 2024.  Until then, I hope everybody has a safe and happy week.  

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