Matchbox Monday is loving the 2023 L Batch

Happy New year!  Well, it may be a new year, but for now, I am still in the midst of finishing off the 2023 model year.  Only a few batches are left for me to go through.  This is the second to last batch of the basic range.  Batch L.  The 11th batch, featuring 11 models.  After seeing a few batches earlier in the year with only 6 models in them, it does seem like we get the majority of items towards the end.  I noticed that both singles and Moving Parts started to become loaded as the end of the year beckoned.  So, 11 models?  I had better get stuck in.

The first of which I have actually shown already.  Only just.  Last Friday, over on the Lamley Group page, I ran through my Top 10s.  For new castings, this was number 4 on the list.  I love it!  The MB1351 Morris Minor Saloon.  It takes the MB5 slot in the 2023 basic range. 

There's just something about the little Moggie Minor.  I tried finding out where the nickname Moggie (or Moggy) came from.  Even the Morris Minor Club doesn't know.  It just always seems to have been.  The Minor was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, who would go on to create another iconic car, the Mini.  Although this model is undated, it is clearly a series III Minor.  That would place it as a 1956.  Series I and Series II had split front windows.  Plus, this has a new front grille design that was implemented for the series III models.  

Although the horizontal slat grille look did appear in late Series II models.  Early ones had a criss-cross grille.  But, as I said, a full window denotes a series III.  So, 1956 it is.  The Series III ran until 1962, updated to the Series V.  Yes, that is correct.  The Series IV was actually the debut of the Mini.  It was known as the Morris Mini Minor, when the Mini launched in 1959.  It was given an internal code of Morris Mini Minor IV, and so when they updated the Minor, they skipped it.  I don't know why.  I didn't work for them at the time.  Heck, I wasn't even born at the time!

And this is a lovely little casting.  I always wanted Matchbox to redo the Minor.  They actually made one in 1958, running for 3 years in the basic range.  But, this was well before my collecting began, and I do not own any.  The Mini is often recognized as one of the most iconic British cars, but the Minor had a big following too.  I thought it was a nicer look.  There's something about it.  The way it curves was especially sweet.  And the casting has captured the essence of the real vehicle perfectly.  They have gone with the 2-door variant, as 4-door models exist as well.  In doing so, they have made this a perfect little replica.  Even down to the correct use of the “they left the factory without wing mirrors” philosophy of the time.  Customers would attach wing mirrors themselves if they wanted them. Either on the little side window, or over the front lights.  The use of wing mirrors in the UK did not become mandatory until 1978.  Even then, you only needed one on the driver side.  How laws change.  

This model has debuted in the 70th Anniversary theme, although along with the Minor Tourer from Moving Parts, we did not get any additional orange and white stripes.  Just a 70th Anniversary logo on the rear. It was added in over the licence plate and badge/lights detailing.  A very simple look, and to be honest, I really like this simple look to the anniversary special.  The platinum paint, the orange wheel rims, everything else you would expect on these 70th Anniversary ones, but with no additional detailing.  Just the logo.  I love it.  

As is going to be pretty obvious, I am giving this a 10 out of 10.  Including the Minor?  10.  The casting?  10.  The final look? 10. Yes, I am very happy to see this, and am looking forward to multiples of each release.  Why?  Well, as is the case with the Tourer, they have done this with either a LHD or RHD interior.  I tried to get a photo, but it is not easy on this one.  So, just accept it is there.  And good luck trying to figure out which you have, as the steering wheel is not easy to spot in a single blister.  Just imagine multipack packaging….

A look at the chrome base, as this is a new casting.  As you can see, they never made any mention to the model year here either.  

We have seen this one before.  The MB1279 Citroën Ami.  It debuted last year, and in its second outing it is in the MB15 slot in red.

I think it looks much nicer this year.  As you might remember, this is an electric quadricycle.  It only does 28mph, and is deigned for urban use only.  You won't be seeing one of these on the open road.  Last year saw them debut the traditional grey look, and I was curious as to whether they were going to be able to do lots of alternatives.  Thankfully, they are.  Yes!  Grey only goes so far.  I like this red look.  And I much prefer the lighter smoke window piece.  Yes, it is small anyway, and making the roof a part of the window does sort of make sense.  It is the way of the modern vehicle, and although I am not too keen on them in miniature, I see that making this a part of the body would have caused issues, as they would have needed to paint up the upper section.  But, last year the upper half was very dark, and you couldn't see in.  This year, we can.  Excellent.  Now, this will never be the most popular of models in the range.  But, I do like the random, quirky little models.  I enjoy the variety. 

This is definitely an improvement over the debut look.  I am giving it a 9.  I think they did a great job, but that whole roof section still bugs me.  I know it makes sense, but it still annoys me, so how can I give top marks?

The 2022 debut pops in.  Just look how dark that window piece was.  They created an interior, and nobody knew.  

Well, they do now.  I also like that the only tampo change was with the licence plate.  The original had the Citroën logo, and the new one has the Ami name.  The next one should just say Paris.  For fun.  Or PAR1S.  Have a number in there.  

Another tiny vehicle.  But, this is a car.  The MB1245 ‘19 Fiat 500 Turbo.  I do love seeing all different manner of vehicles, and, because I come from the UK, small hatchbacks are very popular here.  Therefore, seeing all these little hatchbacks is really nice.  I really can’t wait for the Ford Fiesta in 2024!  This one takes the MB16 slot in the 2023 range in black.

Fiat calls this Crossover Black.  I am not sure what it is crossing with.  The Fiat 500 is definitely not a crossover vehicle.  But, it does look good on it.  I remember about a decade ago, Matchbox were going to do away with black as an option on a model car.  This was part of their move to try and make models more eye-catching, and giving them bright and colourful looks. Then, it was the move to making original castings “from a kid's viewpoint”, which meant making massive wheels on a regular looking vehicle.  This was the last time that they made a side step from the tried and trusted realism that works so well.  I am so happy to see stuff like this.

A real colour.  Simple front and rear tampo prints.  You cannot go wrong with these, and of course this means I am giving this a 10.  I think it is a lovely little casting, and I see a lot of Fiat 500s around.  I hope we get a mint one soon. I see a number of mint 500s on the road.  I think they stand out. 

This is the third look for this model, as it debuted in the 2021 range in red (also a part of the 2022 Best of France series), and then in 2022, the model turned blue in the basic range.  Now we have a black one.  

Unlike the Citroën, this model has never changed its tampo.  Every model sports the same look.  For the most part, that is perfect.  The only thing I like is when they have a little fun with the licence plate. So far, 3 models in and 3 lots of the 500 logo.  

Another hatchback.  Am I getting bored of them?  Nope!  I told you, I like seeing little hatchbacks in the range.  The fact that we have 2 in a row here is just random coincidence.  The Fiat was an ICE engine, but the MB1227 '20 Honda E is an electric vehicle.  Yes, the second electric vehicle in this assortment.  And no, it is not the last.  There is another one coming later in the batch.  It takes the MB36 slot in the range in red. 

Yes, this is the second red electric vehicle in the batch as well.  Not that I mind.  I love a red car.  And I guess the Honda E is rarer in red, as it is the most expensive paint option.  Black is the standard, and you can get blue, grey or white for a premium.  For an extra premium you can get red.  Or Crystal Red Metallic, as Honda calls it.  Mind you, it did launch in yellow.  What happened to that?  Again, as with other vehicles we have seen, this model is sporting the same tampo printing that we had in previous releases.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  

This keeps that black window section, as it has the unusual build with the back half of the roof made from the body, front half from the window.  I never really knew what they were going for with it, but it does mean they always have to tampo print the roof part (well, except on the black one).  But, it is quirky and cute.  I have loved this one since it first debuted, and therefore I am giving it a 10.  I know, it is a slightly hybrid way of making the roof.  Part good, part bad.  But, it works.  I wonder if we will see the yellow one?  As, you might have heard, Honda are now dropping this vehicle.  It was their first electric car, but it is being replaced by the E:Ny1.  Well, not replaced.  The E:Ny1 is derived from the larger HR-V, but will be the electric version.  There is no direct replacement for this.  Which is a shame.  So, I will just make do with these little ones. 

And I am loving this one.  I notice that some are coming in red, some in a more orangey red.  Ah, Renault 17TL flashbacks.  Definitely something I am loving.  

So, let's do a quick recap.  It might be the last time if they follow suit and drop it (although I am hoping they give us that yellow before it goes).  It debuted in the 2021 basic range in white, and was also chosen to be the 2022 Toy Fair model later in the year.

For 2022, it was blue.  And I noticed that was also good for a shade.  With this being its third outing in the basic range, I do wonder if it might not see a fourth.  Quite a few models bow out after 3 goes.  

Mind you, 2023 has been a very busy year for it.  Aside from the basic range, this was also thrown in the MBX Electric Drivers 5-pack in black and was also a 9-pack exclusive in grey.  

Ignoring the Toy Fair model, this is just like the Fiat 500.  It, too, has seen the exact same tampo on all core issues.  Well, possibly the black was an exception.  I mean, did they tampo print black on a black car?  I can't tell.  But, they all look the same.  A good thing in one aspect, but as I said, I do like licence plate fun.  

And now for something completely new and unexpected.  At the time of the 2023 Line Preview, Mattel had not finalized the Indiana Jones licence, so there was no mention of anything coming in 2023.  It was not until we saw the first mock-up packages for this on Instagram that people sat up and took notice.  

And I am throwing a back picture of the package out this time before ripping the MB1364 '36 Auburn Speedster 851 from said package.  It takes the MB48 slot in the range.  And you can see, there is some legal information on the back about Indiana Jones, as well as the fancy front package look, unique for this model.

I think Mattel have given the Matchbox brand the licence for Indiana Jones in diecast form, as I think the planes are perhaps the more used modes of transport, and with Matchbox having the Skybusters series going, it makes sense to put it their way.  But, they raided (pun intended) the archives of the Indy film series, and came up with this vehicle, which saw a decent outing in the second film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984).  There are plans for a 1966 Ducati Scrambler bike and a Tuk-Tuk as used in the 2023 Dial of Destiny film to see outings in the 2024 range.  I wonder if they will source the archives for more classic cars?  Mind you, looking back through the films for cars, there are not a lot that stand out beyond background vehicles.  In fact, the latest film has 2 different Fiats that could be used.  The 1962 Fiat 500D 2-door semi-convertible was used, as was a 1971 Fiat 238 Van. Both could work very well in the Matchbox world.  Ideas for the future.  But, for now, I should be focusing on this one.

Now, about the model itself.  The Auburn Speedster 851? This is the last Auburn vehicle that was made. Founded in Auburn, Indiana in 1900, the company made a number of vehicles over the course of 37 years, with the Speedster being their longest running.  The 841 launched in 1934 as a 1935 car, and was the last one in production when the company (along with Cord and Duesenberg) ceased production in 1937 as the recession hit.  The 851 is perhaps the best known Auburn model of the lot, and was used in the second Indiana Jones film in a chase scene.  It was shown in close-up, so it did make enough of an impact for Matchbox to create one in miniature.  And, I have to say, they have done a fantastic job with it.  They have created quite a few 1930s vehicles, but this definitely stands out.  And kudos for hunting down where to get this license from.  I wonder if we will see any Duesenbergs or Cords in the future?  

The best part of this is the 5-part build.  A unique roof element on top, as this is a convertible with the top up.  They could have left the top down, but no, they did it properly.  Getting a 5-part build is not easy nowadays with their wafer thin margins, plus the effort in obtaining the Auburn licence in the first place.  I think they have done an amazing job with it.  Obviously, this is the look of the vehicle from the film.  Yellow with brown side stripes.  

With the headlights and grille also detailed.  This is very well done, and looks incredible.  I think this whole casting has been extremely well done.  Sure, it has a lot of plastic elements to it, due to the wheel arches being made out of another element.  Which is not the interior.  I think the interior is attached to the roof, but am not sure.  Is this a 6-part build? Something that is unheard of in the basic range nowadays.  

This is a very distinctive looking vehicle, and I am very impressed we got to see one in the basic range.  I hope this is able to continue in other looks, and not be a single outing casting.  I am giving this a 10 out of 10, both for originality, casting, and final look.  

I do wonder what LFL is.  It has its own copyright on the base.  

The MB1219 ‘19 Mazda 3 is up next.  This is the model’s 3rd outing in the basic range.  For 2023 it is in blue as MB50.

It comes in a dark blue shade, which is similar to the Deep Crystal Blue Mica that Mazda do, although that does look to be a little more metallic, and this is a solid colour. As we have seen with recent issues, this receives the standard front and rear tampo printing.  

Which cannot be faulted.  As the licence plate is on the base section, it never gets any tampo treatment, so I do not expect, or want any differences between this and previous releases.  And I also give this a 10 out of 10.  You can't go wrong with these looks.

It debuted in the 2020 basic range as MB41, although was heavily delayed until very late in 2021, and finally arrived in red.  This was also carried forward to a Japan Origins set in 2022.  

2022 saw this grey look as MB81.

Each release of this model is just as it was before.  And I, for one, am loving it.  I have always championed the use of regular road going vehicles in the range, and sporting regular looks with realistic front and rear detailing.  There are not many real colour options for the Mazda 3.  I expect white will make an appearance, and perhaps a lighter silvery grey look.   Beyond that, I wonder if they will branch out with a few of their own takes on the model.  I would like a yellow one.  I don't know why….

This was a bit of a surprise. The MB814 Aqua King.  Out of the Matchbox originals castings, I do think this is one of the nicer ones.  Developed as an offshoot of the MB695 '06 Utility Truck, this casting has not been the most popular choice to be used.  Which is a bit of a shame.  It was quite a cool little casting.  I thought it was a bit different to the norm, and I liked it.  

Taking the MB57 slot in the 2023, this is in a very familiar theme, and can I say, one I expected to have seen earlier.  This blue with Kingson Pop look is one we have seen before.  So, this is an instant plus for me.  I love the use of re-using a look for more models, and if it was to continue, it would be officially a recurring theme.  

Because, to date, we have seen this look once before.  It was on the 2020 basic range issue of the MB1174 '35 Ford Pickup.  When that appeared, I was expecting the Aqua King to not be far behind.  I was not expecting 3 years. 

I think this blue with sea-green bottle section is a perfect look for this model, and I think it is also one of the nicest looks we have seen on this model.  I am very happy to see it return, so am happy to give this a 10 as well.  I am feeling festive.  I have barely dropped a mark so far.

This has not been around for a few years, so I think we definitely need a dive back to remind us about its history.  It started in 2011.  This was a dual basic range release, as it debuted in blue, and then later turned green for a version 2.

It had a very busy debut year, as we also had a 1st Editions 10-pack release in golden brown, and it was chosen to be a Dream Halloween promotional release as well in black in a fun Zombie Elixir livery.

After that, things were a little thinner on the ground.  2012 saw a red basic range, and 2013 a green one.  Then it was put on the side burner.  

After 2 years out, the model returned in the 2016 basic range in white, and in 2017 turned grey.  So, another 2 years of basics only before being shoved aside again.  Are we to see another in 2024 before another rest?  Who knows.  

So, for a model with 13 years of history, it hasn;t really had a lot of use.  Has it?  I don't know why it is so little used.  Perhaps being a bit of a slightly less common vehicle does impact its use.  Hopefully it will see a few more outings in the future.  

The MB1246 '19 McLaren 720S Spider takes the MB66 slot in the 2023 sporting this grey look.  

I remember when it first appeared, I wondered if the front window was a part of the interior section.  It was black.  But, later issues have shown me that it is a unique part.  This is a smoke window again, and the model sports the usual front and rear tampos that every McLaren has had to date in the Matchbox ranges.  

I think McLaren call this Blade Silver.  It is a little darker than a regular silver look, and with the lovely detailing afforded in miniature, I can't help but throw out another 10.  Of course, McLaren offer this in many colour choices, so I am hoping next year gives us another brightly coloured one.  Some sort of orange should be on the cards for future, perhaps a papaya.

It debuted in the 2021 range, in what I think McLaren refer to as Belize Blue.  Quite a bright colour.

Then in 2022, it was in a lime yellow look, which was not a regular McLaren look, but done by a tuning agent.  This was the basic range look.  But, it was not the only release.

It was also a part of the Best of France series in a unique look.  Sarthe grey.  A much darker grey than this look.  When you put the 2 together, you really notice the difference between them. At first glance, I was wondering how close it was.  

I love the consistency with the detailing.  I love how they even have a McLaren in the range.  I do hope for orange.  I mean, anybody who follows F1 or Indycar might be thinking the same thing.  McLaren - papaya orange.  Road cars are also available in papaya orange.  It has to happen.  Surely!

New casting time.  One that, if you weren't paying close attention to, you might not catch.  The MB1359 Tesla Model S.  This is because we have had a Tesla Model S in the range before.  But, they have now updated us with the modern look. It takes the MB86 slot in the range, and debuts in white.

I honestly don't know if Mattel set up a deal with Tesla that if they have one, they must have all the cars in the range.  Because, I do believe this is pretty much putting us back to everything being available (bar the Cybertruck, which I think other brands do).  I only do Matchbox, I don't pay attention.  But, as that only comes in plain sheet metal, there's only so much you can do with it, so I really am not fussed if they do or do not add it in the future. Mind you, the cars don't fare much better with colour options. Tesla are quite limited with what colours you get your car in.  Unless you pay for an aftermarket colour change.  So, hopefully we will see more in the way of non-traditional colours.  Hmm!  If, that’s the case, can the Cybertruck be added?  Ha ha! Anyway, I digress.  This is an updated look for the Model S, bringing it more in line with the other cars in their current portfolio.  It does make sense in a way.  But, as I said, is it important to have their entire range in the series?  With only 100 slots, 4 of them this year were Teslas, and next year sees a 5th arriving for the basic range.  Mind you, I say that.  There are 4 Porsches and 4 Jeeps in the range.  Can I really argue the point?  Maybe not.  

Now, the thing you might not have clicked on to is that the original Model S was a slot in build.  The rear licence plate was formed from the base section.  In recent years, Mattel has moved basic range models to the drop method, where there is no slotting in of items.  This meant that the old casting would have needed an overhaul to continue to be used.  But, if they are going to all that trouble, why not just do the new one, and update to the modern look.  The real vehicle has changed a little bit since it debuted, and the older Matchbox one does actually look a little dated now.

This new casting has been created the same way, with the roof being a part of the window section.  In fact, all Teslas from Matchbox have been created that way.  It's sort of tradition now.  So, I was expecting this in the new model.  And they have done a good job with the new casting.  It looks spot on to me.  All the detailing is there, as I expect it to be.

The shape has been captured very well.  And unlike the Model X and Model Y, which when shrunk down to miniature scale, do look quite similar, this one does stand out as being different.  So, I prefer this to the Model X & Y combo.  

I really feel the new front end to this casting, which is the most noticeable difference with the old one, is the best part.  I think they captured the essence of the real vehicle best here.  With the simple front and rear end tampo printing, I think I have to do it, don't I. 10 out of 10.  

Seeing as this is a new casting, base shot!  And….

Shade variation.  I have noticed some are coming out more of a creamy white than others.  I do love my shades.  Now, before I move on, I can do a little comparison. 

So, let's bring in the classic.  Can we call it that?  Is there such a thing as a classic Tesla yet?  Maybe the original Roadster?  I don't know.  Anyway, MB903 Tesla Model S.  The original.  This was the first Tesla that Matchbox created, and it debuted back in the 2015 range.  It ran for 4 year, being dropped after the 2018 outing.  After that, it only saw a single additional outing, as a carry forward in the 2020 Convoy set.  Seeing as the new one is white, I have chosen the 2017 basic range to match it.  

Yes, this is an all-new build.  The front end is flatter, completely different, and I can see that the interior and window components are all fresh for the casting.  It wasn't a rework.  

What I did notice is that they have kept the proportions the same on these.  Same length, same height, same width.  This means that the model look just as good sitting side by side as a real pair would.  

And, as I said, the rear does now have the licence plate as part of the body, meaning it gets the standard Zero Emissions licence plate.  The original was a part of the base, so just popped through the back, and was left blank. This is definitely a worthy upgrade.  

Hmm!  The MB947 Porsche 911GT3.  It is MB87 in the basic range for 2023, and comes in red.  It's a 911.  Anybody who knows me, knows that I love the 911.  The GT3 has been with us since 2007, and I still do not get tired of it.  Sure, it saw a casting update during its time, but it plods along and get numerous outings.  And I am fine with that.  Obviously!

Now, this is where things get a little tough.  Red is my favourite colour.  A red Porsche 911.  With simple front and rear tampo printing.  What could go wrong?

Well, this is where things go a little awry.  This red has been seen before.  

Step forward the 2021 Best of Germany release.  Look familiar?

It should.  It's the same.  The only difference between that and the new one is that the new run is coming out a slightly lighter shade of red.  The same wheels, the same windows, the same interior.  Everything is the same.  The casting has not been updated since.  

Even the licence plate matches.  To me, this is simply a carry forward model.  I have been used to carry forwards.  But, they always go the other way.  A basic range model will go into one of the side ranges.  We have never seen one go in reverse.  I understand the need for a carry forward, but seeing them go in reverse like this doesn't feel as good.  We liked getting the exclusives.  To find them pop up later in general release sort of feels wrong.  Am I alone in that?  Sure, I am going to be keeping the new one.  Obviously, it is a slightly lighter red, and you might be noticing the rear lights are sporting a much lighter red content.  But, this is pretty normal in the way of carry forwards.  I would have expected it. But, seeing a carry forward from a side range into the basic range.  No, I was not expecting that.

You see, the 2021 Best of Germany was not the first red.  It debuted in 2007, and the version 2 that year was red.  But, apart from being the original casting before the update, it had a different set of wheels.  The window had a smokey tint.  The tampo printing was different, with a very noticeable rear licence plate difference.  Had this been another red, and wheels were slightly different, and the rear licence plate been different, I would have accepted it.  I would have said it was close, but it was different enough.  For this, I just can't.  Which is a real shame.  There are still options for the future.  Have we seen a bright yellow yet?  Nope!  We had a mustard yellow as the 2007 1st Editions 10-pack release, but so far no bright yellow.  We really should have one before it goes away.  But this one?  I am scoring it a 5!  I know.  A 5 for a Porsche 911!  I am shocked myself.  Especially as this is my favourite model in the batch. I need to go take a shower….

Okay, I am back.  Just in time for the final model.  Or final models, as Wheel Collectors do know what I like.  The MB1200 '76 VW Golf Mk1 GTi is the last of the batch, taking the MB97 slot in the range in green.

Now, as most people know, Matchbox VW Golfs have rear parcel shelf variations.  On this casting, it is simple.  It comes with or without items.  But, have you noticed the rear always comes without tampo print?

Don't get me wrong. I do love the side printing.  Especially as they are still able to give us a front hit every time.  And this model is one of the nicest yet.  Lofoten Green is an official VW Golf colour shade from the 1970s, and they have nailed it.  The simple side pin stripe and door handles.  The black wheel arches, and even the little (USA influenced) Rabbit logo on the stripe, it does look fantastic.  But once, just once, I would love to see the rear end detailed. I am torn.  I am going to score a 9.75.  Just a fraction for the loss of anything rear tampo printing related for the umpteeenth time.    

I have mentioned them, so let's do another little dive back to finish off this report.  As we know, this model debuted in the 2020 basic range as MB8 in orange.  A cool side design (plus the front).  

2021 was quite a hectic year for the model.  If popped up in the Best of Germany series in red (hopefully not a future basic range issue, still sad), and then it was in the basic range in white with a Polizei theme.  We then saw a Retro series issue in yellow with a cool Rabbit themed side design.  

2022, by contrast, was a little quieter.  Just a basic range issue in silver.  This has a very similar side print to the new one.  Just an additional pin stripe instead of the Rabbit logo.  

This was not the only 2023 issue.  Earlier this year, we saw the VW set appear, and this was one of the exclusives.  Again, in yellow, and again with a Rabbit themed side design.  But a completely different design to the Retro one.  No, i am not bitter about the Porsche!  

Don't get me wrong.  I have enjoyed every single design on this model to date.  I love that they are able to do the front end and hit the sides, with what is usually a 2-pass through the tampo machine rule.  Credit where credit is due.  I just want to see the rear end get some love.  Is that too much to ask?  Mind you, has anybody ever thought how cool it would be to replicate the classic Superkings VW Golf GTi that Lesney made back in 1981?  K86 came in black or white, both with red/orange/yellow striping.  If they did that, I would forego the rear tampo.  Obviously that never had it.  But, apart from that, I want that rear end printed!

And on that note, I am done for another week.  I hope are keeping up with their New Year's resolutions so far.  Sure, you might be reading this on day 1, but I bet some have already failed.  I never do.  Same resolutions.  Don't put custard in my shoes, and don't walk upside down on the ceiling.  I have never failed to keep them going for the entire year.  So why mess with a classic?  Talking of which, 2 amazing classics in the new castings, along with a really nice new model. 

Along with 4 European vehicles.  A French and Italian modern, along with a pair of German classics (The Porsche is an older generation, so is now a classic).  

Along with a pair of Japanese modern vehicles, a British modern vehicle and something original.  A pretty decent selection overall (I am not going to mention it again).  

So, as these make their way off to join my collection, I am almost done with 2023.  There are only 3 lots of batches to do.  One, a Convoy batch, is running very late, so I will also be running that late.  But, as you already know, this is the second to last batch of basics.  But, there is also one more Moving Parts to go through.  Guess which is coming next week?  Until then, I hope people are not too hungover from the New Year festivities, and are starting to get back to normality.  And in that respect, having a safe and happy week.

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