Matchbox Monday finishes off the overloaded 2023 Moving Parts series

I have said it before, and I will say it again.  I do not like that Matchbox Moving Parts come in boxes of 8.  I think it is too small an assortment.  I believe they should be in batches of 12.  They cost roughly twice the basics, so the assortment should be half the size.  It makes sense to me.  Case in point.  This final batch of the 2023 included all the remaining models that were due to be released.  Great news, they got everything out in time.  Bad news.  There were 10 left to go, so we got different models in different assortments.  So, if somebody was to pick up an entire box unopened, they will know already they are missing 2.  It's not good to not actually have everything in one go.  Granted, this batch does include a chase model.  That would never be guaranteed.  So, that means you will be missing at least one supposed regular release.  The worst part.  The 2 models that were or were not in the case?  These were also the ones that were removed to include the chase model.  So, this means that 7 models out of the 10 were in 100% of the cases.  Another 2 were in a little under 50% each, with the chase occupying that additional part of the 8th slot to make a total of 100% for it. I honestly do not know the percentage of a Moving Parts assortment will contain a chase.  Let's say for argument’s sake it is 5% of the cases.  When it is removed, 1 of 2 models will occupy that last slot for 47.5% each.  So, in a way, does that make those 2 a regular chase?  They are both run for less than half of the other 7 models in the assortment.  Now, I imagine this was not the original plan.  The most logical conclusion is that a model or 2 were delayed. It happens.  They aim to balance the year out better, but sometimes getting something cleared for production can get delayed.  It is out of their control.  They have to get things signed off by a licensor.  And with so many nowadays (I mean, Moving Parts has no non-licenced models in it), one small delay can have a knock on effect. I do not blame Mattel for it.  They can only do so much, and these little models are definitely worth the wait.  But, this helps me cause to increase assortments for Moving Parts.  Many cases have around 6 models in them. A case of 12, 2 of each.  Simple!  Anyway, enough ranting about case sizes.  I know we are here for the models at the end of the day.  They were definitely tougher to obtain.  Sadly, Wheel Collectors had 1 assortment throughout their entire inventory.  No Super Chase, and one of the "less than half" run models I had to chase down elsewhere.  I will note that as I get to it.  But, before that, let's check a few new castings.

First up, we have quite a unique looking vehicle.  The MB1371 Bollinger B2.  Bollinger Motors is pretty new to the game.  Founded by Robert Bollinger in New York state in early 2015, he came up with an idea for a fully electric vehicle, and has created the B1 (SUV style) and B2 (pickup style), and has also started the B4 and B5 truck chassis for commercial use.  Of course, these have been a little slow to get off the ground. They were hoping to start production in 2020. We are still waiting.  They will get there.  But, what we got was a little model to help whet our appetites.  The B2 debuts in the number 4 slot.

And Matchbox have done an amazing job with this.  They have recreated the real pickup truck perfectly.  Of course, it was quite the angular shape anyway, so it was quite easy to replicate.

The model debuts in a matte black look.  This is how Bollinger have been busy marketing their vehicles, so I would have expected nothing less.  It looks formidable.  But, this is probably one of the most fun moving parts models I have seen in ages.

Because this model features an opening frunk.  It lifts up to see inside. But, there's more.

Because the front also drops down.  This gives us even more space to see inside.  

And it has an opening tailgate.  3 moving parts on this pickup.  A new record.  Most have an opening front.  Some have an opening rear.  Until now, I can think of the Ford Ranger that had both ends opening.  I have not seen another Moving Parts model with 3 opening parts.  We see many with 2, as lots of them have opening doors.  In fact, I am trying to think how far back we have to go to have a model with 3 opening parts.  All I can think of is a classic MB46 Mercedes-Benz 300SE from the 1960s which had opening doors and an opening boot/trunk.  When it transferred to Superfast in 1970, this was quickly cost reduced with the doors being sealed.  So, 1971 through 2022, I can think of no model with 3 opening parts.  That's a big gap.  I think that makes this model special. 

Made even better by the fact that this helps to show off the real vehicle's extra feature.  It has a hole that runs through the truck. With all parts open, the model also features this hole running through.  How cool is this?

I tell you, I was this close to putting this in my year end Top 10 of new castings.  It was number 11 on the list.  It is so much fun.  I think it is a fantastic casting, and definitely a 10 out of 10 on all counts.  For inclusion, for the way they made the casting, and for the final look. I cannot fault this.  No wonder Bollinger Motors were happily promoting the model on their own Instagram page before it arrived.  I am sure they were very proud of how the model turned out as well.  Why wouldn't they be?  This is definitely one of the big talking points of the Matchbox model year.  I look forward to seeing what else they can do with the model. 

As you can see, the base has noted it as a 2022 model.  Although, when the real one does appear, I think it could be any year.  I see this as being a set look for a good few years.  

Next up, we have a new black vehicle.  The Bollinger I would have expected to debut in black. Had it not, I would have been surprised.  The same goes with this.  The MB1381 '20 Chevy Tahoe (2020?).  This is the perfect way to debut a large SUV.  They look so cool in black.  It takes the number 14 slot in the series.

This is only the second time that we have seen a Chevy Tahoe being made by Matchbox.  it's about time we had a new one.  The old one ran for quite a while.  Since that model, they have slightly favoured the Cadillac Escalade sister model.  We saw a few of those in between. Mind you, we are still to see a GMC Yukon.  I think they should look at perhaps filling that gap by giving us a 1993 GMC Yukon GT.  Sporty, with colour coded bumpers?  Why not?  But, anyway, back to the new model in hand.  This is the 2020? Chevy Tahoe, although I think the current generation was marketed as a 2021?  At least.  This model looks the part.  They have captured the front end, with those lines going down the edge perfectly.  

The model is seeing some simple front and rear tampo printing.  I would not have expected much more from a core range model.  That's all it really needs.

The hood opens on this model showing off a lovely detailed engine bay.  They really do well with their tampo detailing for these engine bays. I am always blown away by the attention to detail in these.

I cannot fault this.  I know a lot of models have their B-pillars a part of the window piece now.  I think this is all down to the way modern vehicles have a way of trying to blend them in, and not show them as part of the body.  When you look at a real Tahoe, you barely even notice this part, and I think this is the best way to do it.  It looks a little unusual in miniature, but I think it would look worse being a part of the body section.  

This is a large vehicle in miniature.  It definitely feels like a grand SUV.  I love it.  

I don't see any way that they could have improved this.  Therefore, 10s all around again.  New castings get a 3-part score.  10 out of 10 for choice.  10 out of 10 for the casting.  10 out of 10 for the final look.  But, as I said, I do hope we see them finally give the GMC variant of this large SUV a look one day.  And, as I said, a 1993 Yukon GT is my perfect choice.

This one has quite a minimalist base for an ICE vehicle.  Mind you, I have never crawled under one.  I don't know if Chevy cover up a lot of things underneath in real life.  So I cannot comment.  But, wait.  I had to scroll back to the package shot again.  The base says this is a 2022 Tahoe.  That makes a lot more sense.  It looks like they made a small blooper with the artwork.  

Next up we have the MB1382 Nissan Ariya.  Nissan A-what-ya? Yeah, I had to Google this one.  I did not know about this car.  It was launched in North America in 2022. That could be why. Sales are just starting in Europe, so unless you are right up-to-date, you might have missed this one.  Nissan's second electric vehicle after the LEAF.  However, the LEAF was an acronym.  Or a “Backronym” as they call it.  They came up with an environmentally friendly word, leaf, and created a full name out of it.  Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family car.  Ariya comes from Sanskrit, and means noble. It takes the number 15 slot in the range in a golden tan look.   

Well, it was bound to happen.  We have seen a number of models in the basic range that have been created with the window section also forming the roof.  Sadly, it is starting to spill over into the Moving Parts series as well.  D'oh!  When they created the basic LEAF, they did it the same way.  But the Moving Parts casting had a roof formed from the body and painted black.  So much better.  I would have much preferred this done the same way.  

The front and rear have been lovingly done, and the details to the tampo work well, with what is quite a plain bodied vehicle.  When I was Googling it, I was quite surprised with how smooth and, in a way bland, the real vehicle is.  Sorry Nissan.  It doesn't seem to have an awful lot of character.  Of course some may disagree.  

Matchbox have done an amazing job under the hood again.  This is an electric engine, and again has been lovingly detailed.  They have done a really good job with certain aspects of the car.

But not all.  Yes, the roof is a letdown.  However, how much of a gap is there for the hood from the window?  That looks pretty bad as well. Considering some of the models we have been getting lately, I do feel like this one has not been crafted well at all.  The Chevy Tahoe hood was nestled neatly up against the window.  What happened with this? The front end lines up perfectly with the plain looking “not a grille”.  

This vehicle is a meh! I am sorry.  I am just not feeling this one at all.  Out of all the Moving Parts models released since the 2019 debut, I would probably rate this about the worst of the lot.  It is just there.  

The overall shape has been captured pretty well.  I believe this colour scheme is based on Akatsuki Copper, that the real vehicle comes in.  So, again, decent.  For a new casting, with 3 lots of scoring.  Do I want this model?  Not really.  I know they are trying to add in more electric vehicles, because it is being seen as the right thing to do.  Are little kids still going to go “vroom vroom” with them?  I bet they do. I have to say, I don't rate the real vehicle.  So for Matchbox to add it, I am giving it a 3.  The casting?  Window forming roof, hood leaving a big gap?  Awkward.  I am giving it a 4.  The final look?  Well, with the way they have crafted the casting, I can't really fault them much there.  I am giving the final look a 9, which is how I will continue to rate future issues.  Out of 30, it is scoring a 16.  Barely half marks.  The other 2 new castings both scored perfect 30s.  Does that make this half as good?  Not really.  There will be duds occasionally.  This one is just not floating my boat.   

It is a new casting, so I will finish off with a base shot.  It states it is a 2023 car on the base.  Definitely getting modern here.  

Now, a change to the original plan.  For 2023, numbers 1 through 20 were supposed to be the 20 new castings being added to the range.  However, a certain Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has been pushed back to 2024. It is coming, but it needed a little more time to come to fruition.  So, with a gap to fill, they threw in a model that was going to be a part of the 2024 series, and basically switched them. So, the MB1384 '63 Ford F-100 Pickup gets a second outing.  It was number 17 on its debut early this year, and this red variant is number 18.  However, this was one of the reasons for overloading the final batch.  You get delays, things pile up.  Making a last minute switch adds to the stresses that the team do face behind the scenes.  Thankfully, they have managed to get the entire range out this year. A little background headaches aside, I have to give them props for the hard work they do to try and give us a full range if possible.  Now, this is where things are interesting.  This is one of the harder to find models.  A regular chase, so to speak.  These were not in all cases.  In fact, the ones that Wheel Collectors received did not contain this model.  They received the next one I am going to showcase.  

Which is a shame, because this is gorgeous!  I am already a big fan of this casting.  I saw the debut, and I instantly liked it.  It has character. And, with my favourite colour being red, this new one looks even better.

As with the debut, this receives the same set of tampos.  Boy, I love consistency.  You cannot go wrong with using the same tampo again.  Especially when they nailed it right out of the gate. I do laugh, though.  This does appear to be the way of the pickup truck build now.  Make half the rear bed out of the interior. But, on this one, this means that they are tampo printing the bed to try and make it blend in.  It does sort of beg the question.  Was it worth it?  How much weight is being saved in this construction method? 

Sneak inside the opening hood (again, all models so far have one), we see this has been lovingly detailed as well.  Okay, rear bed aside as I honestly find that funny, not bad, I am giving this a 10. I love it!  Well worth chasing this down.  

Number 17 joins number 18 for a quick photoshoot.  I thought the debut was stunning, but I am giving this a bonus for being red.  Both the casting, and this version 2, were so close to my end of year top 10s.  There were some amazing jobs this year. And a Nissan Ariya.  Huh? What? 

Hee hee! Rear beds. I'm loving it.  

So, for anybody who found the Ford F-100, they would have been having a lot of troubling locating this.  The MB1387 '24 Chevy Blazer EV. There was an unwritten rule that you could only have a maximum of 1 red vehicle in this batch.  This was the alternate to assortments, and was the model that Wheel Collectors had in their boxes.  Instead of the Ford F-100.  Or, if a chase model was added, you had no red model at all.  So the red ones were the chase ones.  It sort of makes it easier to remember.  It is in the final slot of the new castings, the number 20 position.

Aw, nuts!  I see a window/roof combo again.  Is this another Nissan Ariya?  No.  Not really.  I was actually looking forward to this one.  For those who collect Matchbox, we have had a Chevy Blazer in the range since 1984.  And it is still going.  The MB129 Chevy Blazer was in this year's City  Drivers II 5-pack.  The thing is, that was not originally a Matchbox casting.  It was “borrowed” by Universal from a defunct Kenner Fast 111's range, and as such, Mighty Mule started life in 1981, became a Matchbox model in 1984, renamed and tweaked, and plods along.  As with the Tahoe, I thought it was going to be really cool to see a new Blazer.  About time, we had a new Blazer casting.  It debuts in Radiant Red Tintcoat, as Chevy call it.  This model, the Blazer EV SS (you can see SS in the tampo on the front) has won many awards.  Motor Trend SUV of the Year 2024!  But, sadly, it isn't going to win one from me.  

They have captured the shape of the real vehicle so well.  I am loving the red debut look (overlooking that my hood is a bit dark).

Because, again, we are getting an opening hood.  Now, is it just me, or did they just dollop a ton of black over the inside? It makes it look like it is covered in tar.  That is not as I expected it to be. However, I did a spot of Googling, and, well, that is spot on!  On a real one, you open up the hood, you are just going to see black underneath. So, as weird as that looks, I cannot fault them for it. 

The only thing I can drop points for on this one is that the roof is a part of the window section.  It didn't need to be. With only a single opening part, compared to some with more opening parts, I honestly feel that roof is a letdown.  You can get a real Blazer EV with a black roof, but you can also get it in the standard body colour, including the A-pillar. I think it is the only thing that knocks this down.  

Because I think this has so much more character than the Nissan Ariya.  There are angles, corners, shapes.  The black printing on the front does feel a little heavy-handed.  Now, on to the scores.  Inclusion? I anticipated this one.  I am giving it a 10 for inclusion.  I wanted it.  The casting?  I am not liking the window forming the roof.  And, yes, it's an electric vehicle.  That doesn't mean we needed to see under the hood.  Especially with the way Chevy have done this.  I think that was the wrong part to open.  It was a wasted part. You are literally opening it up to see a lump of black underneath. No! The body should have formed the roof, and this could have been much better with opening doors.  That is the way I think this should have been created.  so, for the casting, I am only scoring it a 5.  The final look?  Again, almost there.  The black does look a little heavy-handed. It almost loses the Chevy bowtie stripe, and the SS is struggling to come through.  I am scoring a 9.  Which means, this gets a 24 out of 30 for a new casting.  The Ariya was a 16.  Quite a big difference. Not perfect, and I am so disappointed in that. 

Our first 2024!  Yes, this is the first Matchbox casting to be designated as a 2024 vehicle.  Bang up to date.  And, is it me, or is this better detailed on the base than the Tahoe was?  2 Chevy SUVs, 2 different ends of the size scale, and engine type.  Well, this is all for the new castings.  We had a good selection of new vehicles (and a Nissan Ariya, that's never getting old), but now it is time to check out some other vehicles that were from previous years, but are now in new looks for 2023.  

The first of which is the MB1315 Seagrave Fire Truck.  This model is now in its second year in the Moving Parts series, and this time, the number 27 issue is in the 70th Anniversary look.

I remember in year one, when you opened the package, you had to put the 2-part ladder together (for some reason).  This year, it is already in place.  You can see the little extra detailing that has been afforded the 70th Anniversary model.  We get the 2 sides printed, and the front it detailed.  We also have MBX Ladder printed on the side of the outer ladder.  Being a different part, this would have been printed up at a different time to the main body.  The model looks good with all of the detailing afforded.  The 70th Anniversary logo blends in very well with a simple striped fire design.  They did an excellent job with this one.  

Out of all the 70th Anniversary vehicles seen to far in the 2023 year, across all platforms, I think this one is definitely one of the best ones they created.  It fits the fire theme so well.  Many fire engines have similar striped designs.  So, making them the platinum with orange and black stripes could pass as something you could theoretically see on the road.  

There is something I have to point out.  That internal ladder component is really tough to pull out from the outer section.  I had difficulty doing it.  I can't imagine how a child would cope with that.  Would they just leave it in this position and ignore the extending feature?  It is a shame. It is the one blip with this one. I don't know if it was just mine, or an issue with the sections in general.  But, that does mean I can't give this a perfect score.  A 9 out of 10, due to the ladder issue. 

I notice this has the same fire logo between side windows that was put on the debut 2022 Moving Parts series release.  That was a real logo, as it was for the El Segundo Fire Dept.  But, I think the new look is nicer here.  

Not as cool as the Everett Marshall charity models for the 2022 Golf Tournament.  One in gold, the other in pink for Breast Cancer Research.  But these will be ones where they can go absolutely nuts with as much detailing as they can.  

The newest look fits in really well with the others.  I hope the ladder issue doesn't get worse over time. 

We had 2 70th Anniversary models in the batch, and the next one is the next number up.  The MB1267 '64 Chevy C10 Longbed takes the number 28 slot in the series. 

This one receives quite a minimalist approach to the design.  A thin black edged orange and white stripe along the back half of the sides, along with the logo on the doors. A simple front print and the orange rimmed wheels as expected.  All 70th models had this orange rimmed wheel style.  

We also saw the rear detailed as well.  A simple look.  Of course, this is no weathered look, which is something I have been absolutely loving on this casting.  But, it was the special, so I guess they wouldn't want that looking weathered.  

Under the hood, we also see a little detailing.  Which means this did get some tampo to most surfaces.  Only the top was left out.  Not bad at all for a core range model.  I am giving this a 10.  I think they did an excellent job with it, and in general, these 70th Anniversary logo looks have been extremely tasteful.  

I can't believe we are only on year 2 for this casting.  It has seen quite a bit of action already.  It debuted as a Mattel Creations exclusive in gold in early 2022, before being added to both Moving Parts (white over blue) and Collectors (rusty blue).  

With 2 gorgeous promotional looks as the dinner model for the 2023 Gathering in July.  The green was the standard look, with silver being the early bird special.  

Which means that after only 2 years, we already have 6 different variations of it.  If I was to rate them in order, that Collectors one from 2022 is still my favourite.  The 2 promotionals from July rate 2 & 3 (the green got the edge, you might have seen that in my Top 10 list the other week), and this one slots into the 4th position.  After that, I think the 2022 Moving Parts outdoes the Mattel Creations issue.  For the price point, it was definitely better value for money.  

On to model number 8 now. The MB1321 '96 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV.  This is the second time we have seen this casting, as, just like the other 2 recurring models, this was a 2022 debut issue.  It appears in the number 41 slot in a lovely dark blue.

This shade of blue is a correct shade.  Mitsubishi called this Icelle Blue, and it was one of the 5 correct colours for the Evo IV.  And the Matchbox guys have done justice to the model.  It has come out looking amazing, with the front details all there in the tampo printing.

The rear light clusters and badges are just as you would expect them to be.  I also see that the colour match between the metal body and the large plastic rear spoiler is pretty good as well.  I know trying to match metal and plastic is not that easy.  I am sure that this has been made this way due to the unusual shaping of the spoiler, and it's likely not coming out very well in the metal, and likely struggling to get painted correctly.  It was a little weird at first, but the more I think about it, the more I believe it was the better option.  I don't think they intended it to be in a different colour.  Although, you never know, it may get one down the line.  

And, because it appears that every model in this batch has an opening hood (apart from the fire truck), we take a peek inside and see some lovely attention to detail again.  I cannot fault this.  It came out perfectly.  Again, we are seeing another 10 out of 10 from me.  

I much prefer this colour to last year's debut Steel Silver Metallic (as Mitsubishi called it).  There are 3 original colours to go.  Pyrenees Black Pearl, Scotia White and Palma Red.  Plus, I am sure we will have options for Mattel to come up with their own unique looks for this model.  Especially if it were to get a Collectors outing in the future.  I am really hoping that they would be able to give this a rally themed design in Collectors.  Just imagine how awesome that would be.

Although, the priority would be to get all 5 original colour options going.  I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Model number 9, and this is the last of the regular issues in the mix.  As a rule, the Ford F-100 or Chevy Blazer EV were the ones that were either in or out, with the others being permanent fixtures.  As with the others that we had seen before, this was also originally a 2022 debut.  Although this time, it was as a Collectors model. Not a Moving Parts.  This is its Moving Parts debut.  The MB1334 '20 Ram Rebel takes the number 46 slot in white.

For its Moving Parts release, we still see the hood being printed up, and the front is actually gaining 2 lots of tampo treatments.  The base section forms a part of the front, and both base and body are getting detailed.  

Plus the rear is getting detailed up, with lights and badges depicted.  

Because of the 2 lots of front end printing, plus top and rear, I can see why they did not print up under the hood.  Because, yes, this is also an opening hood model.  I don't mind.  I know there are limitations to the amount of printing they can do, and I guess Ram were adamant the front end gets done like that.  I think with what they had, they have done an excellent job.  I am giving this a 10 as well.  I really like it.  I like having a white pickup truck as well.  We don't tend to get that many.  

I think this looks great next to the 2022 Collectors series red release.  On a much smaller budget, they have really made this look the part.  We only lost a little side tampo printing and those real rider wheels.  I think they do work wonders with these Moving Parts models.

So, after red and white, do you think we are getting a blue one next?  Ha ha!  I look forward to seeing what they come up with for version 3.

And now, it is time to finish off with the final Super Chase of 2023.  As with all Moving Parts Super Chases, sadly, Wheel Collectors did not receive it in their batch.  So, yes, this was a super chase for me.  It is the oldest casting in the batch, as the MB1257 ‘14 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Cabrio (G550) actually debuted all the way back in 2021!  Wow!  2 years ago.  That’s so old.  This is the final model in the 54 model series, as all super chases were given the final 4 numbers.  I don't know why they chose a different system for the basic range (no numbers for super chases) compared to numbering at the end for Moving Parts. 

The model itself is in a very dark grey.  I initially thought it was black when I saw the first pictures.  I was actually surprised when I saw it up close.  It looks much better when opened up and viewed properly.  The tampo printing for this is quite minimal.  We get a side stripe in black, which ends up with a little red and golden yellow (utilizing the colours of the German flag). That is pretty cool.  And we get the little SC logo on the side, which is the Matchbox way of denoting the Super Chase.  

The rear is getting a little attention, with lights and G500 (even though the package said G550) printed on the body, and the SC logo again and Mercedes-Benz tristar on the base section (as this also forms the spare wheel).  

And, because this is a chase model, the ante is upped for tampo printing (plus they get real rider wheels), so we also see full front lights depicted, and the hood gets a lovely black stripe down the middle.  

And because this batch had everything (except that fire truck) with an opening hood, we saw them detailing under there as well. I do enjoy the Super Chase models, and this is one of the nicest they have done so far.  I think it looks spectacular, so I am giving this a 10.  Of course, I do wish the Moving Parts Super Chase models were perhaps a little easier to find that basic range chases.  These are some of the toughest of any current Matchbox models to locate.  

So, as I close in on the finish of another batch, I will again roll back through the history of this one.  If you recall, this goes all the way back to 2021!  So long ago (compared to anything else in this batch).  It debuted as a Collectors release in a very plain matte black.  This Super Chase is so much nicer.

Although, about the same time as the model was debuting, Dirk Schleuer was showing off a bunch of them in Leipzig, Germany.  This was because it was chosen to be his promotional release that year, and we had an orange model for the Modell-Hobby-Spiel, with a yellow convention model, black best buddy, and pink helper model for the event itself.  

However, 2022 did see its debut as a Moving Parts model.  It came in silver, with simple front and rear detailing, and to date, the only time it has sported plastic wheels.  I am sure we will see more core range releases.

Because I highly doubt this will be the last we see of this one.  It is still only 3 years old, and has a good life left in it.  I look forward to seeing the next release.  

Overall, this was by and large a superb batch.  I don't care for the Nissan Ariya, sadly.  I can't help it.  The real vehicle is bland, and as such, the model is also bland.  And not well-made.  The rest of the new castings?  Pure gold! 

We also saw 3 US pickup trucks and a US fire engine in the mix.

With another Japanese vehicle, plus only 1 European vehicle in the mix.  This was a very US-heavy mix.

Final thoughts.  One thing I did notice as I was going through this mix was the amount of opening hoods/frunks. As I mentioned a few times, that fire truck was the only vehicle out of 10 that didn't feature an opening hood.  And, that is only because it can't!  But, with 4 pickup trucks in the mix, I do notice that they all seem to be created the exact same way.  Sure, the Bollinger was slightly different, with the 2-part opening frunk, plus the added bonus of the rear opening, but the rest all went the exact same way.    I did a quick check.  Sure enough, every casting of a Pickup truck that they have made so far has had an opening hood.  Except 2.  The MB1192 ‘32 Ford Pickup and MB1165 ’65 Land Rover Gen II Pickup.  Those have opening doors.  The rest all went the same way.  I would love to see more pickups with opening doors.  It is definitely skewed big time this way.

We did also see a big US-bias to the batch.  However, this is what some call “swings and roundabouts”.  One batch may be a little US-heavy.  Another might be Euro-heavy, or Japanese-heavy.  They likely did not plan it like this, and as the year progresses, and things get bumped around due to tweaks/delays etc, you will occasionally get batches with a lot of something.  Like, for example, a lot of opening hoods here.  

But what I would like, apart from upping case assortments for Moving Parts from 8 to at least 10, but better with 12.  I would also like for them to try and get some larger batches earlier in the year.  It happened with basics and with Moving Parts.  We get an average size batch at first, another, then a small one, another average, and then towards the end they start building up to much larger ones.  Sure, this is a lot to do with licensors and when a model is signed off, it can be made, but it seems like we go through a similar scenario each year.  Earlier in the year, smaller batches, later in the year bigger ones.  I see 2024 is also starting off in a similar pattern.  I can see packed out assortments towards the end of the year again.  If a model gets bumped back, if something is available already, bump it up to keep numbers up. Of course, as I often say, I don't work for them. I am not behind the scenes getting things ready for production.  I don't know how easy it is to do.  It might be very tough, and they might be marginal on many deadlines.  It is more of a wish than anything.  Because, at the end of the day, I am loving what is coming (unless it is a Nissan Ariya), so they are not doing things wrong.  I just wish for a few small tweaks to make it even better.

Because that is it for me, this week.  Next week, I have another huge batch of models to go through.  I almost contemplated splitting it into 2 to make things easier.  Almost.  But, I didn't.  Until then, I hope everybody has a safe and happy week.

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