Matchbox Monday finishes 2022 Batch F basics


Time to unofficially finish off the Matchbox 2022 basic range assortment.  Although I do say unofficially.  As batch F finished, we were up to 96 models released out of the 100 planned.  2 brand-new castings were just too late, and popped up in the first batch of 2023.  Another brand-new casting is still to arrive, and for some reason, the actual 2022 release of the Lexus LS400 never arrived.  We kept getting the earlier 2021, rolled over into 2022 packages, as that was running late.  But we were lucky to get 96.  We were so close to only having 95.  One just about managed to sneak in, but missed the first production run.  Which, sadly, was the production run that Wheel Collectors got in.  I will explain more as I go along.  Because, let's get on with what was in the batch.

For starters, we do have the MB1279 '21 Citroën Ami.  However, I have already showcased this.  It appeared fractionally early in the second batch of Best of France, and the BoF number 10 is completely identical to this MB32 for 2022.  So it seems pointless to run through it again.  

So I will move on to the next model that was sent over by Wheel Collectors.  The MB742 '08 Garbage Truck, or as it is now known, Garbage King.  The base has been altered to reflect the change of name, but I always continue with original names so as not to confuse myself.

This takes the MB74 slot in the 2022 series, and comes in white and blue.  Since the retooling, one of the advantages we do have now, is that the cab section and rear section are 2 different pieces, and so we get an automatic colour break.  Of course, the downside is that, with a 2-tampo print rule for core models, we will not see an awful lot of cab detailing.  But until I pointed that out, did you even notice?  I think this model does get away with it.  The white cab does not look bad being plain, and the tampo printing all over the sides of the rear section draw the focus anyway.  Pacific Northwest Sanitation.  I was trying to figure out if this was real.  I don't think it is, but if somebody knows better, please let me know.

Whether it is real or not, I think it is a nice design. I do enjoy a lot of the designs they come out with on this model.  I think it is time for a dive back.

The model started life in 2008, hence being known as an '08 Garbage Truck initially.  It debuted in the year that the basic range went into a 3-way split for 4 years, with the US market receiving an assortment of 100 models, and the LAAM market and ROW market both receiving different assortments of 75 out of those 100 models. Sadly, they decided that this was not going to be in the LAAM market, and it debuted as MB47 in the US and ROW markets only.  Even from day 1, you could see they were being very environmentally conscious with this model.  It came in white with a recycling theme to it.

Of course, not all came with 6-spoke wheels.  Some were to be found with notched wheels.  

And there was also a brief run where the notch wheel variant could be found with a dark blue base.  This was a short run, and 6-spoke wheels only came with a light blue base.

Later on, during the 2008 model year, the model sported a second version.  This was in cream with a "Think Green" side design.  Again, very eco-friendly.  This one was not so fun for variations.  

But this was not all that 2008 gave us.  The German market ran an exclusive set of models from 2002 until 2009.  Initially it was called Stars of Germany, and contained only German cars.  A few years later, they changed the name to Stars of Cars, so that they could add in a few from other countries.  For 2008, it received a further change and was now called Euro edition.  This was down to the fact that they decided to move from cars into other vehicles with more of a German theme to them. This model was added in orange, and I did notice this was good for a shade or 2.  

There was another orange release in 2008 as well.  The 1st Editions 10-pack came out at the end of the year, and saw a Matchbox Sanitation and Recycling themed model.  

2009 now, and the basic range release was finally sold worldwide.  The LAAM market got involved too.  This was MB46 in red, and the Bedolla themed model sported a really cool interior variation.  You could find it with black or grey interiors.  Highly noticeable, as they also formed a part of the roof.  

We also saw a City Services 5-pack release in blue with another Matchbox themed side design.  

And the Euro Edition for Germany was yellow this time.  One of 5 models that was used in both years of this series.  

There was also a premium release for the model.  It was in the Superfast series, fully detailed, and with a colour break for the cab.  Plus, this was the only time this model sported front and rear detailing.  It came in the Waste Management scheme, that is a known company.  Its first licence.  

For 2010, the model was given a dual outing in the basic range again.  At first it was in white as MB66, with a licenced theme for Annapolis in Maryland on the side.  

Later on it turned teal in an MBX Trash Removal theme.

2011 was the final year of the 3-way basic range split, and for this year, MB66 was only to be found in the US market.  No other market saw the model.  It came in green with a "Go Green" side design.

However, the City Life 5-pack was more readily available in other markets.  And this was another fun one to obtain.  Because the model did not just sport one wheel variant, it saw a total of 3 different wheels on it.  6-spokes, cogs or crowns were found during production of the E-Waste Removal model.  

After 2011, the model was dropped from the basic range, but 2012 saw one more outing in its original configuration.  Again a 5-pack, this was known as City Works.  The wheel variation this time was all down to the thickness of the rims on the 6-spokes.  Matchbox, at the time, had 2 different wheel castings.  Both were the same size, but one sported a large spoked middle with a thin "tyre" section.  The other was a smaller spoked middle with a thick "tyre" section.  You had to pay attention to notice that one.  

After a 7-year hiatus, this is when we saw the re-tooled look, with the rear section turned into plastic, and the interior no longer forming a part of the roof. It first appeared in the 2019 basic range as MB91 in the recurring National Parks theme, and notably this was cool for a shade or 2.  This was also when we saw a change to Garbage King from '08 Garbage Truck.  

For 2020, it was MB20.  This was the first incarnation of a white cab/blue rear, although in this case, the blue rear on it was notable for shades too.  

At the beginning of 2021, Mattel released a special 7-pack of Thank You Heroes to people who had pre-ordered during the middle of 2020.  This was the one time in the new configuration that the casting has seen tampo printing on the cab.  It was a special set, so it had a special treatment.

Before reverting to the plain white cab on the 2021 MB60.

This model was not the only 2022 release.  A 12-pack was released through online outlets and a few hobby stores.  It was called MBX Metro, and featured 12 vehicles that were all repeats, or carry forwards as Mattel call them.  I didn't showcase this set, as I showcased the other 2.  But this set did feature this in a classic green look.  

Which is actually important, as the model they chose to carry forward was the 2011 MB66 US only model.  That was on the original casting, with the newer release being on the updated casting.  So these 2 are hugely different.  I wonder if we will see more classics from 2012 and earlier being refreshed in the coming years?

New casting time.  The MB1299 Audi e-tron.  That is the correct way to write the name. The packaging of the 2022 MB77 debut did put it all in capitals, but that is because everything is in capitals on the package.

The base of the model does show the correct e-tron writing.  No capital letters in the name. Now, if anybody is French, they may be sniggering now.  In French, ètron means turd.  A little bit close for comfort there.  And considering Audi just made up e-tron for their electric cars, it does make you wonder.  Of course the e-tron is going to be renamed Q8 e-tron in 2024, as Audi are bringing out many more electric vehicles, and all are using the e-tron name at the end to denote electric. I wonder if Matchbox will rename this in the future.  The TTRS was renamed to alter the year after debuting, so we may see this renamed in the future.  Something to keep an eye on.

So what about the model?  It is hard to believe that this is only the 8th Audi to ever be produced by Matchbox.  Starting with the Quattro in 1982, we then saw an Avus Quattro concept, TT, TT Roadster, RS6 Avant, R8 and TTRS before this one.  This arrives only 1 year after the TTRS did, which is funny as the TT Roadster debuted 1 year after the original TT arrived.  Release a TT, do another Audi the following year. Ha!

This model is an SUV, and as such, notably different to any Audi seen to date in the range.  It also adds to the assortment of hybrid and electric vehicles that Matchbox are building up.  It is a good addition, as I do like to see an Audi.

I have a feeling that this model will only ever see front and rear tampo (at a minimum) due to the fact that the front end is quite plain.  The tampo printing really does make the difference here.  Without that detail, this would have been a really plain looking vehicle.  Which is another thing with electric vehicles.  The front ends are really just there for show.  They are not like ICE vehicles, where a grille is required to allow air in to keep the engine cool.  

Which means that when it comes to making a model, Matchbox have really done a fantastic job of replicating this one.  The only small drawback I can see is with the front fog lights.  They don't appear to be as inset as the real model.  Everything else looks spot on.  I am pretty impressed with it.  

As with the TTRS, this model does not feature anything to denote a licence plate.  I don't know if this is a current Audi request.  If it is, then there is not a lot we can do.  Had it sported a licence plate on the back, it would have helped again.  The rear is quite a plain look, with the tampo printing being a game-changer for it.  

I am impressed with how Matchbox have recreated this in miniature, and am looking forward to seeing many more in the future.  Now, what do we have to do to get a classic Audi added in to the range?

Next up, this model makes a (is it a welcome) return.  The MB1191 MBX Armored Truck.  I was actually curious, to be honest.  It debuted in 2019 and then, well, this is the follow-up. It takes the MB85 slot in the basic range in red.

It comes with a Continental Security Transport side design (or CST for short).  A pretty realistic look.  And I do smile at the irony of the metal grid pattern across the lower end of the plastic section.  Yeah, these things make me laugh sometimes.  I do like the design.  The model?  I am still on the fence with it.  I am not overly keen on the front end.  I honestly do not care about the plastic body, metal base.  

From the side, I think it looks really nice.  I just didn't find the front end that good.  Yes, this is a 3-part model, and it has a plastic body.  I know it puts some people off.  I know that slipping a few in like this does help the overall costs for the range, which enables them to add in more licensed vehicles, made up of 4-parts and a realistic look.  Of course there is the old adage, increase the price.  Well, I live in the UK, and it has just increased the price.  And everybody is complaining.  Increase the price?  No!  Reduce the metal content?  No!  Reduce the parts?  No!  They can't win.  Profit margins on these are wafer thin, and with escalating costs for literally everything, something has to give.  They can't operate at a loss.  Just ask Lesney!  I do look at the overall picture, not just at each individual model.  I accept certain vehicles like this appearing, as it helps to give us more of the ones that we really love.

Did I mention this actually got a 3rd side print?  Or in this case, rear end.  A little extra detailing at the back, as the 2019 MB85 arrives.  

Did you spot that?  2019 MB85 and 2022 MB85.  Yes, it returned in its old slot.  The 2019 was cool with the Earl B Comthax livery.  Earl B Comthax is an anagram for "real Matchbox".  Yes, this model keeps making me smile.  And at the end of the day, isn't that what is important?

Now look at this lovely, real, vehicle.  Also in red.  The MB1173 '69 BMW 2002.  It takes the MB87 slot in the range for 2022.

It looks absolutely stunning in red.  And with simple front and rear printing, again this can do no wrong.  

This is one of my current favourite castings, so I am always happy to add more of them to the collection.  Which is wonderful, because this has already become a bit of a go-to model.  You don't believe me? Well, another dive back, methinks.

Because this model also debuted in 2019.  The same year as the MBX Armored Truck.  But is red a version 2?  Far from it.  The first one we saw was a lovely orange release as MB7 in the 2019 range. It is known to sport a shade, but I never found one myself.  One day!!!!

It then had a special golden issue, exclusive to Target stores in the US, later in the year.  We are already further ahead than the MBX Armored Truck, and we haven't even got behind the debut year yet.  

So, on to 2020, and a blue release was sold as MB50.  I did see a shade to that.

The model was also chosen to be the Dinner Model for the Albuquerque Gathering in July.  Mind you, that was the year it was all done virtually, as the convention was cancelled during the pandemic.  Which was a real shame.  Jim had some fantastic Easter Eggs in the design.  Particularly one for Paul Carr, in the licence plate.  We also had a special 75-run for the early birds.  These had additional printing on the roof.  

2021 had a lovely black issue as MB84 in the basic range.  But this was not all.  

As we also saw a lovely dark green release in the Autobahn Express 5-pack as well.

And the Collectors series saw this lovely white release in the number 2 slot, featuring full tampo printing again, like the convention model.  Yes, it appears to only receive full tampo printing when it is painted white.  Coincidence?  More than likely.  I mean, it is only 2.  

And of course, 2022 did see the 2020 basic return for a second outing in the Best of Germany series.  When I did my review, I pointed out the windows were a little paler.

Which means this has seen a good number of releases already.  Each of the core range issues with standard front and rear printing has seen the exact same print too.  I love the consistency.

And this does continue.  Spoiler alert, I am going to go through some 2023 5-packs, as they are just too cool to ignore.  And this is appearing again, and still features the same tampo.  I love it!

Now we move on to the MB1171 Subaru SVX.  This was another model that originally debuted in 2019, but is this an MBX Armored truck level reoccurrence, or a MBW 2002 level?  Neither.  It is in the middle.

It takes the MB88 slot in the range in black.  It also features gold wheels.  A very nice combination.  We have seen this a few times over the years, and the black and gold always look good together.  

The tampo printing to this is mainly at the rear, with just a touch of side light detailing.  Pretty consistent, so of course I am going to like that.  So how does this slot in between the previous 2?

Because, as mentioned, this was also a 2019 debut.  MB5 arrived in white that year.  And then, it immediately went quiet.  MBX Armored Truck style, with no 2020 release.  

But this one returned in 2021.  And look, the MB88 was in red.  Well, more of a cranberry, but still.  Oh, and it had a shade if you were crazy like me.

And this year, the floodgates have finally opened.  The Collectors series has seen this green and white release, with full detailing and rubber wheels.  

And we also saw a dark green release, along with gold wheels again, in the Retro series, in the last batch of the year, which is not the easiest to find.

As well as being different wheels, the dark green is quite different to black, when you do put the models side by side.  

Which means, after 3 years this model was only on 2 issues, but after 4 years, we are now up to 5.  It was a slow burn, but it is on the go now.  

And because I do like checking, out of the 5 releases, only 1 sports a unique rear licence plate.  The 2021 issue had a special nod to Ryu Asada, the talented designer who created the casting shortly before passing away.  

Next up, we have the MB363 '62 VW Beetle.  This is a casting that just keeps going and going.  And why not?  It is so iconic.  It deserves a regular appearance.  

It takes the MB93 slot in the range for 2022, and comes in a lovely dark green look.  This features a simple front and rear tampo print.

Now I am going to go all nerdy, just for a second.  This looks like Java Green.  An official VW Beetle colour choice.... from 1963!  Ha ha!  Okay, I really don't mind.  It is pretty close to being spot on with the colour choice.  One year out?  I don't think that makes a difference, and I love that they have given this an authentic '60s green look.  Because, have you seen the other greens that we have had?

Just a selected dive back on this one.  Or otherwise, we could be here all day.  The first green was an ROW exclusive (well actually all markets outside the USA itself, as it was running an Across America series, and these were an alternate for literally every other market).  It was a bright green with a 50 design to celebrate their 50th anniversary (a year early) in 2002.  

We then had another bright green issue for the 2003 SpongeBob SquarePants licenced 5-pack.  

And in 2004, the model was in a light pea green as a dealer model at the 2004 Convention in Hershey PA.  

We then skip all the way to 2021, as the previous year to this one saw a brighter green MB97 with a taxi theme to it.  This is the first time that we have seen a green release in a simple front and rear tampo design.  

Which brings me to the final model that was sent over by Wheel Collectors.  The MB832 Jeep Wrangler Superlift.  It takes the MB99 in the set in white.  

This model features a Matchbox Adventures World Tour design.  This is because, if anybody doesn't know, Matchbox have been doing a little you Tube video series

It was a major part of one of the episodes that has been following Mason James in his world tour.  

It even won first place in a race.  It was a fun little series.  

As such, this model is advertising the videos with the Matchbox Adventures World Tour logo on the doors.  A pretty cool issue.  Having recently done a dive back on this casting, I won't do another.  Which brings me to the end of the Wheel Collectors delivery.  Why do I keep pointing this out?  Well, do you remember the start of the blog?  I mentioned we are up to 96 of the 100 models, but we were close to only being 95.  This is because there is one extra.

The MB1287 Volkswagen EV4.  It is MB44 in the basic range, and almost missed the batch. The very first production run did not include it.  And this was the production run that Wheel Collectors received.  So they never got this model.  It only was inserted into later production runs of the batch.  Which is a shame.  They missed out on a really cool little model, with a rather funky name.

Another new casting, and another I am showing the base first.  This is because Matchbox have marked this down as Volkswagen Electric Vehicle 4.  This is what caused a small delay.  The ID4 name (we all know it is the VW ID4), has a small legal issue with it on the model.  So when Matchbox were sorting it out with VW, they have simply sidestepped it by changing it to Electric Vehicle 4.  It is not the first time.  The VW Caddy had "Licenced by Volkswagen" on the base, due to Caddy having legal issues.  Sounding like a turd (like the Audi does) in one language is one thing, but it does not cause any legal issues.  ID4 creates legal issues, so the name was altered for the model.  The rush was on to get in the batch, and well, it did make it.  Just!  

Which means I do get to showcase it in this batch, and not when I showcase batch A of 2023 shortly. Two more of 2022 will be shown then, as 2 of the models were just too late to make it into batch F.  

Again, we do have a home run with this one.  They have captured the shape of the ID4 (yes, I am saying it) very well.  Especially the way the doors curve up like that.  Quite a unique look, for an SUV!

It does appear to have extra tampo printing too.  We have front and rear detailing, but the roof is a part of the window piece, and this also sees a silver print down each side, which I believe can be done in one pass through the machine.  

This model does have more of a shape in general when compared to the Audi e-tron.  Without front end tampo printing, there will still be various markers on the casting.  I also love the detailing to the window wipers.  I don't know why, but they do appear to stand out very well here.

The crafting in general is so well done here.  I think this could have made my end of year Top 10 list had I got the model in time.  Now the question is, do I remember this and bring the model into contention when I do my Top 10 of 2023 list?  I will see how I feel at the end of the year (and if I even remember). Ha ha!  But I am very impressed with this one.  Best SUV of the set?  No, Mustang Mach-E!  

Which brings me to the end of my rundown on the second half of batch F.  For 2023, batches have doubled, with a monthly rollout again.  This means when I do a batch, I will do the entire batch in one go.  But before I wrap up, I should do another little dive back into my collection again.  

Which this week begins with a classic.  The MB016 Pontiac Firebird.  Lesney had first given us a firebird in 1975 as MB4-C, and this ran until 1979.  But in real life, Pontiac had given the Firebird a major facelift in 1977, so Lesney decided it should follow suit.  The MB16-B Pontiac debuted in 1980.  Just 2 years before it was replaced by a 3rd generation.  Daft fact, as people wouldn't notice this.  Some people classify transitional Superfast as those that were 1969 or 1970.  Some classify them as anything that started off as a regular wheel model that was altered into a Superfast one.  But then there are some that call any "first" Superfast release as a transitional.  In that respect, the MB16-A Badger is known as the last transitional.  As the 1970s continued, these models were switched out for others, which were definitely not transitional.  Known as the "B" models.  All except MB16 came at some point during the 1970s, with some being replaced again.  I just mentioned this took over from MB4-C as the Firebird in the range.  That was already on the third MB4 since Superfast arrived.  This is officially the last casting that arrived that can definitely, 100%, not be classed as a transitional.  In 1980.  11 years after Superfast arrived.  Do I come up with the daftest facts or what?

It arrived in tan for its debut year, and this sported a screaming eagle label on the front.  Of course, this was Lesney, and shades of tan exist.  

And when it came to the labels, there were times they would forget, or simply run out and leave a few while grabbing another roll.  

And if you looked close enough, you would also notice that the labels themselves would vary.  The background on them came in different shades.  

For 1981, the model change to a greeny-gold, and with it, the screaming eagle label was also switched to have a closer background shade to the model's paint.  There is a crossover, with the first greeny-gold models still having the older brown background label.  However, I have not been able to find one yet.  

As the year rolled on, they finally got around to changing the label for tampo printing.  

The greeny-gold paint was also good for a shade or 2.  You might also find one missing the screaming eagle.  The model is also known to sport 5-arch or 5-crown wheels in place of the usual dot-dash, but again I am still looking.  

For 1983, year 3 in the range saw yet another look.  This was a more noticeable one.  It turned white, with the screaming eagle tampo joined by a new side print.  

Although, they were not too sure where they were supposed to be putting the Firebird moniker.  Behind the wheel arch?  Middle of the door?  Where does it go?

Or when in doubt, just don't bother.  Yes, this was how the factory ran.  You can find Firebirds with no side print.  It is also known to exist with no tampo print at all.  Yes again, I am still hunting one down.

Again, nearly all of them sport dot-dash wheels.  But there are a few known to exist with 5-arch. Guess what? Still looking.

During the year, they decided to start painting the base silver as well.  You might notice the bases here just say Pontiac.  It never mentioned Firebird, but originally said No. 16 Pontiac.  It was altered for 1982 as a second variant as a T-top was created for the US market (later switched in for the hardtop in the ROW range), so the base was altered to eliminate the slot in the range, as the same base was used in both.  There are crossovers.  Both the last run of greeny-gold and the first run of white could be found with both base types.  I have not attempted to get those, as I would physically have to turn the model to see it.  And at this time, I do not worry about that.

As I mentioned, the model was duplicated with a T-top for 1982 in the US range, and in the ROW range, the T-top replaced the hardtop.  But MB16 in the US range for 1983 was still the hardtop (the T-top was sold as MB35 there).  As such, the model was sent to Macau to continue production.  They didn't change the model.

The most obvious thing here, though, you do have to check the base.  

Because when you put the England and Macau issues next to each other, the shade variations in various parts are not that big.  The biggest is with the interior section, which comes out a little more pinky in the Macau run. After 1983, the US range dropped the model as well.  

But that was not the end of it.  In 1984, a company in Bulgaria struck up a deal with Universal to lease some castings on a yearly basis.  After 3 outings, the deal was tweaked a little, and in 1988 the first of 3 batches of castings were sent over to Bulgaria, and these were all kept there.  The first batch in 1988 included this Firebird casting.  The T-top was being used longer, so was a later addition to the Bulgarian factory's assortment.  

The base was altered to state Universal Holdings rather than Matchbox on it.  

The casting would run for years and years at the Bulgarian factory.  It was still in used well into the '00s.  Some models were plain.  

Where others sported the screaming eagle logo.  

As they improved over the years, they started tweaking the look.  Additional flames down the side. Various tyre manufacturers across the window.

And at times, they added some other designs in place.  In 2004, they joined in with the Superfast anniversary by adding 35th Superfast on an array of models.  As I have often stated, nobody has ever attempted to catalogue all the Bulgarian issues.  There are just too many.  They went nuts doing so many combinations of colour, interior, base, tampo etc.  And we saw multiples each year.  

My other dive back is one that I was so gutted never got a lot of action.  The MB521 Ford Falcon.  More specifically, this is the Ford Falcon AU.  The AU series replaced the BL series in 1998, and when Mattel took over, they had noticed that Australia was a big market. Tyco had already set up a few exclusives for the Australian market, and in 1997 had run a set of exclusive models in the Australian basic range.  When Mattel looked to expand things for 2000, they took the 3 biggest markets outside the US market, and give them 10 unique models.  These were Australia, Germany and the UK.  But for 2001, they went one stage further for Australia.  They debuted this brand-new casting exclusively as MB61 there.  It came in blue with simple lights detailing, and sported the ford logo on the front licence plate.  But that was it for basic range outings.  One Australian exclusive release, and after that, it was consigned to a few other series.  

2002 saw a Coca-Cola themed release in a Coke series.

Plus, it was given a licenced 5-pack release in orange with a Honey Nut Cheerios look in the General Mills pack.  

It never saw any release in 2003, but there was a planned one.  Again, this was going to be in a licenced 5-pack.  Mattel were planning on releasing a Fairly OddParents 5-pack, and the Falcon was going to be one of the 5 models.  But the set was cancelled at the last second, leaving only a handful of FEPs finished.  I do own a complete set.  

But it did return in 2004 as a SpongeBob SquarePants licenced 5-pack release.  

It was also chosen to be one of 3 released as singles as well, each in an alternate colour to the 5-pack release.  This went from yellow to blue for the single issue.

It finished the year by being added to the USA only Superfast series as number 51 in the set.  It appeared in white, with a highly detailed livery.  

Which would prove to be its final outing.  It only ran for 4 years. And these were very limited releases.  It is such a shame, though.  It was such a nice casting, and I was really hoping to see many more.  There is an alternate casting to this as well.  A police variant arrived in 2002, running until 2006.  But as a civilian, it was a 4-year stint from start to finish.  

And on that bombshell, I think I will finish up. There were 3 new castings in the batch.  2 coming from Wheel Collectors, but me showing a different pairing up close.  

Along with 3 classic cars.

And, err, 3 others.

Hmm! 4 of the models were German.  Quite a high German content for a non-German series.  

Which technically brings us to the end of the 2022 basic range.  But as I said, 2 were rolled over into batch A of 2023, so will be showcased shortly.  In the meantime, next week I will be making a start on 2023 items.  Spoiler alert: you already had a spoiler alert.  Until next time, I hope everyone has a happy and safe week.  


  • MikeG

    Some great new models there, but will we actually get to see them in the UK. With Tesco still on 202 case E and the new stockists (Morrisons and The Entertainer) starting with ‘23 case B it looks like not one but two cases have been skipped. So the cunning plan of reverting to having carry-overs hasn’t worked. Maybe, just maybe, Tesco will come up with ‘22 case F but I’m not holding my breath!

  • Dean

    What a great round-up of last of ’22 models and what a great, and entertaining article from David as always. The breadth of knowledge he imparts is priceless. Thanks for sharing!

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