Matchbox Monday delivers a dynamic D batch

11 models.  11 licences.  Matchbox are really pulling out the stops with the models in the ranges.  Both basics and Moving Parts.  As we have seen, there has not been a single Matchbox originals casting in the Moving Parts series, and when it comes to the basic range.  100 models in the series for 2024, and how many are non-licenced?  Well, we are now on the 4th batch of the year, and out of the 31 released so far, only 1 has not been licenced.  Considering how Matchbox was slowly starting to lose its way a decade ago, as Mattel were trying to ruin, sorry, tweak it, I think they not only course-corrected to the golden era, I think we are almost moving into a platinum era. The 2005-2011 course-corrected era (from the Hero City debacle) has often been stated as a new golden era for the brand, but I don't feel they had as much in the way of licences as they do now.  This batch is proof of just how good things are now. I am so happy to be a collector of these little masterpieces.  I may be in my 50s now, but I still smile like a little kid when I see new stuff.  Side note, did anybody see the exclusive launch of a brand new Mercedes-Benz G580 EQ this last week?  Mercedes-Benz launched the real vehicle only 1 week previously, and I was so shocked/amazed/giddy when literally 1 week later, Matchbox showed off the scale model of this brand new vehicle.  It has been a while since they have really been on the ground floor of a new vehicle launch like this.  Further proof that the brand is still a player.  So, what am I waiting for?  I have awesome models to talk about. As is often the case, Wheel Collectors sent over the batch, but sadly, they were unlucky in their assortments, as it never included anything unusual.  

As always, I do this in number order.  This means that the first model we see is the MB1245 '19 Fiat 500 Turbo. This year sees the little Fiat's 4th outing in the basic range, and MB4 for 2024 comes in a lovely orange.  

Shortly after getting this, I was literally following one of these down the road.  I was sitting in my vehicle with a big goofy smile on my face, thinking I am following a full-sized Matchbox.  Ha ha!  Fiat call it Sicilia Orange.  It is based on the oranges from Sicily in Italy.  Where Fiat come from.  They are a known variety of blood orange.  Although, Sicily is at the bottom of Italy. Fiat are based in Turin (The "T" of Fiat, as it is officially an acronym), which is in Northern Italy. It looks fantastic on the model.  

As we have come to expect recently, the model comes with a simple front and rear tampo printing, highlighting all the necessary areas. You can't ask for more.  Coupled with the grey interior, and the gunmetal look to the wheels, I cannot fault this one.  Red may be my favourite colour, but I have to say, on this one, the orange looks even nicer. This gets an easy 10 from me.  What a start to the batch.  

And, if you remember, red was the debut look for the model in 2021.  It was also carried forward to a 2022 Best of France set.  

In 2022, the model sported a shiny blue look in the basic range.  This shiny look varied quite extensively in shades throughout its run.  

Although I didn't find any shading with the black 2023 basic range issue.  Yeah, they kept the black consistent!  But, each model has utilized the same tampo design.

What's the old saying?  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" On this model, that is an apt saying.  It looks great as is.  I am still looking forward to them releasing one in mint.  Or in yellow.  There are still a number of outings I am sure ahead for this little model. Although, I am sure we need to see a new Fiat casting in the near future.  In the 1960s, there was a Fiat 1500.  In the 1980s, there was a Fiat 131 Abarth.  And in the last decade, Matchbox have given us 3 different 500 variants.  I would love to see a classic being added in the future.  I always wanted the X1/9. But, how about the 1st generation Fiat Ritmo Cabrio (the one with the single front headlight).  The more I look at that, from the late 1970s, the more I think why not?  Has anybody ever made the 1st Generation Fiat Ritmo Cabrio as a 1/64 scale model? Could Matchbox be the first?

The MB1356 '20 Polaris Ranger EV is next.  Taking the MB7 slot for 2024, we see the model in white.  You might notice it on small card.  Unfortunately, Wheel Collectors forgot to include this one.  Doh!  Luckily, I managed to obtain one locally, as this batch is now appearing in the UK.  We all make mistakes.  It was no big deal.  

I admit, I am not a big fan of these side by sides.  It is one of 3 different Polaris castings in the range, with each casting being quite a unique look.  The Slingshot was not sold in a lot of places.  It definitely isn't in the UK.  The RZR and Ranger both are available in the UK.  We also have the Sportman, an ATV, and the General & Youth models, which are smaller side by sides.  But, even though they are sold in the UK, you will rarely see one.  I did pass one recently on the road.  I was out in the country and I think it was busy moving between farm and meadow.  These are more of a work vehicle.  Being quite a unique type of vehicle, there is not a lot of surface area for detailing.  The model is white, and sees a simple side design, promoting the Polaris look.  

I think it looks very realistic.  They have done an amazing job with the end product, and I think the white is quite a good choice for it.  As I said, I am not the biggest fan, but I don't dislike them. Matchbox has seen a few of these over the years.  The Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki Teryx4, Four X Force. I like that they don't just do cars.  I love the cars.  I love that 90% of the range appears to be cars (or pickups, SUVs etc), but I know if that was all there was, it would actually be quite boring.  Throw in a few different vehicles. A fire engine, an ambulance, construction, bus, side by side. It does fit.  It gives the range more variety, more to attract those who like something a bit unusual.  Sure, this will never be a massive seller, but it still sells.  It still works.  And it is a real vehicle.  So, yeah, I am giving this an 8 out of 10.  Out of the whole batch, this is my least favourite.  But, it is the least favourite out of an amazing bunch.  Somebody had to be last.  

It joins last year's black debut, which I do have 2 of.  It doesn't really well in the picture.  But, 1 is a matte black finish, the other is more of a satin black finish.  I had to get it twice.  

As you can see, the 2 side designs are different.  On this model, they did not just do the same look again.  Not that I would have minded.  But, this is a model that the same design can work, an alternative just as well.  When you are doing a front/rear tampo, consistency (apart from perhaps a licence plate) is the key.  Side designs, a little more variety can work just as well.  Out of the 3 Polaris castings that Matchbox have created to date, I think this is my favourite.  

Welcome back to the MB1196 '48 Willys Jeepster.  This is the first time we have seen a new look on this model in 3 years.  I was starting to wonder where it had got to.  For 2024, it takes the MB10 slot in a lovely dark blue look.

I had to do a little deep diving to verify this one.  Yes, Normandy Blue was a 1946-1948 colour option for Willys Overland vehicles.  They are good.  This dark blue shade is an official look from 1948.  And, well, it looks amazing.  The light smoke windows and grey base are a good contrast to the dark blue body.  The front detailing is exactly how it should be.

And the rear sports just the right amount of tampo detailing.  Again, they have nailed this one.  I love it.  It's an easy 10 from me, and I am extremely happy to see this again.  However, if you are bringing back Jeeps, I want more of the current Wrangler.  The MB1182 4-door, or the MB1278 2-door version.  Especially that one, as it debuted in the Jurassic World series, but has no additional elements to it over a standard Jeep.  This can easily move over with no changes.  In the meantime, I am happy to see this Willys again.

As this is another Jeep that hasn't had a lot of action, I do think a dive is needed.  It debuted exclusively as a Walmart issue in the 2019 Jeep series.  It came in a pale yellow. It is known as Fiesta Yellow by Willys Overland. A 1948/49 colour option.

It then arrived in the 2020 basic range in a metallic burgundy look. Or should I say Luzon Red.  That's what Willys Overland referred to this colour as between 1946 and 1950. This look was carried forward to the 2022 Advent Calendar.

As I mentioned, its last outing (barring the Advent Calendar carry forward) was in the 2021 range in a dark mint.  As I pointed out when I reviewed this model in 2021, at the time of the casting (1948), the closest thing to it is Lockinvar Green, but that is a darker shade.  This is reminiscent of the 1950s-1960s "Foam Green" look that they had.  It is slightly the wrong era, but I still like it.  

This means that in 6 years, this casting has seen 4 different looks.  It is definitely not being used a lot.  But, these classics, they can go on for years and years.  So, I can see us getting a number of new looks in coming years.  I am looking forward to them.  

The MB1282 Rivian R1T makes a return this year as well. You might be thinking, wasn't this out in 2023?  Technically, no.  Unofficially, yes.  It was a 2022 debut, but was running late, and arrived in the first batch of 2023.  Because it was supposed to have been in the last batch of 2022, they hadn't marked it as continuing on beyond batch A, so it was a short run.  Therefore, the debut look was not the easiest to find.  Hopefully, this one is proving to be a little easier to find.  This is because the 2024 MB17 is a part of batch D, and was still included in assortments in batch E.  Which is about normal nowadays.  This is how long most basic range models last for.  Some get an extension by being added to 9-packs (about to be 8-packs), but the majority are a 2 batch production run.  For 2024, this model is in a very dark grey.

However, when you look closer at the model, it is actually green.  A very dark, greyish green.  It actually took me by surprise when I opened it.  It's a nice colour.  It doesn't appear to be one of the Rivian official colour options.  Forest Green is the closest, but that is noticeably green as soon as you look at it.  Launch Green is a slightly greyish look, but appears to be lighter.  I may be missing something with the colour, but I have to admit, I do like this look.  It is unusual.  And it stands out, even though it is a dark colour. The grey wheels suit it well, and the model sees front and rear tampo detailing, but is also getting the Rivian name on the side.  

I do like this one.  The more I look at it, the more I think "Launch Green?"  A simple design and that front end really stands out alongside other vehicles.  Yeah, I am going to give this a 10.  Why not?  I really like it, and I think it is a nicer look than the debut.

Although, the blue debut from 2022 (1st batch of 2023) was a nice colour.  There are some lovely colours to come, I am sure of it.

Although, I do wonder if Matchbox will do a yellow one. Rivian had that as an option when it launched, but nobody wanted it, so they have scrapped it.  I don't know why?  Such a shame.  

Hello new casting.  This is the MB1430 '68 Chevy C/10.  It takes the MB19 slot in the basic range, and debuts in a sea-green look. It is an official colour.  Chevy called it Light Green.  That was an easy name.

I am very happy to see them go with the 2nd generation C/K-series model. We have a 3rd gen (the '75 Stepside) which has been with us since 2008. We have 2 different 1st gens (the '63 shortbed and '64 longbed) that have been with us a few years. But, until now, no 2nd gen. It is nice to see them fill in the gap. The C/K-series ran for 4 generations, and the final one transitioned into the Silverado, which was also made by Matchbox. I enjoy these classic US pickups. I know they are popular, especially in the USA, where the pickup is king. Maybe it is just something that, to me, is inherently American, and I love American stuff. Hence, my desire to constantly go there. Less than 3 months. Oh, yes! Come on! So, they finally give us a 2nd gen. And wow! This looks amazing.

The model has been cast the same way that they make most pickups now. The model sees a simple front and rear tampo print to finish it off, and a very suitable looking white base, that forms the bumpers.

The rear bed is mainly a part of the interior section, which rolls out through the back of the model. I am used to that style of manufacturer and am used to it. So, that is perfectly fine with me.

I think that they have captured the shape perfectly. Honestly, I cannot pass on any comments that might be worth improving on.  Nailed it!  I can see this being a big seller for many years to come.

I have to say, out of the 4 generations of this truck, I think the front end of the second generation is the nicest.  And the fact that Matchbox have gone with a plain front end, which allows them to go with a tampo print for it, is a brilliant way to go.  Although, if they did a model with side designs, it might lose a little front having a lack of front detailing.  But, if they continue making plain ones with front and rear detailing (or perhaps a Collectors issue with all-round tampo), I will be more than happy.  For years to come (hopefully).  Scoring this is easy?  Do I want it in the range? Yes. 10 out of 10. What do I think of the casting itself?  Faultless!  As I said, I cannot think of anything to improve it.  10 out of 10.  Final look?  I love this light green.  Front and rear detailing, white base, disk wheels? Spot on!  Again, 10 out of 10. So, that gives this a 30 out of 30 for a new casting.  Wow!  This is a contender for new casting of the year.  I am seriously impressed.

As you know, being a new casting, I will show off the base.  For those who like the base stuff.  

The MB1365 '92 Mazda Autozam AZ-1 is up next.  This is in the MB24 slot for 2024, and comes in a lovely red look.

This was one of those random models that surprised me when announced back in 2022.  I did not know about it, and had to do some research.  I love these "out of the box" models.  Who would have thought that Matchbox would ever make this little Kei car.  Yet, here it is, now in year 2 in the range.  I mean, the real one was only made for 3 years, and they made less than 5,000 examples.  They are quite a rare sight.  But, the Matchbox model is bringing this little vehicle to people's attention.  I love this sort of thinking, and I love the red look.  After all, I did say with the Fiat, red is my favourite colour.  

Being clever with the construction, Matchbox added the front lights to the window element, which means that the front only gets the badge detailed, along with some orange side indicators.  Plus the rear detailing.  Simple, yet effective.  Just as it was on the debut.  I think they have done a tremendous job with this one, and yes, I am going to give this a 10 as well.  I am throwing these 10s around, aren't I?

Last year, the model debuted in Siberia Blue.  It sported the same tampo as the new one, although the rear lights are a darker red in the new release so that they stand out.  

I am curious over what will happen with this going forward.  Because, this is a daft fact.  The real model was sold in either Siberia Blue or Classic Red.  That was it.  However, after market, people changed colours.  If you were to Google it, you will see white and yellow. There is a silver one in the Mazda museum.  Yes, other colours do exist, but they were not official production colours.  You can also see one that is made up Gulf style, and another in the green and orange Mazda Le Mans racing style (that was used on a Mazda MX-5 Miata Albuquerque promotion). Yeah, this little model may have only seen under 5,000 examples, but owners are fans, and they have done quite a bit with them.  I think Matchbox will be following suit.  I look forward to seeing some other colours on it.  

Next up, new casting!  Yes, another Porsche 911!  Am I happy?  Weeeeellllll..... Yes, and no! Seeing 2 brand new Porsche 911 castings debut this year is music to my ears.  These are both the current generation of 911 as well.  After the glorious MB1422 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet arrived in batch A, we are now getting the MB1426 Porsche 911 Targa in batch D.  It takes the MB60 slot in blue.

Porsche calls this a Gentian Blue Metallic. It is a lovely colour, and a very nice start for the model.  That is not the issue.  My issue, for the most part, is with the Targa.

Porsche debuted the 911 Targa back in 1965, and it has been a mainstay of the vehicle ever since.  The Targa piece is a removable roof element.  They actually trademarked the Targa name, as others who did similar things have different names for them.  And, it is not to be confused with a T-top, as that has a central bar across the middle.  But, that is the crux of it.  They should have made this with the top off.  Sure, the windows can stay up.  Or down.  It makes no difference. There should not have been a roof element there.  This also makes it feel like a regular hardtop made the way that Matchbox has made models like the Mini Cooper Countryman, Land Rover Defender 90, Subaru SVX etc.  Creating the roof out of the window element.  I am not the biggest fan of that. But, had this had no roof, the rest could have still been all window, and I would have been fine with it.  I would have loved it.  Roof on?  No! I just feel it has defeated the object of the Targa as a model.

There are a few small niggles with it.  Take the rear end.  For the most part, it looks lovely.  However, check out the exhaust. Hmm!  I should bring in the recent Cabriolet for a comparison.

So, this is the Carrera Cabriolet that came in batch A. It is gorgeous.  I was so over the moon with this one.  

Do you see how, at the rear end, they did the exhaust there?  And how it is different here. In fact, the real 911 has an exhaust that is 4-sided, slightly rhombus shaped.  But, it is slightly higher into the rear, like the new one.  But, with the way they do things now, using the drop method, it is not going to be poking out through the rear.  So, with the new one, it is hidden away inside.  To be honest, out of the 2 ways, I think the Carrera was the better option, and the Targa should have followed suit. 

And then there is the front end.  For the most part, they got things right.  But, check out the black tampo printed section.

And then compare it to the Carrera Cabriolet.  Look how much better that one has been crafted.  It is only small things, but they can mean a lot.  

So, this is the Targa.  It says it right on the base.

Sideways on, it gets a decent view.  Looking closely, you do see the bar section that is a part of the Targa model in the window section.  It is not all bad.  The colour is lovely.  The final look for the model is as good as I think it could be. I love the blue.  But, at a quick glance, you just think this is a Porsche 911.  You miss that Targa element to it.  So, with that in mind, how about scores. Inclusion?  I have wanted a 911 Targa for years, so that is an easy 10.  The final look, which is what I do with non-new castings, I also score a 10.  I cannot fault the detailing to the tampo, and the colours chosen.  But, that casting?  I am almost in tears as I say this, but I am scoring it a 5.  It is not awful. But, when there is another 911 casting debuting and certain aspects of that are missing here, and the main point of this casting is not clear to see, I cannot give it a great score.  I am so sad!

The MB1343 Mercedes-Benz AMG SL63 makes its second basic range appearance in under a year as it takes the MB72 slot for the 2024 series.  It was fairly late in the 2023 series as a debut.  This time, the model comes in a metallic dark charcoal look.

This is based on the Monza Grey Magno paint that Mercedes-Benz use, exclusively through the AMG variant.  It is a little bit more metallic, but this is a model, and it is tough to get the metal flakes much smaller.  Of course, this is sporting the new Mercedes-Benz wheels that debuted on last year's blue model.  However, this time, they have added a little chrome edging to the wheel.  I honestly don't know if these wheels will only be used on Mercs, or whether they can put them on other models.  At the moment, we have only seen them being used on Mercedes-Benz specifically. They look really good.  In fact, the whole model does.

The rear end sees the lights and badges depicted.  We also see the AMG logo used on the licence plate, because they are not Audi.  That's a throwback remark.... I really like this, and I think I prefer it over last year's debut. I think the wheels do it.  So, another 10 from me.

Although last year did see a lot of shading to the blue debut. However, those wheels were left blank.  I think the rim edging suits it on the new one.  Perhaps not as much on last year's.  

I do enjoy the Mercedes-Benz convertibles.  I grew up with them in the range, and after not having one for over a decade, I am so happy that they are relishing them again.  There is a classic coming later this year, which I am eagerly anticipating.  And I look forward to seeing many more of this one over coming years.

Phew! I am on to the last model.  Wait, no, I am not.  Okay, I am on to the last model that Wheel Collectors sent over.  This is because this batch officially comes with 9 new additions, and this number 9.  The MB1345 Karma GS-6 makes an appearance as MB91 in grey.

Based on the Revero, which was basically an updated Fisker Karma, which they purchased after Fisker first went bust (the new Fisker company is trying not to go bust a second time), the GS-6 is a range extended cheaper hybrid model, and Matchbox debuted it at the start of the 2023 model year.  This is the second basic range version of the model. It is called Pacifico Grey, as Karma like to name the colours with a California flair.  It comes with the standard front and rear detailing, as well as black wheels.

However, the window element is a lot darker than it was on the debut release.  Because this forms the front lights, they do look a little unusual, but I think the clear window of the debut was perhaps a little too clear.  This is perhaps a little too dark.  Maybe it should have been a bit of a lighter tint.  That is a minor quibble with this one.  I think this looks very nice in a solid grey look.  Solid grey seems to be making a bit of a comeback lately in real life.  I think I will give this a 9.5 out of 10.  The only thing that dropped a minor mark was that the window is just a tad too dark.  Otherwise, I think this looks great.

The 2023 debut was also in a metallic blue.  This was also good for a shade or 2, and I managed to find even more variance with the shades on this than I did with the Mercedes-Benz AMG SL63.  I do know others were finding Merc shades as extreme as this.  

It is not the only 2024 release, as the MBX Electric Drivers 5-pack saw this Saguaro Green look.  

2 years, and 3 colours in, I think this has the potential for a number of additional releases over coming years.  I am definitely looking forward to them.  

Bonus content.  For most, they will only find the previous 9 models in their stores.  However, if you are lucky, you could end up finding the Super Chase.  I have not seen one.  In fact, to date, I have never found a Super Chase in store.  Basic or Moving Parts.  Sadly, Wheel Collectors did not get this in their batch they received.  But, with many thanks to my friend Luke McKenna (@matchboxluke on Instagram), he found one in Australia in a Power Grab box and shipped it halfway round the world to me.  Thanks, Luke.  Being a Super Chase means it is not numbered.  It is the second of 4 that are coming to the basic range this year.  They have now upped the basics to 1 in every third assortment.  The MB671 Ford GT was in the 1st batch, so the 4th batch gets the 2nd. The MB1283 '12 BMW 3-series Touring.

These super chases are really cool, as the Matchbox team can have a little fun with tampos all over.  And in this case, it is literally all over. Front, rear, sides and top.  No surface has been left untouched.  It is quite a simple design on a grey background.  Yellow, orange and red stripes.  Plus the SC logo (for Super Chase).  I can't help but find this a little nostalgic.  It almost makes me think of the 1970s. In 1975, Matchbox introduced the lozenge that is still being used now, but sometimes this was on a yellow background with orange and red edging.  I often see yellow, orange and red, and think back to the late 1970s Matchbox era.  This model is giving me those vibes.  It is awesome!

And those stripes go all the way over.  Right down the front.  I think this looks fantastic. Coupled with the detailed front end, I think they have totally outdone themselves on this one.

The rear sees the SC logo added to the licence plate as well. The stripes don't go down here, but that's fine.  They didn't really need to. I think this is just about perfect as it is.  Along with the real riders instead of plastic wheels, this is an awesome addition to the range, and I am definitely giving this a 10.  It is well worth chasing down.  I won't do a dive back, as the regular basic is coming shortly, and I did the dive then.  Because....

There is 1 more.  Target Reds began in 2023, and these are included, exclusive to the Target store in the USA (although I am hearing people in other countries are finding them), we get a Red issue in every second batch.  Which means that we have 6 models released over the course of the model year.  And, I have to admit, this was pointed out to me.  The MB1012 Mazda MX-5 Miata was included, but the packaging states it is 3 of 4.  I also have it confirmed that the Dodge Coronet that appears in batch 6 has 1 of 4 on it.  They have made a small blooper here.  Apart from being out of order, the Holden was correct in saying there were 6.  It hasn't changed, this is actually 3 of 6.  The Dodge Coronet will be 1 of 6.  Let's see if they fix the error by the time the Honda E arrives in the 8th batch. Many thanks to my friend, Keith Hoskins (from the Boone County Sheriff's Department) for finding this for me and shipping it over from the USA.

As we would expect from a Target Red, we are getting the model in a red colour scheme, featuring detailing and white stripes. This model is sporting some cool white stripes down the side.

We also get some detailing to the front of the model. This has a familiar feel to it.  That is something I like.  I like when they return to things.  You will see, as I am about to dive back. I am giving this a 10.  Yeah, there are a lot of 10s in this batch.

So, was this what I referred to as the familiar feel?  The fact that the model has returned to the debut red from 2016?  Well, not so much.  Obviously, it is red.  That was red.  It turns out, that red was quite a lot darker than the new red.  No, the familiar feel with that was that it was in a 2022 Japan Origins series as a carry forward, and then in a 2023 Blue Highways III 5-pack as a carry forward again.  

No, the familiar feel is coming later.  For now, I will remind people of a certain Autozam I showcased earlier in this blog, and the fact that somebody made one look like the Mazda Racing look.  This is that racing look I was talking about.  The MX5 Miata was chosen to be the dinner model for the 2016 Matchbox Gathering in Albuquerque, with the rear sporting additional writing on the early bird special.  

In 2017, it saw this metallic grey basic range look, with some cool striping over the top.  I loved that one.  Why didn't they carry that forward?

For 2018, it switched to being a 9-pack exclusive in blue, with some cool striping and a 6 roundel on the side.

It wasn't used in 2019, but for 2020 returned to the basic range in metallic orange.  That was good for shades.

And in 2020, it came in a lovely solid black with gold wheels.  That was a gorgeous basic range issue.

And now, it is the familiar feel.  The last time it was seen in the basic range was in 2022, and this white model had grey and black stripes over the side.  The exact same stripes that appear in white on the new one.  I love it.  I really enjoy when we see things repeated like this.  Recurring themes.  Using the same livery on multiple colours of a model.  Yeah, this one didn't have the little logos like that one did, but the stripes.  That was what I saw.

Plus, we also saw a Collectors release that year.  With no new looks until now, I am quite amazed at how many there are.

This is its official 8th general release (or 10th if you include the 2 promotional ones).  I always felt this was a little underused, but it has had more issues than you think.

And, on that note, it is time for me to wrap this up again.  11 models in this batch, if you are able to get the 2 extras.  That was quite a bunch.  Two of them were new castings.  

Two of them involved a little more luck.  

We saw 4 other cars in the mix, of which 3 were modern vehicles.

Along with 3 others, of which 2 were modern again.  This was quite a modern batch overall. Some batches feature a lot of classics.  This one didn't.  All licenced.  

It is impressive seeing what they are coming out with these days.  This is why I continue getting them.  I enjoy seeing the new stuff.  I hope you enjoyed my little rundown.  As always, I finish off by saying have a safe and happy week.

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