Matchbox Monday catches up with 2022 Batch G Moving Parts


With Moving Parts not officially being sold in the UK, I do have to rely on sources from abroad to help me out.  I say officially, as now and then, a smaller chain gets in a batch or 2 through alternate channels.  When they do, they go so fast.  It is almost like people in the UK are craving Matchbox Moving Parts.  Honestly, sell them in the UK properly.  They are extremely popular. I don't get the UK stores.  Hmm!  Popular you say?  No, we will leave them and go with some stuff that nobody wants instead.  I am going off-topic, though.  Sadly, Wheel Collectors did not get the latter batches of 2022 in.  So I had a little help from my friend Rory (@wyoming_wheels on Instagram) who managed to track down the entire set of these (and batch H, coming shortly).  So now I finally have them, I can finally get around to posting my thoughts on them.  There are some awesome new additions.  So let's get stuck in.  

Now, please bear with me.  I am messing around with camera setups.  I accidentally knocked the setting a while ago, and all my pictures went funny.  Until then, I had been lazy and was leaving it on auto.  Letting the camera decide.  But I often found pictures coming out yellow, or pink, sometimes a bit green.  It kept changing its mind, even though everything was being photographed in a light box.  So I have decided it is about time I actually did it myself.  So I am tinkering around with things manually.  I will find a sweet spot.  I think these may be a tad bright.  Next week, you will find my first attempt when I accidentally knocked the camera to a weird setting.  I only discovered when I was editing the pictures at the end.  I couldn't go back and do them all again.  Anyway, I am going off-topic yet again.  Models.  The MB1307 '22 GMC Hummer EV.  It takes the number 3 slot in the set of 50 models.  

It is the first of 3 brand-new castings debuting in this batch.  Matchbox have decided to go with the Pickup variant, rather than the SUV style.  However, I do feel they could have fun with an SUV too, especially if they created the casting without the roof panels on it.  

These new EV Hummers contain 4 removable roof panels.  You can see the 4 squares on the roof here.  The front pair lift off, and the middle strip retracts for a wide open-top.  The back pair come off, but the central bar stays in place.  

As you can see in this picture.  That would make for a great alternate casting.  Perhaps as a basic range model in the future?

Because when you look at this, all I can say is wow!  Yes, I know that it is becoming more common to create the roof from the window section in modern vehicles.  Something they started when Mattel first took over, but has really become popular in castings nowadays.  I think it is because so many vehicles nowadays come with these black roof styles that almost blend into windows, or with large panoramic roof styles, it makes more sense to make the models that way.  Plus, it does save a little weight.  Nowadays, weight is quite important. It's amazing how quickly a collection of models will build up weight. And when you factor in all the shipping costs, every gram counts.  

The front of the vehicle opens showing the... oh wait, it's an electric vehicle.  There is no engine.  This is a storage compartment.  Now I am curious whether this is being printed after assembly.  If you look at the front in this picture, you will see that the opening part receives a print across the front.  The body section is grey, and this has lights depicted.  The interior forms additional front features, and feature lower lights and the GMC plate on there. So did they do the usual system of passing each part through the tampo machine, and then assemble the model afterwards, or have they decided a full assembly first, then pass it through the machine was a better option? 

Because the rear is also being printed.  Usually, a basic range model will receive 2 passes through the machine.  A Moving Parts model will usually get more.  Depending on where the opening parts are could dictate whether it is 3 or 4 passes. Doors can quite often dictate a 4-pass system, particularly if they are on the side of a model that is getting the side printed.  Unless, again, they are building the model first, then passing it through the machine.  This is one of those daft questions I would actually be curious on an answer to.  

I think that they have done a very good job with this one.  It feels chunky, like a Hummer should.  It looks just like the real one does.  The attention to detail is awesome.  You can see the roof panels.  You can see the rear bed detailing.  Even the 3 wiper blades on the front window are so well crafted.  I love this one.  The best Hummer they have created so far.  I am seriously looking forward to seeing more of this.  Also, silently hoping the SUV (without roof) appears down the line too.

That's a lot of trademarks on the base.  It is a good job it is an EV, or they would have struggled to get all the information on there.  Ha ha!  This is a great start to the batch.  Where do I go from here?

The MB1316 '20 Dodge Charger SRT.  It is another new casting, and this debuts in the number 10 slot in a lovely metallic orange.

It debuts in a bright metallic orange.  Dodge has a colour option called Go Mango, which is similar, but feels to me like it's a little darker.  There may be a brighter orange option like this.  If anyone knows, please let me know.  I do like to learn things.  

Not that I mind, because this looks fantastic.  What a debut.  The SRT package, and I love the SRT Hellcat logo on the rear, really enhance the looks of this model.  

This also features an opening front, and this time that does mean an engine.  Because the HRT is a regular ICE vehicle.  The look is amazing, but is it me, or should they have done the hood in matte black? It isn't important, and the paint spray between the hood and the body are very good here.  This is a concern with Moving Parts, as they tend to spray the parts at different times, so when they are assembled, you often get shades between parts.  

Being the SRT, this does have a more aggressive look compared to the regular Chargers.  It shows here, as Matchbox have done a great job in identifying this as the SRT variant in the casting itself.  I love this one.  

A quick base shot before I do a comparison to a regular Charger.  I do find it funny that because there was so much information to include, they simply blanked out the middle of the base to get it all on there.  It's the way of the world nowadays. Everything is so much more complicated than it used to be. Even something as little as a toy car.

Now, recently, I have lamented over getting the exact same vehicles recreated in Moving Parts that we had previously seen in the basic range.  The Chevy Corvette C8 and BMW i8 are recent examples, off the top of my head.  Both were the exact same model.  And in both cases, creating a Moving Parts variant actually detracted from their overall looks.  Now this?  I like this.  Why? Because it is not the exact same.  The MB1168 '18 Dodge Charger that was created for the basic range is a bottom of the range Charger.  This is the top of the range Charger.  As such, the front end is complete different.  The SRT has a hood bulge, that is not found in the starter model.  The front grille area is also completely overhauled.  Granted, it is a 2020 model, and the original was a 2018, so there were likely updates in between anyway, but it makes it different.  Not the exact same vehicle.  

You can also see a larger rear spoiler on the SRT.  The doors are more enhanced, and the wheel arches more flared.  Hellcat, this is good.  Did you like that?  No?  I don't know why I bother.  The 2 vehicles are the same size.  It is almost like they took the original, and then adapted it into the SRT variant.  Which makes it all the more awesome.  I love how these can both sit side by side, and you really feel like you are seeing the basic and SRT variants in miniature.  They have done that good a job with them.  This is a case of yes, please give us the basic range and Moving Parts releases of the Charger. I used the 2022 basic issue of the earlier Charger.  Had I used a much earlier Charger...

The MB1291 '66 Dodge Charger also debuted in this metallic orange look earlier in the year. Ooh, lovely!

One more newbie, and this is one I have actually covered already.  The MB1321 '94 Mitsubishi Evo IV.  It appears as number 12 in the set, but was also a part of the second batch of the Japanese exclusive set, which I showcased recently.  But are they at all different?

Well, I have opened this up. I wonder if that is giving you a clue.  

Oh, this one also has an opening front end.  Everything seems to be getting an opening front end at the moment.  It is a lovely model, though.  That engine detail was awesome.  

Well, if I was to put the Japanese J-7 issue next to it, on the left here, you do notice that this run is a lighter silver than the Japanese one was.  Plus, the hood really shines here.  The one I had before was almost a bare metal hood.  So, yes, I have 2 of these.  Bonus!

Aside from the 3 brand-new castings, we also sported 5 new colours for older models.  This means, as Moving Parts come in boxes of 8, that each box contained 1 of each model.  Honestly, why don't they do that all the time?  Just imagine, 8 batches, 8 models per batch.  A series of 64.  Although, personally, I do feel they should come in bigger assortments.  So now we have the MB1254 '50 Chevy Suburban in a lovely maroon taking the number 28 slot.  

This model features an opening hood.  Seriously, what is it with all the hoods on these?  It shows off the engine inside, but that is not detailed.  The front of the hood is detailed and headlights on the interior section which form the wheel arches gets a hit too.  

With the rear receiving a very simple hinges and licence plate detail.  It is a very simple look, but one I really like.  As a general rule, I will usually prefer these simple looks to side designs.  And yes, I do love this one.  But this is a rare model that has something in side designs, I love.

Recurring themes.  Both of the 2 that have been seen to date have utilized a really cool theme.  The debut, when it was in the 2021 Moving Parts range, that was National Parks.  I cannot knock a National Parks model.  That was an awesome debut.  But earlier in 2022, we also saw a Suburban.  Yes, this is a second Moving Parts release for this in 2022.  But the earlier number 46 issue was a Camp Arrow Flint model.  And as we know, those are Campy AF!  I love the Camp Arrow Flint theme, so I literally could not knock either of the 2 seen to date.  So, I finally see a nice simple look, which again I am loving.  But honestly, all 3 of these have been stellar releases.  This is also the first time it did not get a chrome base, and also the first time the wheel arches have not been colour-matched to the body.  In both cases, I think it works perfectly.  The black base and wheel arches suit the model so well.  It is a great release.  All 3 of these have been great. When it was announced that we were getting a 1950 Chevy Suburban, I admit to not being overly fussed.  But so far, they have been knocking these out of the park, and I could not be happier.  

Number 5 in the batch is the 2022 Moving Parts release for the MB1253 '19 Pagani Huayra Roadster.  This one takes the number 32 slot in the range, and also comes in a dark red shade, very similar to the Suburban's maroon.  

And look, this doesn't have an opening hood.  It has an opening rear.... which shows off the engine.  The engine is at the back here.  Although it is classed as a mid-engined car.  I honestly don't know how they classify vehicles like this as mid-engined.  What comes behind the engine?  Err, the hinge for the canopy?  Seriously, why does this not get called a rear-engined car is beyond me.  Oh, I am digressing again.  Let's get back to the model.  I have to say.  This looks stunning.  I think this is my favourite look for this model to date.  

With engine detailing, as well as front and rear tampos, this model does not disappoint.  This dark red appears to be a popular Huayra choice for the colour, and I can see why.  It shows off the curves just right.  Mind you, red on a hypercar just feels right.  

This now joins the 2021 Moving Parts debut in blue, and the 2022 Collectors release in white (with an additional black section down the middle) for a great trio.  I love that we have hypercars in the Matchbox portfolio.  If they keep releasing them like this, I will keep coming back for more.

Wait, am I seeing this right?  I need to open this MB1136 '62 Mercedes-Benz 220SE quick to double check.  

Yes, that's an opening door.  The first model in the set of 8 to not having an opening front or engine bay. This takes the number 34 slot in the range in a lovely champagne colour. It is fairly close to a Mercedes-Benz colour option called "Tunis Beige Poly". It looks very nice.  And the butterscotch interior really suits it well.   I love the little pin striping going along the lower edges of the sides, and around the detailed rear.  

We also see the headlights depicted, and the door handles on the opening doors are painted up too.  That is a lot of little detailing for a core range model.  It shows through very well, and the chrome base sets this off as well.  What a fantastic debut in the Moving Parts range.  Yes, you read that right.  This is actually the first time we have seen this model in the Moving Parts range.  

Because, quick reminder, this model debuted in the 2019 Superfast series.  Even though it was a premium series, they gave it grey plastic wheels, as this was a nod to the original Lesney model that influenced it.  When I say original, I mean original.  It was 1963 when Lesney released the 220SE as their very first Mercedes-Benz in the range.  After a brief run in maroon, it settled on a dark red for the rest of its production run, which finished in 1967.  The Superfast debut was replicating the original in the more common dark red.  It then took 2020 off, before 2021 saw 2 more premium outings.  Early in the year we saw the Mattel Creations issue in silver with a matte black roof.  A gorgeous looking outing.  Then later in the year, a Collectors release in blue.  As said, this is the first time it has seen a core range issue.  Long overdue, and very welcome.  It does not look out of place against any of the others.  Although that black roof does still put the Mattel Creations issue ahead in final looks.

Ooh, another Mercedes-Benz.  It appears we had 2 Mercs in this batch.  The MB1157 '14 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Cabrio (noted on the package as a G500) is also making its Moving Parts debut here.  It takes the number 39 slot in silver.  

And it appears we are back to the opening hood.  The model is sporting a simple front end tampo print, as well as detailing the engine.  As always, you cannot go wrong with this.  The Mercedes-Benz tri-star looks amazing, and I love the way the headlights look like little googly eyes.  

Te rear sports a simple lights and badge tampo, with the spare wheel cover also getting a tri-star detail.  Sometimes, that is all you need.  Although I do wonder if that tonneau cover could have done with a matte black hit.  But, with this being a core range, I don't think they could have managed it.  Top, rear and both sides.  I think it would have been too much for a simple release.  Something I hope we see more of in premium guises.  If it gets more premium guises.  Talking of which....

This model only debuted in 2021.  The first we saw of it was actually when it was used as the promotional issue for the 2021 Leipzig Matchbox Convention and Modell-Hobby-Spiel. Orange was the show model at the Modell-Hobby-Spiel, along with yellow for the convention, black for the best buddy issue, and pink for the helpers.  Then it debuted in the Collectors series in matte black.  Which actually only saw the same tampo as this, but did sport real riders.  It is nice to see both of these Mercedes-Benz castings being used in the Moving Parts series.  

Finally, it is the turn of the MB1225 '19 Ford Range.  It is in the number 49 slot out of 50, and is also coming in a lovely dark red hue.  

Oh, look.  Opening hood!  I was not expecting that.  Yes, out of 8 models, only 1 came with something different to the opening hood or engine bay.  But, this does have that sneaky extra.  

Because the Ranger comes with both an opening hood and opening tailgate.  So far, this is the only casting that Matchbox has made with an opening front and rear.  Opening doors gives us 2 opening parts, but usually if they don't go with a door, we only get a single opening part.

This release is seeing all the detailing across the front end.  That is because the majority is a part of the interior section, which gets a Ford badge and colour-matching to the rest of the body, which also gets headlights detailed.  Which, I have to admit, I like.  

Because when this debuted in the Moving Parts range in 2020, the front saw some headlights, but also side detailing with a Skyjacker logo.  2020 saw a Collectors release that also did not detail the front grille area, but gave us a Superlift and Matchbox logo on an orange background... with stripes! But 2021 also saw another Moving Parts issue.  That was a simple blue with the front end detailed, exactly like this one is.   All they have done is change blue for red.  And I love it!  I think this looks fantastic with just the front end detail.  I can't deny, simple tampo schemes are enough for me.  Just think, when I was a kid, they didn't even have tampo detailing.  Just painted, and occasionally a sticker.  But I liked the simple looks.  Just a realistic vehicle, and all 8 of these have hit the mark perfectly.  

Which means, I am at the end of the report.  8 vehicles, of which 3 are all in a very similar dark red/maroon shade.

As well as 2 new US vehicle castings.

And 3 others from Germany and Japan.  All seen before, but the first in the regular Moving Parts range.  

I don't know what you thought of the photos this time.  I think I am improving them.  Nothing appears blurry anyway.  But next week you will see a batch of photos that I took of models before I took these, that part way through I accidentally changed the settings on my camera without knowing.  Hence, me now looking at setting it up manually.  And testing out different settings. Until then, I hope you still enjoy my shorter reports, and I hope everybody has a good week.


  • amoore100

    Mid engine means engine between the axles, silly! That’s why cars like the S2000 are considered front ‘mid-engined’ while most super cars are rear ‘mid-engined’. Only mad lads like the Porsche 911 or Alpine A610 are truly ‘rear-engined’ since they hang the engine off the back of the car, behind the rear axle making for those exciting handling characteristics :)

  • Kooshmeister

    The G 500 is actually from Austria, not Germany. As far as I know, all G-Wagons are Austrian.

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