Matchbox Monday begins the Moving Parts for 2023 now

I have a confession to make.  I took these photos 2 months ago.  I had received the latest batch of Moving Parts from Wheel Collectors, but due to a blip, they never managed to get in batches G & H of 2022.  So I worked hard to obtain G & H and then rolled those out first, just to try and keep this all in chronological order.  I didn't want to be bouncing back and forth with the one range of models. But, now that G & H have been showcased, I can finally get on with these.  Sadly, I took them at a time when my camera lost its settings and I never noticed, so the pictures are coming out a little funny.  But they are still okay.  Just a little funky coloured.  Ha ha!

I did contemplate re-doing photos after I had discovered my blunder.  But, this is a blister of the brand new MB1368 Bentley Continental.  It takes the number 1 slot in the series in a lovely charcoal.

But what is the first thing I do after I take a photo of the model in a blister?  Rip it out, and chuck the blister away, of course.  So I cannot re-do that.  Therefore, I am sticking with the pictures I did in March.  But you can still see it.  This looks awesome!  

I am very happy to see that they have done a newer incarnation of the Continental.  The original Continental GT was the first Bentley that Matchbox had made in miniature, but this gets an even better shot.

Because being in the Moving Parts series, this is sporting opening doors.  And these doors are wonderfully crafted, and fitting so smoothly.  A nice solid clunk, and...

...a lovely snug fit.  I think that they have done a wondierful job in recreating this in miniature.  The shape of the real vehicle has been captured very well.

And the big grille that adorns the front is perfectly executed in tampo printing.  

Honestly, the only thing I can really comment negatively on is the fact that it doesn't state GT on the base.  It's a Continental GT.  Just like the original one was.  But the GT was omitted. Yeah, that was it.  It may have been a request from Bentley themselves not to include the GT part of the name.  And, well, it's not exactly a dealbreaker!  This is a great little casting, and I am looking forward to seeing more of them arrive in the future.  A great start!

I couldn't carry on without bringing out the original, could I?  The MB727 Bentley Continental GT first arrived back in the 2007 basic range. This was the first issue in silver.  That also took the number 1 slot in the range for its debut.  History repeating itself here.  Ha ha!  You can see the different front end look of the older generation GT.  

Obviously this also applies to the rear, as the model is quite different to how it was originally.  

The vehicles are about the same size, so I think that Matchbox looked at keeping the scale about the same between the 2 generations.  

But as the models are out, let's carry on.  2007 saw a second red issue as a version 2, so we had a dual start to it.

In 2008, the model saw 3 different releases.  The basic range saw an iridescent white release as MB39.  But we also saw a navy blue Best of British issue, and it was also included in the Superfast series in a dark metallic green.  A late production run saw Mattel drop out the Superfast wheels, and it switched to the standard wheels used for the basics.  

2010 saw a basic range issue in metallic brown, and Best of British saw another run, this time in a medium metallic blue.

2010 only saw the 1 release.  A light metallic blue was MB36 in the basic range.  

With a final champagne coloured basic range, MB36 being in the 2011 basic range.  After this, the model went away for a while, before making a little return in 2017.

Where it popped up in the new Best of series in a dark blue, with rubber wheels.  

With a final swansong appearing in a 2019 Autobahn Express 5-pack in blue again.  This time, a very dark blue.  I wonder how long it will be until we see the current casting in blue.  

Talking of blue, we now move on to the second model in the batch.  And again, out of 5 models in this batch, this model is a nice new casting.  The MB1369 '69 Ford Mustang Boss 302.  The first time we have seen a 1969 Mustang from Matchbox.  It takes the number 2 slot in the series.  

I am a bit of a Mustang fan, so I was eagerly anticipating this one.  The 1969 year was still a part of the first generation of Mustang, but saw the vehicle get quite the facelift.

However, only the 1969 model year saw a round headlight, set back, in the front corner.  For 1970, they changed the look to have a pair of air intakes, known as fins, there, with just headlights on the grille, before giving the model another facelift for 1972.  

The best part with this is that it comes with an opening hood.  This means that they can simply paint it matte black for an instant cool look.  Inside, the engine bay is meticulously detailed and tampo printed as well.  

Again, I think that they have done a good job replicating the model.  However, unlike with the Bentley where I had to find a baseplate name issue as a sole fault, I do wonder if perhaps the front corner headlight may be just a tad too far back?  They look very deep in there.  The rear spoiler does look a little plain.  They usually have quite a distinct look to them.  This looks a little too flat and lifeless.  But they are my only gripes.  

I love the colour scheme for this, in blue with black stripes, and of course the matte black hood.  That sets it off perfectly.  Sadly, the rear never saw any tampo.  That would have been cool to have had a touch of red on it.  But this is a decent first issue.  I would give it a 9 out of 10.  Not perfect, like the Bentley was, but still a very good release.

It was a debut release, so I show off the base again.

Next up is the Tesla Roadster, which takes the number 3 slot in the Moving Parts series.  Wait?  Moving Parts?  It was in the basic range last year.  

Hmm!  Yes, this appears to be another new casting.  But one that, to be honest, I am not sure why they did it.  They debuted the MB1230 Tesla Roadster in the 2021 basic range, and so I am a little perplexed as to why we are now seeing it in Moving Parts as well.  This is a brand spanking new MB1370 of the exact same vehicle.

It has opening doors.  Granted, these are again a great fit, and open and close beautifully.  But, for me, I would rather see more variety in the vehicles being used.  Not the exact same car as both a basic and a Moving Parts model.  But that is just me.  There are only so many slots available, so let's get more variety in there.  

Even if it had simply been a variation on a theme.  The Roadster comes with removable roof panels. So why didn't they make the Moving Parts model the version where the roof panels had been removed?  At least it would have given us something just a little bit different.  

Don't get me wrong, the casting is amazingly well done.  I think they have captured this perfectly, but that is because they already have.  2 years ago.  As a basic!  

I think the black look is awesome.  The Model X was in a solid black in the 2022 Moving Parts range, the Semi was also a solid black in 2020 Convoys, but this is a metallic look.  So a little different.  The first metallic black Tesla.  But they could have quite easily done this look on the basic range issue.  

You know, this basic range issue.  It was first seen in a special limited run made of recycled materials as a promotional item.  

And is pretty much the exact same, except the doors don't open.  

With the 2021 basic range being in dark red and 2022 in charcoal.  It has another coming very soon for 2023, so is showing no signs of quietening down.  As I said, the model is very nice.  Beautifully done, a lovely finish.  It's just having 2 of the exact same vehicle in the 2 ranges is a waste of the limited space in my eyes. Had there been no basic range issue, I would have given this a 10 out of 10.  As a stand-alone model, it is absolutely fantastic.  But with me wanting more variety across the 2 ranges, I can't give it a good score.  5 out of 10.  Purely for a being basically a duplicate casting!  Had those roof panels have been off, I would have been back at 10 out of 10.  Yes, I am that picky.  

Well, technically, this is a new casting, so here is the base that looks like the other one. Just slightly different words.  

This model is getting the outings.  This is year 2 of the MB1304 Range Rover Evoque in the Moving Parts, yet we are already on its third release.  A champagne models takes the number 21 slot in the series.  

Although I believe Land Rover refer to this as Lantau Bronze.  I have no idea why, but there you go.  This appears to be based on a real colour option for the Evoque.  It is a nice colour as well.  I always think these champagne looking models look classy.  So I am more than happy to get this one for the collection.

The model comes complete with a simple front and rear tampo print, but one thing I still cannot get over is how those doors look when they are closed.  There is such a big gap around them.  

They open and close easily enough, but the aesthetics when they are closed just seem a little off to me.  But that is a minor gripe.  I do like this model, and am liking the convertible more than the hardtop.  Maybe it is down to the way they make the hardtop model.  It is a common way nowadays where the roof is a part of the window section.  When they did it before, it was an additional roof piece clipped on top to create a nice colour break.  Nowadays, with no colour break, they tend to be very dark to cover it up.  On the Porsche 914, this worked well, but on others, it does look a little unusual.  But with no roof, it is diverted, and this model looks much better for it.  

Which leads us to one more model in the batch.  The MB1255 '20 BMW M4 Convertible.  For 2023, this comes in a lovely red in the number 36 slot.  

Again we are getting a simple front and rear tampo print.  You can't go wrong with this level of detail on a model.  On many, this is all you really need.  Sure, a side detail can work even more, but obviously the more detailing will enhance it, but also drive up costs.  If I had a choice, a simple front and rear is the best option.  Unless the model sports stripes.  Then get rid of the rear and add the stripes!

I do like checking out licence plates.  M4 Life!  Cool!  Whoever is driving this is driving their best M4 life.  Ha!  

This model is also sporting the opening doors.  They have a bit of a gap, but don't seem to be as large as on the Evoque.  A better fit, for sure.  This model is also on its third outing in Moving Parts, but unlike the Evoque, this has been a slower build.  I didn't do a dive back on the Evoque, as I just showcased the 2x 2022 models recently, as version 2 arrived later in the model year.  But with the BMW, it has been a little longer, so why not remind everybody of what came before.

It arrived in 2021 in blue in the number 16 slot in a lovely dark blue.  This was also repeated in a 2022 6-pack.

While 2022 saw a white model in the number 29 slot.  You might also notice that this release is the first with double 10-spokes, after both the previous issues sported 5-spokes.  

As you can see, each licence plate has been unique on the model.  The debut in blue saw a "Dream On" coded plate, and the 2022 saw a simple BMW M4 plate.  Of course, the 2021 debut also had Matchboxworld scrawled across the bottom.  Something that we occasionally see on a model.  You never know when that may pop up next. I bet it won't be on another M4.  But I don wonder what the licence plate will be on the next release of this casting.  I am weird.  I know.  You don't have to tell me.

But on that peculiar note, I do believe I am, done with another batch.  Short and sweet.  Yes, I know these are much shorter than I used to do, but I hope you still enjoy my ramblings.

I can't believe that out of 5 models in the batch, 3 of them were all new castings.  One an updated newer generation of an older casting.  Another, a model year not depicted before on a classic.  And the other, well, you know how I feel about that....

Alongside the 3 newbies are 2 castings on their 3rd outings.  Both convertibles with opening doors.  But both very nice.  In fact, I think they are both my favourite looks on their castings.  

Next week sees me hitching a ride into other 2023 items.  Until then, I hope you all have a safe and happy week.

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