Matchbox Monday works on the Working Rigs B and European Streets A

Matchbox does create a number of side lines. But, many of these consist of vehicles that are often carried forward from a previous time. European streets is the latest in a line of side lines that features all carry forwards. As there was nothing new in the set, I decided to include a new batch of Working Rigs. Sadly, Wheel Collectors missed batch A of 2024. Batch A consisted of the 1/16 RW027 Crop Sprayer, which was a new look in blue, 10/16 RW020 MBX Road Grader in yellow, which was a repeat of 2011 issue (albeit a slightly lighter yellow), 11/16 RW050 International DuraStar Box Truck in white, which was a repeat of 2021 issue (supposedly the same), and 14/16 RW008 MAN TGS Flatbed Cargo Hauler in blue, which was a repeat of the 2009/2022 issue (supposedly the same as the 2022 look, which I already showcased). I am not officially a collector of Working rigs, so, the only ones I tend to get are the ones that Wheel Collectors send over.  I might not get the first batch.  But, they have batch B in, so I can showcase that.

The first of these is 7/16 RW051 Garbage King XL.  This is a carry forward, first being issued in 2021.  It was the debut look for the model originally, and came in blue and white.

I do like this casting, as it has a lot of play value.  It comes with a wheelie bin that can be lifted up...

And, being a separate piece, this part is an additional play piece to the model.  You don't get this with a lot of models.  

Plus, the back half lifts, and the rear section will open. It is a pretty cool model.  This debut look was mirrored with the same theme on the MB1217 MBX Garbage Scout's 2020 debut look.  I do alike a recurring theme, but am curious as to when we are going to see the MB742 '08 Garbage Truck (or Garbage King as it is now called) sport this look?

So, the 2021 debut.  Luckily, I have all releases of this one, and this is the first time that it has been in a look that was seen before.  It was number 9 of 16 that year, and it now appears as number 7 of 16.  How do they compare?

I have to say, the tampo, wheels, the blue plastic parts etc. Everything seems to be a very good match, apart from the white body section.  The original 2021 release had a creamy white look to it, and the newer 2024 run is definitely a brighter shade of white. It is noticeable.

For reference, the 2022 issue was in red and burgundy, with the Matchbox City logo on the sides.

With 2023 giving us a green and white model, with an orange wheelie bin, with the West Coast design that has been seen on the MB742 '08 Garbage Truck, but not on the MB1217 MBX Garbage Scout. Do I see some obvious new looks for future issues?

So, as I said, this is the first time we have seen this casting in a carry forward look.  But, if you like a shade, it is worth getting again. If not, we will move on to the next one....

The second model in the mix is the RW040 Cement King HD.  It takes the number 8 slot in the series, and again features a carry forward look from 2021.

Now, this model has been around since 2019.  However, the original look in yellow was carried forward to 2022. This was the only other original design for it, and this is also now carried forward.  In total, this means 4 outings and 2 looks.  

It has play value, with the rotating cement mixer, and the rear pourer spout being able to spin around from side to side.  

And it comes with a simple RWR design, that is unique to this vehicle. So, I wonder, is this going to be the same as the last model?

In comes the 2021 issue to compare.

Wow!  The difference in the white paint is even more extreme this time.  The original was a real cream shade, and that makes this stand out as being so much brighter.

I do have one of the yellow. The 2022 carry forward edition.  This was the same look as appeared on the 2019 debut of this casting. But it was also the same look as the very first RWR release, back in 2009.  This was the RW001 Mercedes-Benz Actros Cement Mixer.  When they returned to making RWR models, (and dropping the "real" from the name), they altered the Mercedes-Benz into the Matchbox originals casting we have now.

Which has a very familiar front end to it.

Ah, yes, this front end is very similar to the one used on the Garbage King XL.  Plus, the RW002 Garbage King HD has the same sort of front end.  Then, miniatures like the MB828 Pit King, MB1042 Glass King, MB1074 MBX Flatbed King, MB1175 Poop King and MB1251 Road Stripe King. You might be noticing a certain repeating part. King.  I do enjoy their trend of making a number of generic Matchbox Originals castings with a similar front end to them.

What is this?  Something new?  Yes, the whole set is not just about carry forwards.  I know, many do not like the idea of carry forwards.  Me?  I don't mind.  I prefer that carry forwards have a longer gap between uses, but I still enjoy comparing new stuff vs old and seeing whether they have and changes. But, that is not to say I am not going to be wanting new stuff as well.  Like this RW052 Western Star 49X in blue.

This casting is now on its third year in the Working Rigs series. Yet, this is only look number 2.  I see the Western Star motif continues to be a major part of the design, but now we have a dump truck from Garry's.

As we know, the rear lifts up, and the tailgate opens to allow anything inside to be dumped out.  

They have added a lot of detail to this one.  With the rear being a plastic part, and getting 2 passes through the tampo machine, plus the cab also getting both sides done.  That is 4 passes already.  The upper front section has a sneaky little silver strip along it, along with lights at the front. Then there is the chrome base section, which forms the front grille, also getting a little detailing.  I count that as 6 passes through the tampo machine.  That is a decent set of detailing.  I am impressed with this one, and I have to say, the way they have incorporated the Western Star look into the tampo design is brilliant.  I have to give this a 10 out of 10 for execution.  

You may remember that the debut look for this in 2022 was red, with a Western Star themed side design for Dan's Hauler.  

Which was immediately carried forward to the 2023 series in the same design, but did come in a lighter shade of red.

I am very happy to see this model finally get a new look.  That is not to say I don't like the old one.  It was a nice look, and if we look back in the old pre-Mattel days, models would be sold in 1 look for years on end.  But, I do like seeing a new design, and this was definitely a nice one.  

The last model in the batch is a carry forward.  Of a carry forward. Yes, this 2024 number 12 of 16 issue of the RW048 GMC 3500 Attenuator Truck is a carry forward of an issue that was sold in 2021, which itself was a repeat of the debut look.

This has a simple design, coming from Michael Heralda.  I do enjoy his work.  A lovely little door design.

We also get the attenuator on the rear detailed, as well as the arrow on the sign. I do smile when I see an attenuator truck on UK roads, thinking we have one in miniature. Of course, the GMC is a US-style Attenuator truck, and we have slightly different ones.   

And, if after 3 years, you have forgotten what the parts are that move, it is the attenuator on the rear that lowers down, and the arrow section on the roof can be spun around (it can also be popped out and reversed).  Although this was the first and last issues to date, I still think it is the best one they have done.  

As I don't own any of the 2019 models, I can only go by the second issue of this look.  The one that appeared in the last batch of 2021.  Which was also the last time we saw the model.  

Now that is a shade!  It is massive.  The new issue is so much darker than the last one.  I think the last one was similar to the 2019 debut, although somebody might have to confirm that, if they have both.  But, if you are like me and enjoy a shade, then this is the model for you.  Creamy white versus off-white on the first 2?  Meh!  They are nothing like this.  It is exactly models like this that I enjoy getting.  When you see such a massive difference between them.  I honestly do not care that this was sold 3 years ago.  I do not mind it being a carry forward.  I love this huge shade.  I am crazy like that.  I know I am perhaps a minority here.  But not a big minority.  There are many like me who do enjoy these things.  Yes, we get a lot of carry forwards.  I live with them, and make the best of them.  To me, it is just like checking on models from the old days that were sold for many years on the trot, and seeing how things changed over time (especially during the Lesney era).  

The other 2 looks seen so far on this model are the 2020 Freeway Services model in white and blue.

And the other 2021 issue in yellow, which came out in the first batch of the year, but was also added to the final batch alongside the orange one.  

Which means, we are still only on 3 official releases of this model.  Why they chose to carry the same one forward twice is unknown.  This is the one area where I think they should look harder at what has been done in the past.  Sure, this orange is massively different to the previous orange, but as orange is now been in the range 3 times, the others 1 each, should it have been one of the others that got the nod to bring forward?  That is my only complaint about carry forwards.  We get the same model carried forward on some castings too often, especially when there are a number of looks to pick from.  I do wish they would stop with the same one over and over.  

Now, as there were only 4 models in the batch, and 3 of them were carry forwards, I thought I might as well hit the carry forward goldmine and look at a new side line that has been launched for 2024.  I think this is sort of based on the Best of series that had been around in a number of countries.  Germany is actually still going, and 2024 sees continued Best of Germany issues.  However, all are carry forwards, and I am not going to attempt to get them all.  There will be the odd one I will grab.  But, Best of France ran for 2 and a half years.  Best of UK ran for 1 and a half.  Best of Italy and Best of Russia were both a half year (in essence, as they only had 1 set of 6, rather than 2 halves of a set of 12) set.  I think this European Streets series is a simple side line to add more variety to those who may want it.  Wheel Collectors have got the first batch in.  They are numbered out of 24, and oddly enough, the first batch is numbered from 7 through 12. Where 1 through 6 are?  I guess they will turn up later.  So, are these worth getting?  If you like card art, then definitely!  I do not.

But, I really like a carry forward when it is from a long time ago.  12 years in this case.  This is a repeat of the 2012 debut look for the MB935 BMW R1200RT-P Police Motorcycle.  Part of BMW Motorrad, the R1200RT-P is a popular choice for police motorcycles the world over.  So, it is quite logical that Matchbox would add the RT-P.  However, after debuting in 2012, it stopped being used after a 2018 5-pack, so this is quite a surprise, seeing it again.  

The thing is, this model is definitely worth getting again.  You see, during its original time in use, the casting did see a modification.  In fact, it was originally MB841. Therefore, this new 2024 run of the original police look, is on a different casting to the original.  Instant variation.  

In comes the original from 2012 for a little comparison.  

Before I get to the casting differences, I will just point out that in this case, after 12 years, they pretty much nailed the same shade on all parts.  I see nothing different in any of the colours, or on the tampo.  That was quite the surprise.  However, this is all about that casting.

You can see the difference in the middle of the wheels.  This was the first time that Matchbox had constructed a bike in this way. So, things were a little new to them.  They originally created a pin that went through the entire wheel.  But, they later discovered that this could be set on one side as a part of the casting, and simply slotted through the other side.  It makes for an easier build.  

The far side of the wheel is actually riveted into place.  Rather than being a pin.  It is definitely an easier way of constructing the model.  

To achieve this, the actual metal part of the casting has been cut into 2, which are then clipped together and riveted into a single unit.  It is an easier, less fiddly method of construction.  It was altered a few years into the production life of the model.  I guess that means I will do a dive back.

In 2013, the basic range saw 2 different looks for the MB114 release.  The first version was a silver police liveried model.

This was followed by an olive version 2.  However, the casting had a bit of an issue during production, and it briefly stopped, before returning in a later batch.  During this hiatus, the shade of olive did change.  But, it was at this time that they felt that something had to be done long-term.  So, they set about making a few alterations for a better build.

However, there was also a 60th Anniversary issue as well during 2013.  This appeared before version 2 of the basic range.  

In 2014, the now updated MB935 casting was in use, and the MB841 was no more.  It was Mb73 in the basic range, and came in black and white with a police design.

In what I think is the coolest look for the model, the 2015 MB73 (yes, it had the same number as 2014) saw a California Highway Patrol theme.  This is a real theme on this bike, and yes, CHPs bikes are often this BMW.  

In 2016, we saw a Matchbox State Trooper look on this blue MB83.  

With 2017's MB78 being the last basic range issue for the model.  It came in white with a Notarzt look.

But, I did say that 2018 was the last we saw it.  After being dropped from the basic range, we did get a Texas Ranger 5-pack release in 2018.  That was the last we saw of the casting, until now.  

That is quite an array of BMW Police bikes.  It does get me thinking.  There is another BMW bike casting.  The MB892 BMW R1200 GS.  This is a civilian bike, but, here is a daft thought.  That casting was due to arrive in 2013 as MB112.  It was to debut in yellow.  FEPs were run.  It was shown as an upcoming release.  Yet, it never popped up. We never saw the model until a blue 2014 arrived.  We saw 3 further additions between 2015 and 2016, but nothing since.  I say, they should get that 2013 look, and run it now.  Better late than never.

Number 8 of 12 is the MB1086 Scania P360 Fire Engine.  It is only the second Scania that has ever been made in miniature, after a truck cab (the T142) was made in the 1980s, and used extensively in Convoy.  This look is a repeat of the 2021 Best of France issue, which was also carried forward to the 2023 Best of France (half) series.  Only the first half appeared.

Now, in all honesty, when the 2023 Best of France models appeared, they were very tough to get.  They were found in a few European countries, and I was not in a position to easily obtain them.  I checked online, and made a decision to only buy 1 of the 6 models.  That, I could see, was an obvious difference to the original.  The other 5?  The Bugatti Divo, Renault Master, Citroën Ami and Audi E-tron, as well as this, they all looked pretty much as they did before.  So, I did not want to spend a lot of money to buy them, get them, and find out they were not different.  I love a shade.  I am not prepared to spend a small fortune on the small possibility that I might get a shade. If they were different models, sure, I would have gone nuts getting them. But to get them, check and find out that they may be identical?  I do have a limit.  The 6th model, I am actually going to get to in a minute.  The Scania, well, this was in the 2023 Best of France series, so I cannot say for sure if this model is identical to that, or if that was identical to the 2021 issue, or even if all 3 are different?

All I can say for sure, is that this 2024 release is a little different to the 2021 release.

Do you see it?  There is a difference in the shade of red.

As well as being a little darker red, the yellow on the tampo printing appears to be a brighter shade of yellow.  It does give the model a bit of a different look.  Enough for me.  Others are rolling eyes.  I know, I know, this is not exactly a big difference.  But, it is something that I can see with my eyes without having to stare, so for me, it is good enough.  I am keeping this one.  

I am going to do another dive back, because, well, I have noticed that fire engines are not exactly getting a lot of use.  This casting is not being used enough in my opinion.  In 2018, the model debuted in red.  It sported a Feuerwehr livery on the side. It was also chosen as a special Everett Marshall golf tournament promotion, with half of them being in pink for breast cancer research.

And in 2019, it saw a final basic range outing in yellow, with an Arroyo County Fire Brigade design.  Yes, that was it.  2 years as a basic range model.  It saw nothing in 2020.

But, 2021 did give us 3 more looks.  All for various Best of series.  The UK, France and Russia all saw unique looks on this model. And that is all.  In 2022, the German series was given a repeat of the 2018 debut, as it was German themed anyway.  The UK 2022 series saw the 2021 issue repeated.  And, as I mentioned already, the 2023 Best of France series saw the 2021 Best of France repeated.  And, now again; here. 2 basics, 3 country specific, and 1 promo in 2 colours.  That is not a lot for this cool model.  It is one of the best fire engines that they have had in ages, and they are just not giving it the love it deserves.  

Third in the group of 6 is the number 9 MB750 Lotus Evora.  This is in an extremely dark blue.

It is a repeat of the 2009 basic range issue.  That model was quite a dark blue, and at the time did sport some excellent shading.  But, I never saw any as dark as this then.  But, do you remember me saying there was a 6th 2023 Best of France?  A single model that I did buy?

When I saw the pictures online of the 2023 Best of France set, I could not see any instant differences in 5 models, but that Lotus looked a lot darker than the one that was sold 14 years prior.  So, I spent a chunk of money on importing one from across Europe.  I needn't have bothered.  This one looks identical to the 2023 run.  Which, is unfortunate.  That is the way it goes sometimes.  But, to be honest, that is not what bothers me about this one.  It is that they have carried forward the same issue into a range as they did last year.  This casting has had some great looks.  I would have loved to have seen the 2010 orange, or the 2012 silvery blue.  Maybe the 2016 5-pack model with Lotus on the side.  There have been 12 different looks between 2008 and 2017.  In 2021, they carried forward the 2011 5-pack model into a new 5-pack.  This was carried forward into a 2023 series.  That still left 10 other options to carry forward.  Why this one again? That is what I would like to see different.  Sure, as I said, carry forwards are something that they do.  But, when there are 12 options, 2 have already been done, go for one of the other 10.  If this set turns up in France, people in France would think "I have only just seen this one" and it doesn't sell as well.  Had it been orange, it would have been a better seller. Etcetera, etcetera.  

4th on the list is the number 10 of 24 MB1199 '19 Jeep Renegade.  This is also in blue.  See, if the Lotus had been orange, we would have more of a colour range.  I am not letting this go, am I?

This is a repeat of the 2022 basic range issue.  I could not see any difference between the 2.  This is purely for the package people.

The 5th model is the MB1216 '18 Renault Kangoo Express.  What we have here is a carry forward of the 2021 MB30 basic range issue, taking the number 11 slot in the series.  

If you remember this model from when it first appeared, it had a locksmith design on the one side.

But, if you open the model, you will discover that the design was now in German on the alternate side.  I liked that one.  And, yes, I have opened it.

Because I did notice a small difference between this and the 2021 issue.

It has a bit of a more golden hue to it.  It is not massive, but I can see it.  So, I will keep it.  I won't bother doing a dive back, as I only did one recently with the latest basic range issue.  However, am I the only one who thinks that they should have taken the opportunity to dig the old looks of the MB741 VW Caddy out?  Just imagine getting to revisit the 2008 10-pack 1st Editions white with Genuine VW Parts, or the 2009 Euro Edition in green? I think they would be perfect for a series like this.  Dig further back into their history for some cool models to revisit.

And not stick to such recent issues, like this MB1279 Citroën Ami which is a carry forward from the 2022 basic range.  

This model was already carried forward to the 2023 Best of France series, after being duplicated from the 2022 basic range into the 2022 Best of France as well.  I think we should have seen the older MB735 Citroën DS casting get revisited.  Just imagine seeing that again, perhaps in the 2011 yellow with white roof look? That would have been awesome!  This set of 6 is, well, okay. I am actually keeping 3 of them.  The BMW was a brilliant start.  An old model revisited.  That is how I wish for the rest of the set to have gone.  Citroën DS, yellow.  Lotus Evora, orange. VW Caddy, green. I already mentioned those 3 as alternatives for the others.  The Scania is a tough one, as it just doesn't have the love in the first place to dive back into. Jeep Renegade?  Maybe the Fiat 500X instead.  They could have revisited the debut in dark green, but perhaps lightened those darned windows!  I see potential in this series.  But, I think we could have had a few slightly better choices.  I will see how the next batch stacks up.

And with that, I am done.  A whole report about 2 different batches of models, and only 1 new item.  The Western Star 49X.  

Which came in a set of 4 Working Rigs, the other being different shades to their earlier counterparts.  

As well as a European Streets series batch A, which has 3 useful additions for me.  I would think more people will be keen on the BMW. It has been modified since it was last in that look.  So it is a proper difference.  Not just a shade, like the other 2 I found.

Although, if I hadn't spent a chunk of cash in getting the 2023 issue of the Lotus, I would have had 4.  But, as it is, I didn't add those 3 to my collection.  But, as I said, if you like packaging, then all 6 are going to be perfect.  Well, all 10, as the other Working Rigs models will be in different packages to how they were originally.  

I hope you enjoyed my latest ramblings.  Next week I will be looking at some more carry forwards and moaning.  Ha ha!  But, there will be more new stuff in the set I am looking at, and they are incredible.  I hope you tune in.  Until then, I hope everybody has a safe and happy week.

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