Matchbox Monday looks at the second Moving Parts batch of 2023

Has anybody noticed how small Moving Parts batches can be?  For starters, they only come in boxes of 8.  When basic range assortments are 24, I really would love to see these upped.  At least make them a box of 12.  They cost twice as much to buy, so a box half the size and they are still the same.  Of course, I would love to see these become more of the go-to range for Matchbox.  I am, for the most part, preferring the stuff that often appears in the Moving Parts series.  And the fact that there are only 50, compared to 100 for basics, I would love to see them balance them better.  When we got batch B this year, the assortment of 8 models was mixed with a carry over from batch A (the 1969 Ford Mustang new casting), and saw a further 4 models arrive.  However, every second batch of the Moving Parts series for 2023 will contain a chase model.  For batch B, this was the MB1332 '75 Range Rover in orange.  To date, I do not have one.  Sadly, Wheel Collectors never got any included in their delivery.  I have one in the USA ready for me.  I will be collecting it in July at the Matchbox Gathering.  Although, as yet, I do not know if it is LHD or RHD.    Then the process will begin for me to attempt to find the alternate.  I may be throwing a review of the Range Rover in a future post.  I have ideas for a few things.  I keep making plans for the future.  But then I often tweak these plans as I go along.  But I do hope to showcase it soon.  

So this leaves me with just the other 4 new models in the assortment.  The first of these appears to be one that many are excited to see.  The arrival of the MB1375 '68 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser in teal.  It takes the number 8 slot in the series of 54 (the last 4 being the chase models, the Range Rover being 51).  

This is a stunning debut in teal, and I love that it is completely stock.  This is what they do best.  

My thoughts, as always, go to the fact that this has been done in the basic range.  MB764 debuted in 2009, although was cost reduced in 2015 into MB990.  I know a lot of people were disheartened to see the cost reduction, and yes, it has never been the same since.  Not awful, but it did miss a little something.  So, for many, this is seen as a way of returning the model to its former glory.

And add some opening doors in the process.  Win-win.  Perhaps.  Yes, this is an improvement, and this is definitely the way to go for this model.  

But again, I would have gone with a small tweak.  The FJ40 first arrived in 1960, and we are going with a 1968 (for the second time).  In the earlier years, there were not a lot of changes going on.  But one thing I like was the side back window.  Some of the earlier models came with this smaller window, with a corrugated type of look around it.  I would have preferred them not to simply replicate the original, but to come up with a slightly different example.  Had they gone with the slightly different one, I would have given this a 10 out of 10.  But for being the same, I am giving it a 9.  I am.  I'm being cruel, I know.  But that is one thing I wish for, not just making the exact same model in both ranges.  

The casting of the new one is pretty much flawless.  The original 2009 one was, so as they have basically replicated it, and added some opening doors, they really couldn't go wrong.  I do want to point out, though, these doors are not easy to open.  I am having to use a pen, or a screwdriver, to get into the hole where the window would be to pry it open.  I don't know if a child's fingers are smaller, and more able to catch the doors better, but my fatter ones cannot grab it.  

They didn't even put a spare wheel on the back.  This was an optional extra and is often seen on the real one, so they could have added one, just to make it different.  

Being a new casting, I show a shot of the base again.  Although it was pretty much the same base as before, with just some rewording.  Especially the fact that it now states this is a Toyota FJ40, with the older casting being a Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40).  I don't know why.  

But as I keep talking of the old one, I guess I should bring it in.  

Yeah, this is pretty much identical.  Which is good.  Redoing a model, and coming up with a completely different look (or size) would be unusual.  This appears to be recreated in the exact same size and scale.  The 2 are identical in that way.  The only very minor changes would be just with a couple of tiny details. The lower left door detail is now a little flatter.  

But that was pretty much it.  Just a couple of tiny crafting lines being fractionally out.  

But as I said, when they did make the change in 2015, this did lose a little something with the vehicle.  

A base shot of new vs old.  Just proving the small name change.  

As I have the old ones out, I will do a recap.  Because one of the things I do like is that this is in a colour never seen before.  Yes, with all the old ones they did, they still find a way to make this different.  As I mentioned, this debuted in the 2009 basic range.  This was during the 3-way brand split and the US range saw it as MB89, with both LAAM and ROW markets being MB40.  It debuted in yellow, with the same detailing as the new one.  That yellow was very good for shades.  

It then turned blue for a version 2.  And again, I was good at spotting shades with this one.  

They finished a trifecta of primary colours that year, as it finished in the 1st Editions 10-pack in red at the end.  

2010 saw a number of issues.  The basic range saw the first black Anaconda liveried model. However, MB95 for the US marker was only MB64 in the LAAM market.  ROW markets did not see it.  However, they did see the orange Desert Adventure 5-pack release, and the Adventure 10-pack saw a white zebra striped one.  

We also saw a premium release in metallic green.  This was a Lesney Editions model, and sported all-round tampo and a metal base.  It is about the closest to the new teal as they got.  

2011 saw the basic range continue in the same slots for US and LAAM markets, but MB64 ROW was also included.  It was a metallic dark blue.  2012 was metallic purple as MB68 worldwide (the range had reverted to a single one), and I put both together here so you can see better the difference between dark blue and purple.  There was also a red one in a Mountain Adventure 5-pack.  

For 2013, the model was tan as MB90.  

In 2014, it was now in a darker metallic brown as MB54.  This was to prove to be the final look for the original casting before being cost reduced.  I was able to spot a shade again.  

The cost reduction came out of the blue, and actually appeared first in a Jurassic World series. This was one of the singe issues for the range.  

It later arrived as MB113 in one of the last batches of the year, and we were prepared by now.  Still sad to see the change, but ready for it.  Mind you, I was happy.  I was still finding cool shades.  

It then took 2016 off, before appearing twice in 2017.  The mustard yellow was in the basic range as MB120, and we also saw it in the Walmart Camouflage series. Or did we, ha ha! Mind you, this was a fun series, as people were spotting a number of looks to the camouflage on all the models. 

And then we saw nothing.  It was 5 years before it finally resurfaced.  And what a trio.  The MB97 in 2022 was in a dark grey, but then we also had 2 different National Parks releases.  The white topped model in the middle was particularly tough to get.  It was a part of the Target Retro series, but was elusive.  The mint topped MBX Rally II 5-pack release was a much easier find.  Now we have Moving Parts, I wonder if they will phase the basic range one out.

That was the only “new” new casting.  As I said, a 1969 Ford Mustang rolled into the batch from batch A.  The other 3 releases are new looks for existing cars.  The first of which is the MB1253 '19 Pagani Huayra Roadster in the number 31 slot.  

This is the third year for this casting.  I still get smiles seeing things like this in the Matchbox portfolio.  This is the level of progress that the small team have made with the brand.  So I get excited to add another Pagani to my collection.  The 2023 issue is a dark charcoal look.I am wondering if it is a sort of nod to the carbon editions, or whether they just chose this colour.  Pagani will allow people to choose any colour they want, for a fee.  So this is perfectly plausible as a real colour.  

Again, for the Moving Parts range, being a core range and sporting limited passes through the tampo machine, they went with the simple front and rear detailing again.  Perfect!  

And again the engine inside gets detailed. This I give a 10 out of 10 for.  I am very happy with this one.  Every release has been stunning so far.  

I may as well show them off again.  The 2021 debut was a dark blue.  Although, how dark is dependent on the production run. I have 2 shades of the number 1 model of that year.  

2022 saw them also give this a Collectors release. Number 3 in the series was white with black detailing over the top, and side.  Well, premium issues do get that extra tampo detailing.  

This was not all, as the Moving Parts had another issue.  A dark metallic red.  This is actually my favourite of the bunch.  All 4 are great, but I do have a soft sport for a red car.  

There are a lot more colours to add to this one.  Purple and green are perfect for future issues.  There are plenty of options to keep this going for many more years.  At least, I hope it stays for many more. 

The MB1225 '19 Ford Range makes another appearance too.  Number 34 in the set, this time it is in black.

Again, this is completely stock.  I love these stock looks.  This has 2 passes through the tampo machine at the front.  The grille is a part of the interior.  So by passing that through, they had to send the body section through as well to get headlights.  Some see printing at the front and think it is one pass.  But they pass the parts through before putting them together.  

In this close up of the front, you will start to see how the grille section is tampo printed black in places to try and get it to blend in better.  Maybe they should have done the grille as a part of the body. Or perhaps make the lights a part of the window section to help with an automatic colour break. 

Because of this, the rear is blank.  No tampo at all.  

And this time, they did not detail the engine.  So all we had were the 2 passes at the front.  However, I still love that the front and rear open here. This is still awesome.  I still rate this higher than the Toyota.  9.5.  Had the rear seen a tampo hit, this would also have been a 10 out of 10.  

I am going to run through this one again.  Because, why not.  It debuted in the 2020 Moving Parts range.  The second of 2 years when they didn't actually number them.  It saw a charcoal look with a Skyjacker side design.  

It then saw a Superlift themed orange release in the 2021 Collectors series.  I thought it looked great, but I did hear it was a bit of a peg warmer.  

Whereas the 2021 Moving Parts series started a run of stock looks.  Beginning with the blue number 14. 

And then moving into 2022 with a red number 49.  

Although each one follows the same rule.  2 passes at the front, and nothing else.  

Although I do find it quite funny that these 3 are the only 3 that got the grille detailed.  Even the premium release omitted that. I wonder what they will go with next.  Although, has anybody noticed the front doesn't like sitting flat any more?  They might need to check the parts, as something may be starting to wear, and need a spruce up.  

The final model is the MB1328 '20 Chevy Corvette.  It is in the number 43 slot for the year.  

It comes in brown.  Chevy call this caffeine.  Yes, it is actually a proper colour.  Although this states it is a 2020 Corvette, caffeine did not arrive until the 2022 model year.  I think it looks really nice.

And look, they even have a nod to it in the licence plate. How cool is this. If I was just talking about the colour, and the design, I would give this top marks again. It is awesome!  

With this opening rear showing off the detailed engine again, I do really like it.  But, if you read my blog last year when the model debuted, I was actually a little sad to see this as there was a basic range 2020 Corvette as well.  I would have preferred an alternate look.  The roof up is done twice.  You can the roof down as a hard top convertible, and there is a targa look.  However, neither show off the engine.  Maybe the basic should have been the targa/convertible look, and this kept as the top-up. Just for a little variety.  With only so many slots available in their database, I don't like seeing both basics and moving parts of the exact same vehicle.  Just make it a little different. That is all I ask.  So this gets a 9 out of 10.  Both this and the Toyota are simply marked down for having a duplicate casting.  

But this one does have a twist.  Shades!  Look at the difference.  These are way out.  I love it.  Screw it, I am upping this to a 9.5.  

Wait, does that leave the new casting, one that for many was the most popular, to become the bottom of my list.  Yes it does. Yeah. Pagani top, followed by the Ford, Chevy and the new casting goes to the end. 

I show off last year's debut look for the Corvette in blue.  

Same tampo, save for the different licence plate.  Last year's model had “Envious” coded on the plate.  

Two years in, and I have 3 of these.  I still prefer the basic range one.  Opening that rear did lose a little of the high detailing.  But it is still cool.  I am a Corvette lover.

And with that, I am done with another batch.  Small, but still pretty cool.  After all, the bottom score I gave anything was a 9 out of 10.  I mean, I am a huge Matchbox lover, so to score low, they would have to do something terrible.  I have seen a few dodgy models.  Lately, though, they have been churning out some corkers.  My only wish is to make those corkers slightly different, if you are looking at basic and moving parts castings.  

Because half of this batch are models that could have just been painted in those colours in the basic range.  

Okay, mini rant over.  I hope you enjoyed my little review.  Next week, I am back to basics.  Until then, I hope everybody has a safe and happy week.  

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