Matchbox Monday finishes off 2022 completely, with the last Moving Parts

This is the last of the Moving Parts releases for 2022.  Batch H consists of 7 models, and with this, the entire series of 50 models has been released.  We see the final 2 new castings, and 5 further castings, 2 of which are actually second releases for the year.  I guess I should dive right in.  

As I tend to go through these in number order, this will mean that the first models are going to be the new ones.  This begins with the MB1311 '95 VW Gold Mk3.  It takes the number 6 slot in the series and debuts in burgundy.

The first thing I notice with this is that it is actually quite a large casting.  For what is in reality quite a small hatchback, this has definitely been made to a larger scale than normal. But it has also been created very well.  It definitely gets the shape of the Mk3 down perfectly.  

The model comes with an opening rear.  This separate piece comes with a window section, which means a 2-part build for this opening part.  That is quite the achievement.  I am impressed with it.  

It opens up to show off that there is luggage in the back of the model.  Or does it?

Yes, Matchbox likes to throw these little extras in for the crazy/zany collector.  I am one of them, and at this point, I would like to shout out to Rory McDonald for his help in obtaining them for me.  He struggled to get both variants to this (the Golf is proving to be quite popular), but he was determined, and I really appreciate his efforts in helping with this batch.  Rory goes by @wyoming_wheels on Instagram.

So it looks like I will be chasing down 2 of these, every time they release a new one.  It was to be expected.  Has anybody noticed a trend?  A certain '90 VW Golf Country has a rear parcel shelf variation.  A certain '76 VW Golf Mk1 GTi has a rear parcel shelf variation.  This is the 3rd VW Golf in a row that they have created that has such a variant.  Just like with both Toyota MR2s getting lights up/down and LHD/RHD, these Golfs are following the same pattern.  I am expecting the Morris Minor to debut in the basic range later in the year, with both LHD and RHD variants.  Just like the Moving Parts Tourer did in 2022.  

I do think they have done a great job with this casting.  It is very well detailed, and honestly is a great rendition of the Mk3.  I am happy to see another generation of Golf created by Matchbox.  They went from 1 to 2, then jumped to 5, and since then have bounced back to 2 and again to 1. We are currently on the 8th and still no sign of a more modern rendition yet.  But at least we are now filling in gaps.   I am still holding out hope for a modern one.  But I am thinking a little outside of the box.  We always see the hatchback.  They pulled out the Country, a little off-road style.  How about the Mk8 Variant Alltrack. It is the wagon version, and it has a slight rugged look for off-roading, as well as a 4WD ability. It is a bit different, but it is still a Golf.  

Being a new casting, I will do a base shot.  So how does this compare to older Golfs?

First of all, the last one they did.  The MB1200 '76 Mk1 Golf GTi. Look how small that is compared to the new one.  Now, in real life, the Mk3 was a little larger than the Mk1. But not significantly.  This is a huge difference.  

I have noticed a number of Moving Parts models are being built on the larger side.  I wonder if there is just that little bit of scope to put more in to a model.  

Because if it is, it shows.  These Moving Parts models have a tendency to be so much better than basics.  I am definitely preferring this range overall.  Not to diss the basics, but with cost constraints getting tougher and tougher, it is showing with some of the sacrifices that they have to make to keep them going.  But these are giving them more freedom to do more.  Why?

Because this was the original.  The classic Lesney MB-C (later MB007) VW Golf LS.  It debuted in 1976 in green, before turning yellow in 1981.  It then lost its surfboard and turned silver in 1982.  However, alongside the basic was a TP-18 model in red, running through 1979 and 1980.  I chose the red as it was the closest match to the new one's colour.  But do you notice how the size is much more comparable?  

In fact, at certain angles, the original actually looks bigger.  This is likely down to the old way of making models.  They often get fattened a little when shrunk down.  In reality, when you keep all dimensions the same, a model can look a little too thin in miniature.  They often widen them just a little to make them look nicer.  Nowadays, this is not as extreme as it used to be.  

And again, the MB152 Golf Mk2 GTi from 1985 (last seen in 1993), is also much more akin to the size of the new one.  So now you see how this is actually a brilliant casting.  They have really taken the idea from the original 2 and adapted it to make a logical third.  

I am very impressed with this.  Now you see why I think the Moving Parts series is the better series overall.  They can do so much more with it.  I really wish Moving Parts would be sold in the UK.  

Because this, in my opinion, is the perfect follow-up to the original 2 we had.  What a great start.  An easy 10 out of 10 for me.  

The other new casting is the MB1314 Nissan Leaf.  It takes the number 8 slot in the set.  Did you notice how I did not mention that it was a 2020 Leaf, as it states on the package.  

That is because the base of the casting is denoting this as a 2018 Nissan Leaf.  And I tend to think the bases are more often than not more correct than packaging artwork.  However, if you were to check, it launched in 2018, and has only seen a facelift for the 2023 year.  So 2018?  2020?  It really doesn't matter.  

The thing with this one is, we have a basic.  This is another of those castings that are being duplicated across the 2 ranges. When they did the Charger, which I showcased recently, they chose a slightly different variant of the Charger, and I liked it.  But this is exactly the same variant as the basic range model.  So my question is why?  

In this case, the change from a basic to a moving parts model is really noticeable.  Greatly.  This looks so much better than the other casting.  Maybe it is the fact that this has a full body, including roof, that is a single part, that does put it over the edge.

And these doors are a lovely fit, opening nice and smoothly.

We are still getting a darker window though for this, as did you notice that last picture, where it formed the rear edge of the roof?  

But that is nothing like the original.  I guess I should bring in the original for a comparison.  This is the 2018 MB91 in white.  

As I said, the new one has the rear edge of the roof as part of the window component, meaning the window is dark, to keep this dark.  But the original was all the window section.  So the whole thing is dark. This has been a rather common way of making basics lately.  We have a number of them where the window extends over the entire roof.  Some do not like this.  I am not overly bothered, but it will never be as good as actually having a roof piece formed from the body.  

But what I do like is that they have kept this model consistent.  The shape, dimensions, and details are all the same.  Wing mirrors are now on the doors, as opposed to also being a part of the window section.  There is an advantage to a window forming a wing mirror.  When it bounces about, the edge doesn't lose any paint.  But I do prefer the metal mirror.  

These are both very similar. You can see some small differences between the body forming the roof and the window forming it. That is inevitable.  I think the new one is a big step forward compared to the old one.  Plus, I love the orange look, with blue edging.  

It is easily the best Nissan Leaf to come from Matchbox.  Not withstanding the superior casting anyway, I love this orange look with blue edging.  After the 2018 debut, all we have seen of the older casting is in 2022 when it was in blue for a 9-pack and red for an MBX Electric Drivers 5-pack and/or 12-pack.  I would rate this a 9.5 out of 10.  As I said, I am not the biggest fan of using the same vehicle across both ranges, but because this is a massive improvement, I am still giving it a high score.  I just can't give it a 10.  

Ding ding ding.  Model recolour of the year.  Dammit, my Top 10 list was 5 months ago.  I may be looking at utilizing a physical release system for my 2023 Top 10 lists when it gets to December.  Because, strictly speaking, I should only be including 2023 items in the Top 10.  But I was not privy to certain 2022 models in hand when I did my last list.  Or I might come up with another plan.  Honestly, I am already contemplating my end of year Top 10s. Obviously, this is the MB1152 '80 Porsche 911 Turbo in brown.  It takes the number 18 slot in the series.  


I say again, perfect!  What?  You want me to say more?  Fine.... Impeccable!  Superb!  Fantastic!  Okay, okay, I will put away the thesaurus.  Can you tell I love this one?  The original Lesney casting of the MB003 Porsche Turbo still stands as my favourite casting of all time.  This is as near as they will ever get to beating it.  Honestly, as far as the casting goes, the detailing to this, and the final looks will tip it over the edge in reality.  But the nostalgia factor of the original will mean it simply cannot be beaten.  Even if they slap my name all over the side of this one. But Mattel will never be able to beat this, in my eyes.  This is the best casting they will ever make, and this is another fantastic look.

It is only its second Moving Parts outing.  That was in 2020, when it was seen in red, with the exact same tampo printing.  Boy, do I love consistency, too.  

But what they have done this time is replicate the debut look of the classic Lesney model.  It debuted back in 1978 in metallic brown.  Just like the metallic brown of the new one.  Well, not just like it.  The interior was yellow there, and this has a black interior.  And the shade was different.  

But that was Lesney, and shades vary all the time.  Metallic brown comes in an assortment of shades.  Some with a glossy finish, and some with a more matte finish.  The new chocolate brown looks amazing.

So, this was just a phenomenal casting in an equally phenomenal colour scheme.  I love these blasts from the past in the current stuff, and this has given me such a nostalgic feel.  

Before this, we saw 2 premium Turbos as well.  The 2019 debut in the Superfast range, and a 2020 grey in the Superfast series again.  To date, we have not seen a Collectors release, something I am waiting to be rectified.

But, thanks to Dirk Schleuer and Jim Gallegos, we have seen 6 different promotional releases for it.  Dirk released a set of 4 for the 2020 Leipzig Convention alongside the Modell-Hobby-Spiel.  Except the Modell-Hobby-spiel got cancelled.  But dirk found a way of still making a tiny convention for 50 select people. They did get a set of Porsches done for the event, and these are awesome!  Then Jim did another pair for the 2021 US Gathering.  Another event that was a little different.  I believe there was only 1 person from outside the USA in attendance.  Thankfully, things are much better now. It is only just over 2 months before I leave for my latest USA adventure.  But I am sidetracking.  Having quite a few of these does hide the fact it is not getting a lot of action.  Why?  I don't know.  It's freaking awesome!

Which brings me to another models that doesn't get a lot of action.  The MB1164 '36 Custom Ford Sedan.  It pops up as number 23 in the set.  

For the 2022 series, we see the model sporting a greenish grey look.  It sports a simple front end tampo print and a little window edging on the side windows. .  

It is quite a simple look, but do we need loads of tampo all the time?  Sometimes less is more.  When I first saw it, & I am sure others thought the same, I thought it was a repeat of the debut look.  

But no, that was a proper green, and also included the wheel arches and runner boards.  Plus, it had a grey base, with the new one receiving a chrome upgrade.  The green debut was in the 2019 Moving Parts series, and repeated in 2020.  

When you put the 2 side by side, you do appreciate they are different.  It is easy to make a mistake when you only have the one.  I actually think the new look is nicer than the debut.  I believe the debut was based on the real vehicle from the 1930s.  George DuVall had created this vehicle at the time to advertise the So Calif. Plating Co. It was green when he created it.  Matchbox have stayed fairly faithful to his iconic creation.

The only other release we have seen on this model was in the 2020 Superfast series.  Yes, this is only the third time it has been used.  Hopefully not the last.  

So, 3 versions since its launch in 2019?  How about 2?  Yes, the MB1146 Tesla Model X returns for only its second outing.  It takes the number 25 slot in the series in black.

I honestly thought that the debut issue would be it.  The fact it was not around in 2020 or in 2021, and then a basic range casting being created for 2022 left me thinking it was never to be seen again.  Well, I was wrong.  I often am!  So what do we think of the black?  Well, me personally, I like it.  

If you remember, as it was 3 years (wait, I am in the middle of 2023) 4 years ago now when this debuted with opening rear gullwing doors.  Those are still exactly as they were, and the black difference between metal and plastic parts is almost non-existent.  Trying to match paint and plastic section is not usually easy.  Black bypasses that problem.

I prefer red as a colour, but the final look for this is nicer in black.  Was it worth the wait?  If you like Teslas, then yes.  If you don't, try not to do anything about it.  Teslacam catches everything!  

I thought I would bring in the debut look for the basic Model X to finish this part.  It debuted as MB53 in blue, then came in white later as MB59.

As I get towards the end of my report, I do find something a little funny.  This is model number 6 of the 7 models in the batch.  It is the MB1304 '16 Range Rover Evoque Convertible.  And look, it actually has Range Rover on the front.  The base had to state it was a Land Rover for legal reasons, but the packaging doesn't have to be as specific.  It takes the number 44 slot in the series.

It comes in a dark metallic red, and features a lovely front and rear tampo print.  

I really like this look for the model.  The red really suits it.  So, why am I finding things funny? Well, this is a version 2 for 2022.

Because you may remember that this debuted in the number slot at the start of the 2022 year in white.  The new one uses the exact same tampo printing again, which I love.  Consistency!

But what this does mean is that this is a version 2 for the 2022 Moving Parts series.  

But look what else turns up as a version 2?  Yes, a classic Land Rover vehicle as a convertible alongside a modern Land Rover vehicle as a convertible.  I thought it was funny.  Maybe I just have a weird sense of humour.  But here we are with a second MB1165 ‘65 Land Rover Gen II Pickup, which now turns orange as number 47 in the series.  

This model comes in a lovely pumpkin orange look, and I love the wheel choice.  These ringed 8-dot disc wheels rarely get any action.  It is nice to see them not being forgotten.  

Sure, they don't match the spare on the front, but I don't care.  I love how this model has stayed so consistent throughout its short life so far.  

As you can see, none of the releases to date have matched the wheels to the spare on the front.  It debuted in the 2021 Collectors series in yellow, and came with real riders.  It was then in the 2022 Moving Parts series earlier in the year in burgundy.  A similar burgundy to the new Golf.  But after that number 38, we now get a number 47 to finish.  I think this is my favourite of the bunch.  

And with that, I am done with 2022.  This is the last review of 2022 items from me.  As I said, I might have left the best until last.  2 great new castings.  

And the best model in the range.  I put it at the back, and still can't see what is in front of it.  I love this Porsche!  

Porsche!  Hmm! I wonder what I should tackle next week? Hee hee!  But this is it for 2022.  I hope you enjoyed my latest review.  Finishing 2022 in May 2023.  I hope you enjoyed it anyway.  Until next time, have a safe and happy week.  

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