Matchbox Monday can "C" the third Moving Parts of 2023

This week, I am taking a look at the third Moving Parts batch of 2023.  I am noticing how I am slipping behind with things again, so I may have to start doubling up on items to catch back up and get a little more up to date again.  As is the case with Moving Parts, these are currently not officially sold where I am in the UK, although if you are lucky, some small retailers may bring in random ones from alternate sources.  So, this is where my ongoing deal with Wheel Collectors comes in handy.  They will keep supplying me with these awesome little models.  Moving Parts really does appear to be the best range going.  I sure hope it gets expanded at some point soon.  I believe 2024 will still be around the same allotment of models.  I would love for this to build up to a set of 75, and become the iconic flagship range for the brand.  But, I digress.  I think I need to get stuck in to these ones.

To begin with, we get a new casting.  The only new casting in this batch.  The MB1384 '61 Ford F-100.  They are definitely filling out their allotment of pickup trucks lately.  After seeing the Chevy from this era, they have added the ford equivalent now.  It takes the number 17 slot in the series of 54 (the last 4 being the Super Chase models in the series).  

Of course, this model looks a lot better out of the package.  If you wanted a classic '60s era pickup, but were not a Chevy fan, then this casting is for you.  

As seems to be the norm with pickups in Moving Parts, this model sports an opening hood.  You will also note how the front grille is formed from the base section here, so it gets the same chrome treatment as the base does.  This helps to give an automatic colour break at the front. The engine inside is nicely detailed.    

Tampo printing is quite minimal. Apart from a little logo on either side of the hood, we only get a simple red tampo hit at the rear of the truck.  But that is fine.  You don't need to go overboard with splashy colours.  I think this looks fantastic, just as it is.

Although, if you do look inside the rear, there is actually a simple tampo hit across the bed.  As is normal for models like this now, the majority of the rear beds are formed from the interior section.  And this being red, they have attempted to cover it up with tampo to try and match the rest of the body.  It sort of works, but the tampo is quite thin, and the red is still bleeding through. They tried, though.  I am sure there will be people who say just make the bed from the body section.  That was how things were done in the past.  But that is it.  It was the past.  All pickups are constructed this way nowadays.  This is the norm, and they are not going to break with it.  So, by trying to cover it as best they can, it was the easier option.  I don't mind it.  In a funny sort of way, it almost gives the effect of a weathered bed.  

I think the overall look of this model is fantastic.  It looks extremely realistic, and the simple tampo just enhances the look.  The light tan design is a fantastic debut.  I look forward to seeing plenty of these over coming years.  

I am giving this model a 10 out of 10.  I may have been fractionally critical, but not to the extent of losing any points over it.  I love this model.  I know somebody else who does.  Abe Lugo, who runs the brand.  He owns the real one.  In this colour.  I am not surprised this appeared.  But definitely not complaining either.  

It's a new casting, so as usual I do a base shot.  For those interested in what they look like.

Ooh, this is nice.  The MB1222 Divco Milk Truck. It is in the number 22 slot in the series for 2023, and comes in a lovely yellow and red Shell design.  

A classic vehicle, in a classic Shell design.  I love that they have this Shell licence again, and that we are seeing both modern and classic looks for it.  

The model does sport some additional front end detailing on top of the Shell design. I like that Moving Parts often get this extra tampo hit.  

We definitely appear to have a recurring theme with this one.  It is fantastic, although I am still waiting for them to release this model as an actual milk truck.  I want a milk truck. But in the meantime, a little check on the other classic Shell looks.

As we saw the livery debut on a new casting in 2022.  The MB1285 '65 Ford C900 cab.  

And we saw a second release in 2022 in a 9-pack, as a semi-exclusive.  A 1-off semi-exclusive after they were dropped for the year.  The MB733 '55 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery was also in the same look. This is the first we have seen of it since, and I hope not the last.

Because in addition to wanting to see this Divco in a proper milk livery, I would like to see this theme build up further.  

The batch saw another run of the MB1255 BMW M4 Cabriolet.  It was originally in batch A.  

There was a small break in production, but when it resumed, I can see no difference between the 2.  

So, I am just going to shoot on to the next model.  Because, it's a Porsche!  Ooh!  Love it!  The MB1330 '20 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S gets its second outing in the 2023 series as the number 37 release.

This model sports the Agate Grey metallic colour that Porsche use.  So, this is based on a real look.  Honestly, they do things like this, I cannot fault them.  11 out of 10.  What?  I'm not allowed to score up? Dammit!

Look at it.  It's so freaking nice.  I am definitely going to be seeing this in my top 10 list at the end of the year.  

It simply has front and rear tampo printing, and some beautiful opening doors.  That's good enough for me.  This is all I need for this one.  

The real vehicle comes in a small assortment of colour choices, and I look forward to seeing them replicate more of them.  However, Porsche does have the paint configuration.  You can literally paint it however you want, if you are willing to pay extra.  Of course, if you have the money to buy one of these new, that extra cost is nothing.  

As we have only seen the Carmine Red debut from 2022 before this one.  

Which utilized the same tampo detailing, although the licence plate was different.  BTW, I mentioned with the Divco, how they often do 3 tampo passes.  The licence plate is a part of the interior, and therefore likely printed at a different time to the body, as the parts are normally printed before production.  

The MB1335 '90 Toyota MR2 is up next.  It takes the number 47 slot in the series, and this is the Moving Parts debut for this casting, as it was originally in the Collectors series when debuting in 2022.  

This model looks great in a simple white look, again with just front and rear detailing.  

I like the MR2, and was sad that Universal stopped production before debuting the old MB241 casting. It never got past the resin stages, as far as I am aware.  Not being a collector of resins, I have no example of that one.  Mind you, I am trying to think.  Has anybody ever seen a resin of that?  It may not have got to that stage either.  But, now we have it, I am very happy.  It looks fantastic, and I'm loving this simple look again.  Another 10 out of 10.  That's all 10s so far (unless you let me have the Porsche 11?).

Although I do have a gripe with this.  Not about the model.  I love this.  It's about how many were in the box.  The box came as an assortment of 8 models.  2 of them were duplicated out of the 6 in the assortment, but this should have been one of those.  Why? Because of all the variations that they sneaked in.  This one that I have been showcasing?  Well, it has lights up and a RHD interior. 

But this model has 2 parts that are doubled up.  The interior can be found with either LHD or RHD configuration.  

And with the window forming the front lights, they can also be found down.  So this means that many people have been attempting to locate all 4 variants.  With only 1 per case, this has proven to be extremely tough.  In fact, you might notice, I am only showing 3 here.  I am still to find the last of them. Just keeping an eye out for a RHD lights down example to finish the quartet.

I did get all 4 of the 2022 Collectors debut in red.  Who would have thought that would have been easier to manage all variations.

Aside from the roof detailing, and the real riders, these are very similar to each other.  I love the consistency.  Keep them coming.  I will attempt as many of the 4 each time.  

Final model time.  Boy, these flew through.  This is the MB1333 '56 Morris Minor 1000 Touring.  It takes the final slot of the basic set of 50, before the 4 chases get added on.  

And this one sports the 70th Anniversary look.  We have a number of models across many ranges in the look, and the Minor is one of the Moving Parts models that does.  

It comes with a very simple front and rear tampo.  No side stripes or anything.  I wonder if the licensor was a little strict over that.  Not that this is bad because of it.  I still love it.  I am thoroughly enjoying all the 70th Anniversary platinum models, and even with just a simple look like this, I find it really cool.

It does receive a third pass.  This is when you lift the bonnet (it is a UK vehicle, I use the UK wording), and discover the detailed engine.  But did you spot a 4th?  The window.  The front was framed.  There is a lot more to this than you originally think.  It is really nice.

And, of course, who can forget the interior variation.  LHD or RHD, so of course I get both.  This was a little easier to achieve than the MR2. I tell you, doing a double variation gives plenty of people headaches, if they want them all.  A pair like this.  Easy.   

And obviously, last year when this debuted, I made sure to obtain both variants of the debut number 20 in cream.  

I will continue to obtain both of each new release of this casting.  I have wanted a Morris Minor in the range for ages, and now we have this, and a new hardtop coming for the basic range later.  I cannot wait to get that as well. 

Hmm!  I think that is me done for another week.  I love Moving Parts.  I sooooo wish they were readily available in the UK, where I live.  I am really hoping that with the distribution reaching more stores in the UK, that sales are enough for them to want to expand and hopefully take them on.  Fingers crossed! 

In the meantime, I continue to rely on Wheel Collectors for these.  I hope you enjoyed my latest ramblings.  Next week, I look at a few store exclusives.  Until then, I hope everybody has a safe and happy week.

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