Matchbox Monday begins 2022 Batch F

2022 saw the final year (for now) of releasing models in large waves, every 2 months.  For 2023, we revert, once again, to the smaller batches on a monthly basis.  My plan is to try and showcase a batch a month.  But I do have this final larger batch to go through.  After doing a gigantic post last week, this week I decided to do a more regular post (for me, I mean they are still pretty long), and work my way through the first half of the final batch of 2022.  

And so, we begin.  And of course, I had to bring this one in first.  The second super chase of 2022.  The MB947 Porsche 911GT3. I did receive this in my assortment from Wheel Collectors, as they were lucky enough to get a production run of boxes that contained them.  These are not the easiest to find, hence being a super chase.  

They never got the MB1247 '21 Ford Bronco when it appeared in batch C.  It took me a long while to obtain that one, arriving around the same time as the Porsche did.  That is why I could do a little side by side shot of blisters, before ripping them all apart.  As you can see, these are unnumbered blisters, as these are not officially a part of the 1–100 series.  

The Porsche is the first Super Chase that did not come in white.  It is black, and features a Superfast logo on the side (I guess Matchbox are determined to keep that logo active, in readiness for an official future use).  That is often a legality, as if trademarks are not used for so long, they fall back into the public domain and can be nabbed by a competitor.  By keeping it active on these Super Chase models, Mattel are able to keep this trademark secure and not lose it.  I like it.  A nice little nod to the past on these models.  There is also a little SC logo on the model, as in Super Chase.  I am seeing a theme going.  

I do enjoy a good theme.  So, although this is now black, I think it suits the theme very well.  As per the rules with Super Chase models, this is sporting more tampo printing than we would normally see on a core range model, as well as rubber wheels.  The rear licence plate has a German look to it, but is specifying that it is the Matchbox Super Chase number 3, after the Corvette in 2021 and Bronco earlier in 2022.  In pre-production form, the model had SC6 on the rear.  Mattel was unsure if any SC6 licence plate models actually made it out into the real world in production form, but I have not heard of any being found in the wild, so I think the running change was caught before actual production began.  But if you found one, check it out.  If you have a Super Chase with SC6 on the rear instead of SC3, I would be interested to know.  

I do love a good stripey look.  This was one of my highlights of the 2022 year. I do enjoy seeing this model continue on.  It has been going a long while now.  Yes, that means a recap.

The model debuted in 2007 in white as MB3. Although, me being me, I was instantly smitten with this, so getting production models was not enough.

I own 2 pre-production samples of this.  Both have plain bases with no writing, one in black and one in olive.  Both feature the same sort of plain beige plastic parts, and both have unpolished windows, which leave them both a little fuzzy looking.  

Not that I needed the prepros, as this model had a stellar debut year.  It was chosen to sport 2 basic issues, as the white was changed to red later.  

And it was included in the 1st Editions 10-pack at the end of the year in yellow too.  But I did enjoy getting a couple of prepros on top.  

For 2008, it moved to the MB17 slot in the basic range, and came in a very dark metallic green look.  

And also saw its first 5-pack outing too.  This was in the VIP5 5-pack in silver, and featured a really cool licence plate.  It has 911GT3 across the top, and underneath it has EZ2 NV3.  You may wonder, is the "3" at the end a mistake?  But think about it.  Both lines are 6 syllables long.  Nine one one gee tee three.  Easy to envy three. I thought it was a very clever plate.  I like to point out random things, don't I.

It was also given a Superfast outing that year as well.  This was in blue, and during production, Mattel phased out the Superfast wheels that had been introduced in 2005, and simply replaced them with the standard double-10s that that core range models would sport.  

2009 saw the first official black release.  Obviously, the prepro I have is not an official release.  MB20 came with an orange side stripe with the 911GT3 writing on it.  I did notice that during production, the orange stripe did vary between lighter and darker shades.  

We also had another 5-pack outing, this time in the Modern Rides pack in grey.  

2010 was quite a significant year.  You see, when this casting first debuted, it was assigned the MAN number MB729.  This is because the model came with a separate plastic rear wing.  But, for 3 years, that wing was coloured up the same as the body.  2010 saw the first time that we had a release with a different colour wing.  MB14 this time out, it was in a very similar design to the 2009 issue, but was now blue with white tampo.  It still had the same black rear wing.  I did notice this was quite a significant model for shades during production.  The blue came in very noticeable shades.  

Although that was nothing compared to the 2011 MB12.  This was released at a time when Matchbox was transitioning away from the realism that we were loving, as Mattel wanted to try something new.  As we know, the change of direction did not work and sales dipped, meaning they reverted to the realism we love.  But for a slightly more avant-garde side design on a model, I was thoroughly enjoying all the shades of green it gave me.  

I also managed to obtain this extremely rare Mattel internal promotional piece from that year too.  I honestly could not say how many were made, but these were distributed around internally at Mattel to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bob Eckert as CEO of the company at the end of 2010.

It was a light silver, had Bob's face on the roof, and tampo printing denoting his 10 years in the role all over the model.  A special model for sure.

2012, and this model was still plugging away in the basic range.  Excellent!  It was now MB85, and the blue model sported an orange side design that duplicated by painting the wheels the same.  However, there was an issue with the paint being used on the hot foil printing to the wheels, and this (along with a few others using the same) temporarily reverted to chrome wheels while it was sorted.

In 2013, it moved to MB8.  It was white again, just like the debut release, but this was a totally different design with side tampo instead of front/rear, and a red spoiler.  

It was also chosen to be one of the 24 models released as a part of the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the brand.  These were not full-blown premium, but released at a slightly enhanced price point, with a little more tampo and a box in the blister.  

Sadly, 2014 would prove to be it for this one as a regular in the basic range.  Its final outing was in orange as MB1.  But it did go out in style, as this orange model was another that was very good for giving us shades.  

We never saw the model for a few years, but in 2017, as a return to premium issues, a final MB729 casting was issued in the new "Best of" series in gold.  Full tampo printing and rubber wheels. Hey, this is just like the new one.  Except it does have the plastic rear spoiler in white.  After this, the model went through a change to turn the spoiler into a part of the body section, giving it a new MAN number, MB947.  This was before they decided to scrap the "new number for changes" rule on castings.  

Of course, they made this change to the casting in 2017, yet it took 3 years before we actually saw it.  It finally arrived in 2020, when the model was chosen to be a 9-pack exclusive.  The 2020 9-pack year was one where each batch would receive the same exclusive in both packs, but were in alternate colours.  So, depending on which pack you picked up, you would either get a purple or light blue model.  

Finally, before this Super Chase release, we had the Best of Germany release in 2021 in red.  This also had a German looking rear licence plate to the model.  Now we have this one, and I hope we still see more of it again.  Last time it had a premium outing, the casting itself wasn't used again.  I don't like bad omens! Ha ha!

Now we move into the regular issues in the range.  I will simply work through these in number order, as it seems the easiest way of doing it.  So, I start with the MB1246 '19 McLaren 720S Spider.  It takes the MB3 slot in the 2022 range.  

I am still extremely over the moon about McLarens being in the Matchbox range.  A while ago, this was never likely to happen.  I find it incredible to know all the hard work behind the scenes within the Matchbox team at El Segundo, in working hard to allow the Matchbox brand to breath.  So, I see any of these, I get a big smile on my face.  This comes in a bright greenish yellow look.  This looks to be pretty close to the "Flux Green" that McLaren use in real life.  They do have quite a lot of colour choices within their portfolio, so I see lots of bright and bold colour choices in this model's future.  

And, as we have seen so far on all the releases, this cannot go wrong with the simple front and rear detailing.  It looks stunning. Definitely one of the highlights of the batch.  

And, if you are anything like me, you might be busy checking out the finish on the models.  I am noticing that this greeny yellow look is good for a shade or 2.  

As a reminder, these are what we have seen so far with this one.  The 2021 debut look as MB20 was in, what McLaren call Belize Blue.  

And earlier in 2022, the Best of France series had an exclusive look in what McLaren refer to as Sarthe Grey.  Sarthe being a department in the north-west of France near Le Mans, named after the river that flows through it.  As I said at the time, Matchbox do put quite a lot of effort into things, much of what we typically gloss over.  

Three looks in, so far, and very much looking forward to many more.

I love the consistency with these.  The same tampo printing continually being given to each release.  What is the old saying?  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!  You can't go wrong with this model in any colour, if the end result looks like these 3.  

Okay, a bit of a jump now as next on my list is MB66.  This is the MB1234 '32 Ford Model B Coupe.  2022 sees the second basic range release of the casting.  

It comes in a dark blue with a side print in black.  You almost don't notice the tampo printing, as the basic paint colour is quite dark to begin with.  A simple side pin stripe and grille slats detailed.  I am not sure if these could have perhaps been done in a grey instead, just to make them stand out more.

Because they did detail the front grey, and that stands out easily. At a quick glance, this does look quite plain really.

I can see where the inspiration came from with this one.  But I do think a grey side pin stripe would have helped the model pop just a bit more.  

The 2021 MB8 release came in a much brighter red, and black worked well on this one.  It stands out easily and helps to make the model pop more. I love the way they did the rear wheels on the new one.  Ignore the outer ring on them.  It gives them a different look.  

Of course, they could have made the blue itself a little lighter, to help the black print stand out more, too.  I don't think this shade was a requirement.  Most models I think are very well done.  This looks nice enough, but I just feel it could have been a little better. A rare swing and a miss from me.  

Not the case with this one.  The MB1286 Tesla Model X.  It takes the MB59 slot in the range as a second issue of this new casting.  Hmm!  Could a soul-less new casting have not made it?  Wait, that last one was 66, and this is 59.  My numbering skills have gone to pot.  Note to self, edit before posting.... Rats!

For some weird reason, my example contained 2 orange dots in the paint.  One on this side over the front wheel.  

The other side had a larger orange dot on the rear side door.  I have no idea why.  It is not like these were where the tampo printing was.  Still, it makes mine unique.  The model, just like the earlier release in blue, has a simple front and rear detailing showing off the Tesla details.  Plus, as appears to becoming a trend, the rear licence plate states "Zero Emissions".  This looks really nice in white (orange dots not included).

And works well with the earlier blue issue, which I found shades on, to make for a great debut year pairing.

And if you bring in the earlier 2019 Moving Parts release of the MB1142 '17 Model X with opening gullwing doors, you get a really icnoic trio.  

Red, white and blue.  Well, these are made in Thailand, and their flag is red, white and blue.  So it does fit.  Oh, and the vehicle is from the USA.  So again, red, white and blue fits.  France?  UK? Czech Republic?  Slovenia? Australia?  New Zealand?  Chile?  Netherlands?  Luxembourg?  Norway?  Cuba? There are lots of red, white and blue flags out there.  

When I did my top 10 list of 2022, this casting came in 2nd in my favourite new castings of the year. I know, to some, the idea of turning a Ford Mustang into an electric SUV is sacrilege, but not me.  When I saw the real one, I decided, if I was to ever get an electric car (currently no plans, as I am waiting to see how this hydrogen idea pans out first), I would most likely get the Ford Mustang Mach-E.  Which immediately led me to my next thought.  I really want to see it in Matchbox-land.  Yes, that was how my mind worked.  Ford launch a car, I think I would like it, but in Matchbox first, then maybe as a real one.  

The MB1303 '21 Ford Mustang Mach-E takes the MB65 slot in the 2022 range.  It debuts in a metallic red look.  I believe Ford calls this Rapid Red.  It looks amazing.  There is something about the front end of this Mustang that I just like.  I can't explain it.

The rear end has been captured well, and with the detailed lights really show this off to its best potential.  Sorry for the blurriness.  Time for the camera to do its own thing, I guess.  

With the real ones having a large moon roof area over the top, and the rest of the roof more often than not being black, I think this way of building it served it well.  The window piece stretches over the top.  I have seen this on many a model, and it appears to be the norm for many now.  So, I honestly do not mind it.

The only downside I see to this casting is the wheels.  Not that they look bad, but the fact that the way the model has been built, they are sticking out just a little bit.  I did push them in as fas I could.  

This was the only bad thing I could say about the casting.  The rest was just how I wanted it.  Had the wheels have been a little more flush with the body, I think this could have been closer to being number 1 in my list of new castings.  It was never going to be number 1 (that Porsche 911 Carrera 4S wasn't going to be beaten), but it would have run it a little closer.

It is weird.  I am so used to seeing bases with all the underside parts, like exhausts etc, when flipping over a model, I am still not used to flipping over an electric car.  This is pretty much how real ones are.  Plain.  They don't have all the parts a regular ICE vehicle has.  It does make it a lot easier for the Matchbox team to add in all the legal jargon for the model.  Plenty of space.  

And, of course, I had to.  Shade variation.  Yes, I am in the UK, I have not seen this for sale locally yet (UK is still on batch E), but does that stop me?  No chance.  I was determined to find a shade, and I was successful.  That really puts a smile on my face.  At the end of the day, isn't that one of the most important parts of a hobby? Putting a smile on your face?  

Another new casting.  This is the MB1293 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing.  The packaging mentions it as being a 2021, but the base of the model does not.

But the packaging did not mention that it was the Blackwing variant. The base states it is.  

But, I have to be honest, I think this looks more like a regular CT5-V.  The differences are minor.  The Blackwing has a small air vent just in front of the doors.  This casting does not appear to have them.

The Blackwing sports a slightly enhanced rear spoiler, just getting a touch more of an upward swing compared to the regular CT5-V.  This appears more regular looking to me. They are very minor, but this is me.  I notice so much.  

But with those minor blemishes aside, this casting is extremely nice.  I was close to adding this to my top 10 list for 2022.  It was one of the last dropping out when I was narrowing things down.  I really like it.  Even if it is just a regular CT5-V, it is a very nice model, and definitely stands out against all the SUVs.  The rest of the detailing is terrific.  The door and fuel filler cap detailing carefully crafted in, it looks so fresh and inviting.  

I am loving the front end of this model.  It looks so cool.  I do think I will be enjoying getting many as times goes on.  Best make the most of it, as this could be the last non-SUV that Cadillac make.  It's the way the world is going, because people are determined to be as environmentally unfriendly as possible.

Not that I have anything major against SUVs.  But they do all feel like the same blob with different badges on the front.  Honestly, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan just looks like an Audi Q7, until you check the front.  We are losing all the unique shapes for vehicles lately.  The CT5 derived from the CTs, which at one point had a coupe and wagon variant, but is now a sedan only.  Oh, I am digressing now.  Nice car.  Keep them coming.

Ooh!  The MB933 Dodge Charger Interceptor gets another outing in the 2022 range as MB86.  And I do think this is one of the nicest ones it has seen.  

There have been some very cool liveries.  Especially the real licenced ones.  This is a licenced livery.  

NASA uses these Dodge Chargers as security patrol vehicles, and Matchbox have replicated it very well.  I love this stuff.  

So, yes, I am extremely happy with this one.  Keep these real liveries coming.  This is freaking awesome!  I love that they have an "in" with NASA again.  Growing up, I remember quite a few NASA related Matchbox items, but for a few decades, we had nothing.

Until the MB1080 NASA S.E.V. Chariot arrived.  This year saw it for the second time, as a part of the Collectors series.  It makes for a perfect pairing with the Dodge.  I think this does deserve a little dive back though.

It all started back in 1982.  As far as basics went, the first we saw was the MB54-E NASA Tracking Vehicle, which was an evolution of the older Mobile Home.  

Being 1982, this meant it was getting lots of Lesney England factory variations.  Side tampo?  Yes?  No?  

Wait?  Was it even supposed to have tampo? Yes, they were never good with keeping things consistent.  

Hmm!  Which way was the NASA logo supposed to be facing? Yeah, this was a lot of fun.

In 1983, the model was sent to Macau, and stayed a lot more consistent, although later issues came with blue windows before the casting was altered.  

Turning into the MB143 Command Vehicle.  This appeared between 1986 and 1991 in multipacks.  

After 1984, the ROW market saw a new casting with a NASA theme.  The MB145 Transporter Vehicle with rocket.  It did not appear in the US market until 1990.

This ran until 1995, almost unchanged.  However, the US flag switched out for some more checks in 1992.  

The MB146 Transporter Vehicle with plane was also given a NASA treatment, but again this was only for the ROW market, where it was sold in a multipack in 1989/90.

The MB705 Helicopter saw a brief usage in a NASA theme, as this was in a 1986 multipack (this was a worldwide issue).  

Another Dodge.  The MB128 Caravan was also in the 1989 multipack for the ROW market that the Transporter with plane was.  

And who can forget the very late addition to the mix?  The MB813 Express Delivery Truck was given a classic NASA look in the 2019 basic range.  

Of course, there were non-basics too.  I don't own the Skybusters models.  We had 2 different Space Shuttle castings, one used between 1980 and 1992, and another between 2010 and 2012 with a NASA theme. But I do have some Convoy models.  CY-2 was right at the beginning of the Convoy series, arriving in 1982.

It ran until 1998, but the final year lost the NASA logo.  Until 1997, it proudly had NASA on the side, and the MB045 Kenworth Cabover Aerodyne switched from silver to white in 1986.  

With CY-15 joining the ranks as well in 1985.  This didn't last as long, as it was dropped after 1991.

Well, I had mentioned Express Delivery in that last section.  It also appears in this batch in a very cool recurring theme. MB89 is a blue CarGo themed model.

I thoroughly enjoy a recurring theme.  CarGo has been going since the mid 2000s, and lately has really started to pick up the pace.  I am very happy to see another 

CarGo themed model.  This one looks great, even sporting a US state map on the side.  Although only the 48 contiguous states.  No Hawaii or Alaska?  Doh!  I also see this is another Michael Heralda design, with the little Unit A58 logo in the corner.  I love his work.  

So another model I am very happy to get for my collection.  Now, I am not going to do a dive back on these again.  I did one last year, when the RAM 1500 Pickup sported the logo. That was on the Lamley Group blog just over 2 years ago (Jan 10, 2021), and can be accessed here if you really wanted to see them again.  

But there is an addendum.  I did find my crates for the Convoy models.  Yes!  This is the CY-122 from 2007.  

It is always good to find my missing items.  It only took a year of searching, until I found them in a random box.  

Which I believe brings me to the final model in the rundown this week.  The MB990 '68 Toyota FJ Land Cruiser.  This is the first outing in the basic range since 2017.  It has had a very busy comeback year.

It appears in the MB97 slot in a dark grey with a white roof and a lovely little side stripes design.  They have also done a fantastic job of matching the body with the front grille/runners.  

I really like this look.  It looks very "70s" to me.  It is fairly similar to the Toyota racing red, orange and yellow stripe design, but with this, we get a 4th colour in purple, and yellow switched to white.  I think it looks fantastic.  I am sure there are some who still miss the front tampo hits, but it has been quite a while since those last appeared, so I am fine with it.  Hmm!  I think I am going to have to do another dive back again.

When first released, it was MB764, and the front grille/runners were a part of the body section.  It debuted in 2009 as MB89 in the US market.  It was renumbered as MB40 for both the LAAM and ROW markets.  Furthermore, it came in yellow with a white roof, and this sported simple front and rear detailing.  I also noticed it was good for shades.

It was given a second outing as well, and the yellow changed to blue, with all detailing staying the same.  Again, I saw the shades.  

Sadly, I found no shades to the 1st Editions 10-pack release at the end of the year.  That was now a red model, with the same tampo again.  

In 2010, it moved to the MB95 slot in the US range, and although renumbered to MB64 for LAAM markets, it never saw a release in ROW ones. This was a black Anaconda themed model.  A theme that is also recurring now.

It was found in the Desert Adventure 5-pack worldwide, and this was a simple orange with the same tampos as used in 2009.

It was also given a Lesney Editions release.  This sported a metal base as well as body, making the model pretty heavy.  It was also fully tampo printed as well.

It was also included in the Adventure 10-pack that year, coming in white with zebra stripes and a Safari theme.  

For 2011, the MB95 US release was still being sold as MB64 in LAAM markets, but ROW was back, also selling as MB64.  This was a dark blue, and continued with the white roof/front and rear tampo we were used to.  Again, I spotted a shade.

But after a busy 2010 with 4 releases, that was all we had for 2011.  2012 was a little busier.  The MB68 basic range issue (now worldwide as the 3-way split had sealed back up) was in purple, and this was the last time we saw the white roof/front and rear tampo look.  

In fact, that was the last time we saw front and rear printing at all.  After that, every release has sported a side design.  Which was the other 2012 issue.  The Mountain Adventure 5-pack release in red.

As well as the 2013 MB90 in gold.  

Also the 2014 issue in brown.  MB54 was another one that was good for shades.  This was the last of the original casting, as it was altered for 2015.

The 2015 releases actually appeared first in the Jurassic World series.  This was a white model with a JW themed side design.  

Before it moved over to the basic range later in the year as MB113 in orange.  Another model that proved excellent for the shade variation nutters.

After that, the model took 2016 off before returning in 2017 as MB120 in yellow.  

And appearing in the Walmart Camouflage series in green too.  This was a fun release, as the camouflage on these models kept changing.  But this proved to be the end for a while.  After 2017, we never saw it until it re-emerged this year.

Because, aside from this return to the basic range, we had 2 different National Parks releases.  The easy one to get, the MBX Rally II 5-pack release.

And the tougher one, that was a part of the Retro series in a different scheme.

And with that, this is the first half of batch F 2022 finished.  I have another half to work through in a few weeks.  But I will be doing something else in between.  But, as I haven't done one in a few weeks, how about a quick dive back into my collection.  

Which this week, I will begin with a real classic.  The MB63-B Freeway Tanker.  This was based on a concept drawing from Commer Trucks at the start of the decade.  A vision of the future with 6-axles.  Of course, the model itself only sported 3.  Although early prototypes for the model did sport 2-axles on the rear section.  It was reduced to 1 for production.  It debuted in the 1963, although was not planned to sport a Castrol label. It was supposed to have a Burmah label, but there was an issue with them.  They put the logo colours the wrong way round, and so while printing off a corrected logo, they grabbed some leftover Castrol labels that had been used on an Accessory Pack ramp, and used them instead.  This was a short run before the correct labels were ready.

After that initial run, we saw the model sport the correct Burmah labels on the sides instead, which was what we saw for 6 years in the basic range.  

Which does mean that variations are abundant.  For me, it was all about the shades for starters.  The cab itself was good for a shade or 2.  

But I did mention the error labels.  Lesney, being Lesney, they never throw anything away.  So those error labels ended up being used anyway.  Oops!  You might notice the logo had blue over red, instead of red over blue.  These appeared in late 1973, early 1974, and were known to not be the first runs, because the base was modified shortly after production began, and these appeared on the modified bases, so we know they were later than early runs.  The difference?  Early runs had 2 rivets holding the base of the rear to the model, which were soon modified to not be required.  

The first major new look was in 1976, when the model was initially added to the twin pack series.  TP-14 paired this with another army vehicle, and the first runs were what is referred to as olive drab, and sported a French flag on the side.

When they lightened the model up, they also changed the flag as well.  It now sported a 95 High Octane K label.  

These flags were known to appear facing either direction.  K up or down?

If you lived in the German market in 1977, you did actually see a unique model for a while.  MB63 for 1977 there changed to a blue model with Aral labels.  For 1978 it reverted to the Burmah one.  

In 1978, the model underwent a noticeable change.  A large hole appeared in the rear.  

That was because of a new Chevron release.  Officially, this was not a basic range release.

No, this was a part of a new TP-17 twin pack, with the Tanker towing, another tanker!

So the casting was modified with a big hole in the back, and those used in twin packs had a large hook slotted in.  Those not in twin packs were left with just the hole.  

The twin pack issue was simply the same rear end on a new front clip, and just attached to the back of the original.  

Because the rear parts of both were actually the same piece, this proved to be way too confusing for the factory workers.  Things went haywire.  

Chevrons started appearing in the basic range as MB63.  

And Burmahs started appearing in TP-17 twin packs.  Yes, this was all over the place.  Great for us.  

This also meant that the other twin pack issue was seeing this variation too.  

For 1979, they decided to give the model a new look.  It turned white over yellow with a Shell livery.  Of course, they still had some red windows to use up, so early ones still saw the red window from the previous model.  Shell was used as both single or twin pack outings, so the rear can sport a hook or not.  

Before getting replaced with a purple window later.

For 1980 it changed again to Exxon.  This time, it was the yellow lower sections that needed using up.  

As the Exxon version had a black lower section for the cab, and white lower for the tanker.  Again, these can be in both MB63 and TP-17 guises.  

For 1981, the model was dropped from the US range.  But ROW markets still kept for one more year.  This time it was now rocking a BP look.  Again, singles and twin packs were done.  I believe the twin packs were still found in the US market.  After 1981, it was dropped entirely from the basic range, but TP-17s were still sold through 1982.  

One thing I didn't mention with this, the default wheel choices are maltese cross cab wheels and 5-spoke tanker wheels.  But many random combinations are known to exist. 5-spokes all over like on this one.  All maltese cross?  Switched?  5-arch on cabs?  Yeah, there are quite a lot of random combinations to look for.  I am still a long way from finishing getting all of these.  

My other dive back is another British one.  The MB160 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.  Created by Matchbox as a tie-in to the James Bond "A View To a Kill" film", this was quite a rush job.  Due to that, R&D being in England, they just made the model there too.  The factory was still going, but was not transitioning to other things.  This appeared in late 1985 as a silver model in a promotional ROW window box.  

I also added this lovely plum pre-production sample too.  

In 1986, it was added to the basic range as either MB62 in the US market, or MB31 in the ROW market.  It ran for 3 years in cream.  

Obviously, 3 years meant variations.  Like these shades from 1986.  

Which I know for sure, as both of these are made in England.  The Rolls-Royce (as well as a Renault 11 Turbo) were the last 2 basic range models made at the England factory.  Other items were being made still, but it was due to be closed at the end of the year, and as such, these 2 castings were finally shipped out to Macau late in the year, and some Super GT models were shipped to China.  

So Macau made ones were still cream with a grey interior and chrome base.  

The obvious change was the base.  Now stating made in Macau.

But Macau was still good for shades.  Oh yes, I found 3 noticeable ones from there.  

After 3 years in cream, the model was dropped from the basic range.  In 1989, we never saw it, but in 1990 it did pop up.  It was a part of the second batch of World Class models.  These ran at the time when the Macau factory was closing too, so during production moved to Thailand.  As part of that, Thailand also made some multipacks, where they took random older stock and re-ran it.  One of them was the cream basic range issue, turning up in a multipack in 1991.  I am still trying to find the Macau gold "Fortune" one, and a Thailand made cream.  I will find them eventually.  I am also missing the swansong.  After this gold issue, we saw just one more outing.  In 1997, as a Gold Collection issue in plum.  I am still to get that one.  I will find it one day.  

And on that bombshell, I am done with another report.  Amazingly, this had 4 older castings that have seen modifications since their debut.

Along with another 3 on their second basic range outing.  Not necessarily their second year.  

And 2 really cool new castings.  I hope you enjoyed my report this week.

Before I run through the other half of batch F, I will be doing another doubled-up post next week.  Another attempt to catch up just a little.  So expect a little dual action Matchbox fun.  In the meantime, have a good week.  

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